It’s  Kashikoi, Kawaii Elichika! And the princess! Yoshino Nanjo!



Name: Yoshino Nanjou
Birthday: June 12, 1984
Blood Type: O
Height:150cm(4 feet, 9 inches)
Love Live Character:Eli Ayase


Yoshino Nanjou was born on June, 12, 1984. She’s mostly a voice actress but she also excell at  singing. She was born in Shizuoka Prefecture. Oh she was born in the same region we speculated Love Live Sunshine might take place in.

She’s very close friends with Yurika Kubo from the early days of Love Live. The two of them released a photobook with Yoshino as the photographer and Yurika as the model…I need it!!!!

Anyway. She also has connections with Suzuko Mimori and Sora Tokui because she is also a member of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes franchise as the supporting Akechi Kokoro.

She is good friends with Aina Kusada because they both host the NozoEli Radio Garden. They keep a book containing promises they want to do together. Out of the promises, they’ve gotten their ear piercings together and going on a drive. She’s also friends with Riho Iida as well. Aina, Yoshino, and Riho often go out after NozoEli Radio Gardens.

Wow she sure is friendly with everyone. The only she hasn’t gained friendship is Pile, Aya, and Emi.

Yoshino’s family consists of her parents and her younger brother. Her mother works as animator. She used to raise a dog in her old house, but she now lives alone in Tokyo and owns two cats, named “Mugi” and “Chibi”. I knew she’d be one of my favorite members of Muse. She’s a cat lover!

In 2009, she replaced Nao as the lead vocalist in the band fripSide and grabbed some attention when the band did the opening them to the anime, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. In 2010 she joined on with Love Live as Eli Ayase and attended Animelo Summer Live for the first time as a member of Muse. Over the course of the year she has release her first mini album as well as released a photobook in colloboration with Yurika Kubo called JolShika(I still want it)

Her hobbies include playing with her cats, photography(that explains why she made the photobook that I must have now) and illustrations. Her favorite subject in school was arts and her worst was physical education. It’s easy to suck at sports when you’re short. Not knocking her or anything but she’s the oldest member of Muse the shortest member at 4’9″.

She also loves to wear wigs so she’ll typically post on her Twitter and blog various pictures of them. She also wears glasses while not on stage. She wears glasses? Best Girl!

She’s quite the indoor person and likes to play video games, often staying up late to play her games. She plays Final Fantasy XIV as well…Once I get the game I want play on the same server as her. But the English Servers are separate from the Japanese servers. She’s also the type to take solitary walks at night. So cute!

My Thoughts

I like Yoshino Nanjo. She’s freaking adorable. She’s some what geeky and you’d never really expect something like that.  Granted I haven’t seen much of her in anime other than in Akuma no Riddle as Nio Hashiri.

I have to give big thanks to the girls at Seiyuuri for compiling all the stuff about the nine Love Live Seiyuu.

And here’s a pic spam of Yoshino and Eli.

So that’s all for lovely Yoshino Nanjo. The next one will be a favorite of mine, Yurika Kubo!

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