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Last week we ended with Miyabi returning, all juiced up with a powerful suit courtesy of the Equipment Smith. Miyabi’s intent wasn’t anything good though as the Equipment Smith challenged Sakuya to a Killing Game, pitting his Libers against her Exceed to see who is better. Round 1 of that battle on the island training camp didn’t go too well as lots of people got smashed up, but this time the Ethnarch are also present on campus because of the Rein Conference, so the odds aren’t so stacked against the Exceed. Even so, there’s going to be some wrecking.

Honestly there aren’t many things that happen in this ep, just a few really long scenes, so there isn’t too much to talk about. For starters Miyabi is wearing a special suit that combines the powers of an Exceed with the powers of a Unit, thus making her extremely strong. So strong that she’s able to easily take down four Ethnarch personnel with ease, and they’re already pretty tough. That said, how are Tooru, Julie, Tomoe, Lilith and Tora supposed to take her down? I should also note that Tatsu was nowhere to be seen during this whole confrontation. Honestly, where the hell was he? Jerking off to his muscles or something?

As this is all going on, back in the Rein Conference room all the members are watching this battle unfold (except Silent Diva who seems to be sleeping), and no one is really giving the impression that they’re too amazed with the show the Equipment Smith is putting on. Sakuya is casually drinking tea, not really caring about her school getting smashed up once again as she knows she can easily win this battle with the Equipment Smith.

Back outside Miyabi is laying a beat down on Tomoe, wounding her pretty bad while tossing off attacks from the others. Honestly the way Miyabi went on about how she could get power so she wouldn’t be weak anymore and how much she wanted to protect Tooru with said power, I got a slight yandere impression from her. Maybe it was just her glazed over eyes, but I couldn’t shake the feeling she was suddenly rocking some mild yandere personality. What’s even stranger is that I kinda liked seeing her like that, which is very weird as I’m not exactly into yandere girls (exception being Kurumi, but then again Kurumi is pretty damn sexy) so why I found Miyabi strangely attractive in this state is still a mystery for me to solve. Maybe it’s because I though the way the handle of her sword was resting between her boobs at one point was kind of… um, mildly… arousing? Uh… yeah this is off topic now. Sorry about that.

By now K has taken a squad of Libers and is heading over to pay a visit to Sakuya. Obviously Tooru isn’t going to let that happen, but he’s not going to just walk away from a brainwashed yandere Miyabi, so Tomoe volunteers to stay back and deal with Miyabi by herself. Quite the risky move as Miyabi pretty much killed her with one hit, and Tomoe is still bleeding from that hit too. But Miyabi is her Duo partner and she’s not going to let Miyabi stay like that; so if anyone is going to save Miyabi it’s going to be Tomoe.

Julie, Tooru, Lilith and Tora (Tatsu still nowhere to be seen, damn him) head off to Sakuya’s location to hopefully protect her before K arrives. Of course that squad of troops K has taken with him are there to greet the four of them as they arrive at the building. Tora and Lilith volunteer to take them on as Julie and Tooru go save Sakuya. Interesting to see Lilith and Tora working together here, forming a temporary Duo for this battle. They made a good team here actually, I was quite surprised. Anyways, K is waiting inside for Julie and Tooru (which was pretty obvious) so it’s time for their round 2 now. If we remember back to ep 9 where they fought once, K vowed to kill them next time they met. Well here they are in a Killing Game of all things, ready to duke it out to the death.

But before we get to that, what about Miyabi vs. Tomoe? Well in her current state, and even if she wasn’t wounded, Tomoe couldn’t be able to beat a supercharger Miyabi, so she do the next best thing which is try to talk her down to a calmer level where she can reason with her and explain that what she’s doing isn’t right. We get some cuts back to Tooru and Julie vs. K during this part, but the majority is focusing on Tomoe and Miyabi. After hashing it out with her for some time, Tomoe is finally able to slap some sense into Miyabi (yes she actually slapped her) and bring her back to normal. Honestly I thought it was leading up to them kissing, seriously I thought that was going to happen for a moment. Not that I’m complaining as I wouldn’t have minded if they did kiss, but it just felt like that was a possibility that it could’ve happened. Tomoe did end up on top of a very naked Miyabi after all is said and done, so that’s about as far as they got. Will the BD show us a little more of Miyabi naked? One can only hope.

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Back with the others now, it’s K’s turn to lay the beat down on Julie and Tooru. K is pretty obsessed with seeing the look on Tooru’s face when he fails to protect Julie, so his whole motivation here was to beat up Julie so he could get off to Tooru being upset. Uh… whatever floats your boat I guess. Of course Tooru isn’t the type of guy to just give up when someone’s down, that’s when he fights harder, and fight harder he does. He even took a barrage of gunfire to keep Julie alive, somehow not getting killed in the process. But when it looks like Tooru can’t go on because of his wounds, he pulls out the Level 5 serum that Sakuya gave to him and injects it into his neck, supercharging him. I also noticed that when he did this, all his wounds healed except for the one of his forehead, and his clothing was back to looking clean again. But moments after that in another shot, he was back to looking beat up again. Not sure if this was a continuity error or what, but I thought it seemed kinda strange.

To make a long story short, Tooru beats K, the Equipment Smith is a pissed off about this, he goes and kicks at K, K ends up killing the Equipment Smith by punching through his chest (really K?) and takes his pocket watch that he then breaks and seemingly unlocks some final form to use to kill Tooru once and for all. So next week we’ll have the conclusion of all this and hopefully things will come to some kind of an end.

So there you have it, ep 11 of Absolute Duo. Key points I liked form this ep were yandere Miyabi, the Tora x Lilith team up for battle, and Sakuya’s smugness as she knew all along she would beat the Equipment Smith. Next week it’ll be round 3 for K vs. Tooru and Julie, and I get the feeling only one side will be walking away from that fight. Anyways, what did you think of this ep? Let me know in the comments below!

[Chihiro]_Absolute_Duo_-_11_[720p_Hi10P_AAC][9B9B0D5E].mkv_snapshot_23.36_[2015.03.22_02.36.19]Speaking of final eps, up next is the final ep of Saekano, one of my top favorites this season. Now as next Saturday I’m going to a wedding, that will mean I won’t be getting any reviews worked on at all that day, so it might impact the release of the Saekano review if it indeed is an hour long, and for sure it’ll bump back my final Absolute Duo review. That said, things might come during the following week, Monday or Tuesday, so I just want to give you this advanced warning if things are late. Thanks for understanding.

In other news, I’ll be having my 3 part spring wrap up posts coming out soon, probably after the final Absolute Duo review, plus the 1 year anniversary post for Anime Corps which is on April 1st. It’s not a joke, don’t worry. Following that it’ll pretty much be time for the next season to begin, so I hope you’ll join Anime Corps for more anime reviews in the new season.

That’s it for me now; enjoy the end card and bonus pic and I’ll cya next time!


Bonus Pics!

Finally! It's not Julie for once! Yay!
Finally! It’s not Julie for once! Yay!
Julie Pixiv pic though. She's the only one with good art.  Pixiv Link
Julie Pixiv pic though. She’s the only one with good art.
Pixiv Link

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