After 10 eps we’re finally introduced to the one and only Michiru Hyoudou. And let me tell you, she made quite the impression too.

Here’s my review.

Technically we’ve met Michiru already, that being in ep 0, but this week was the official meeting of her. Even though we learn a lot about her, I’m not sure she’ll have the same amount of depth as the others, being that she’s here so late. But on the other hand they didn’t lay off the fan service for Michiru either, and we got some absolutely tantalizing shots of her. The fan service here beat out what we saw in ep 6 with Utaha in the hotel, and that was already pretty solid stuff. Aside from ep 0 this has to be the most fan service heavy ep yet, and while we got to see Michiru from so many arousing angles and poses, it never felt like they over did it. At least I wasn’t feeling that vibe from this.

And the full size pic I know you wanted! Source Link
And the full size pic I know you wanted!
Source Link

How Saekano handles fan service is that it’s not forced and in your face for 24 minutes, rather it has it’s place here and there but still in a civilized way. I like how Saekano flows it’s fan service in with everything else and makes it quite enjoyable rather than making it too without it being forced and out of place. But fan service aside now, what exactly is Michiru suddenly doing here? Ah, well let’s find out.

Michiru is Aki’s cousin (her father being his uncle) and is currently at his place because she got into yet another fight with her father over money and decided to leave home for a bit. Aki’s parents are totally fine with Michiru staying over for a while, something Aki isn’t fully sure is a good idea. As mentioned, Michiru is Aki’s cousin but their relationship is much deeper than just cousins, it turns out they were born in the same hospital on the same day, meaning Michiru has known Aki the longest.

As we’ve seen in the OP, Michiru plays the guitar and she’s currently part of a girl band. It’s interesting to note that Michiru is a girl who is very good at everything she does. Aki makes mention that he’s surprised she’s kept at her current venture for as long as she has, seeing that she’s previously quit the basketball and volleyball teams as well as the drama club after 6 months and while they were so close to regional finals too. Michiru is so talented at everything that after a while she gets bored with it, seeing that there isn’t much more to get out of it. In stark contrast, Aki sticks with his passions for a long time, notably that he’s still into anime, manga and games years later.

One thing I did notice was the interactions between Michiru and Aki and how different they were from the likes of Utaha, Eriri and Kato. Michiru radiates sexual energy like no other; from her casually showing herself practically naked in front of Aki, to her arousing choice of clothing, to her sexual body language, it’s so much more different than the other girls. Keep in mind they’re still technically related, being cousins and all, so it’s not hard to think of this in some incestuous way.

Really like this shot of Michiru. Source Link
Really like this shot of Michiru.
Source Link
One of the many panning shots of Michiru Source Link
One of the many panning shots of Michiru
Source Link
Oh how lucky Aki is... Source Link
Oh how lucky Aki is…
Source Link

So there are other things happening in this ep too aside form the Michiru moments. The ep actually opens up with Aki having a Skype video call with Utaha, Eriri and Kato. The call is talking about some dialogue for the game, but as always the conversation drifts to other topics such as harem anime before finally ending in Utaha and Eriri going at it once again. I love how even though they’re in a Skype call, they still are acting like they’re in the same room as they’re looking over at where the other should be while talking. Also, props to Utaha for not liking how harem anime are written. Kato was subtly engaging her Stealth Mode once again here as only when she was asked to did she join in with the actual conversation. Eriri actually forgot she was even there, which seems strange considering that if it was a conference call shouldn’t everyone be able to see each other?

Utaha is amazing! Source Link
Utaha is amazing!
Source Link

A bit out of chronological order here once again, but following this Skype scene is where Michiru is introduced and such, so I’m skipping to after that during the following day at school. The previous night’s antics with Michiru left Aki quite tired and sore (wonder what they were doing?) so he’s not as on the ball as he usually is. Utaha says she can take over doing some work for him, but much to her surprise Aki says that she’s already helped enough and because of all her work it’s delayed work on her latest novel. Utaha got pretty worked up about this, losing her usual cool edge; looks like Aki hit one of her weak spots.

Love this look on her face! Source Link
Love this look on her face!
Source Link

[HorribleSubs] Saekano - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.35_[2015.03.20_17.04.05]Through a turn of events Utaha ends up confined to the P.A. room inside the AV room as Eriri and Aki talk about scripting. While she may be blockaded inside the P.A. room, Utaha still keeps up with the conversation by speaking to them over the intercom, notably letting Eriri know she’s too close to Aki. With the rest of the work out of the way, Eriri brings up the topic of music and how it’s needed. Of course we all know who’s going to be called upon to help out with the music. But before that, Aki gets a text from Michiru, one that Kato accidentally happens to read all of, and now Eriri and Utaha (who somehow got out of her confinement in the P.A. room) begin the interrogation to find out who exactly Michiru is.

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Love this shot of Eriri Source Link
Love this shot of Eriri
Source Link

After being tied up with caution tape, Aki has no other choice but to explain who Michiru is to everyone. Utaha instantly comes up with the story which is both quite vivid and puts into question where Eriri now stands as a childhood friend. Eriri is pretty defeated by this seeing as she’s suddenly not the intimate childhood friend she once thought, but maybe this was all part of Utaha’s plan as she vocalized her story, putting lots of emphasis on the fact Michiru is much closer to Aki than Eriri is.

Her legs are so amazing. Source Link
Her legs are so amazing.
Source Link

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The last bit of the ep is lighter on the fan service. Michiru has officially moved into Aki’s room, putting all his otaku stuff in the living room in garbage bags. Ouch. She’s quite surprise that all of it means so much to him, seeing that if only he acted normal than she could easily set him up with one of the many girls from her all girls school. But Aki isn’t interested in girls and romance at the moment, he wants to make a game and that’s all that’s in his mind right now.

So cute when she sleeps! Source Link
So cute when she sleeps!
Source Link

Omake Gif Anime - Saekano - Episode 10 - Michiru CrouchMichiru doesn’t really get his vision of making this game, she doesn’t see any worth in it, also adding that it’s a failing industry. She’s concerned about his future and making a living for himself, so in her mind she can’t see this as something that will get him far. I can understand what she’s saying here though, it’s important to think about your future, but Aki can’t take these words too seriously as they’re coming from Michiru, who’s just run away from home after an argument with her parents.

After finally getting his room back to normal Aki goes off to take a shower, but not before telling Michiru to not plug her guitar into the amp. Michiru of course does exactly that once he’s in the shower. Storming out of the shower Aki rushes up the stairs and to his room, but as he does cherry blossoms start floating by him and as he reaches his room door he suddenly stops, captivated by the music. Michiru is amazing, she truly is. I really love how this song begins a montage of images from the game, showing key scenes like when the player first meets Kano Meguri and the huge fight against the monster. Aki is so moved by Michiru’s talent that he forgets he’s only wrapped up a towel as he stands in front of Michiru asking if she wants to join in the circle and help withe the creation of his game. But Michiru never gets the chance to answer as the towel separating that part of Aki with the rest of the world falls off. We’re left with Michiru staring at his, well you know what, before fading to credits. Wow, that’s pretty embarrassing.

So once again Saekano delivers something amazing. After last week’s powerhouse Eriri ep, they follow it up with a Michiru ep that also has a healthy dosage of everyone else too. I really loved how that balanced out this ep, giving decent screen time to everyone yet keeping the focus always fixed on Michiru. But now we’ve reached the final ep next week, but still so much remains. I honestly hope a season 2 happens because Saekano has really turned into something amazing, yet there feels like so much more story left to tell.

In regards to who I like the most, Michiru has got me questioning what team I’m in now. Utaha continues to impress me, while Eriri has a charm to her that I really like as well. Kato is also quite nice, her overly normal personality coming as another refreshing key point in Saekano, but I still can’t get worked up enough to really like her. Kato for sure has the best artwork (okay I’m saying that as three swimsuit pics come to mind) but now Michiru has pushed all the right buttons and them some. At this point I’m looking at a tie for best girl, unless someone wins me over in next week’s finale.

So there you have it, Michiru’s introduction and then some. I loved this ep a lot, if I were giving it a rating it would be 9/10 for sure, maybe even 9.5. I’m looking forward to next week’s hour long finale (I’m still assuming this chatter I’ve heard is correct) so hopefully that brings things to a close, or gives us some hope for another season. But anyways, what did you think of this ep? Let me know in the comments below! Up next it’s Absolute Duo ep 11; I hope you’ll join me for that one.

And lastly I’d like to thank Joe for letting me use some gifs/full size pics in my review. All the gifs with ‘Omake Gif Anime’ stamped on them are his. One full size pic I’ve included in a gallery also belongs to him but I was unable to put a source link in, so I made mention of that in the caption. Anyways, be sure to take a look at Joe’s review of Saekano ep 10 on his blog. Thanks once again!

Source link for this pic too.

Enjoy the bonus pic and I’ll cya next time!

Bonus Pic!

Nice group shot here. Pixiv Link
Nice group shot here.
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