The most elegant member of Muse arrives!


Name: Suzuko Mimori
Birthday: June 28, 1986
Age: 28
Blood Type: AB
Height:160cm(5 feet 2 inches)
Nickname: Mimorin or Mimo-chan
Love Live Character: Umi Sonoda

Suzuko Mimori was born on June, 28, 1986. She’s mostly a voice actress with a bit of stage acting and singing. She was born in Tokyo Prefecture.

She’s very close friends with Sora Tokui because of their past working in the Milky Holmes singing group. They often celebrate their birthdays together wtih the other members of the group.

I bet that’s interesting birthday party. Imagine if Umi had her birthday with Nico. Nico would try to make it all about her on Umi’s special day. Hahaha.

Back in the day she attended a combined middle school and high school. It’s one of those middle schools where the high school is connected. If you go to that type of school, you won’t have to face the horrors that are the Japanese High School Entrance exams.

Suzuko had been active in various stage plays and musicals since she was 18 working under the stage name of Suzuko Kurokawa. However everything changed when the president of Hibiki Entertainment invited her to become a seiyuu and things just got started from there!

She apparently dropped out of university to pursue being a seiyuu full time. No! No! Umi-chan go back and get your degree!

From July until October of 2009, she was a part of the idol unit Cutie Pai under the name ‘Suzie’. However she quit that and became a member of the singers’ group Milky Holmes along with future Love Live member Sora Tokui. I can’t really find any information how she joined Love Live though. Sad…it’d probably be a good story.

Her hobbies include cooking, singing, and theatre and watching pro-wresting….does anyone have the heart to tell her that it’s fake? If you didn’t know yourself, thank Deven Luca for spoiling you!

She’s also quite talented in dance and singing having mastered jazz, tap, and ballet as well as releasing 2 solo albums. She is also currently learning English.

My Thoughts

Ah Umi’s seiyuu, Suzuko Mimori. She’s awesome simply put. She’s got a nice soft diginified voice that can be adorable when her characters are put in awkward situations. I guess she didn’t have the struggles that Aina had when becoming a member of Muse because she was trained in both singing and dancing. She’s good!

I have to give big thanks to the girls at Seiyuuri for compiling all the stuff about the nine Love Live Seiyuu.

And here’s a pic spam of Suzuko and Umi.

So that’s all for the elegant beauty, Suzuko Mimori. The next one will be another favorite of mine, Yoshino Nanjo!

So until the next one,
Later Days

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