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Wow it seems like the winter season just flew by, but here we are with another great season of anime! While there might not have been many amazing anime to watch, the spring season will surely make up for that with a line-up and returning favorites and brand new series that look really promising. So without further delay, let’s take a look at what we’ll be reviewing here!

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka


Video Preview

Deven: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka…Is every role he’s doing a harem? I’m not complaining though. DanMachi has a very SAO feel to it. Main character has dual knives, Kirito has dual swords. Kirito has a harem, Bell Cranel (main character) will get his own.

Apparently Yoshitsugu’s harem follows him too. We’ve got Saori Onishi (Eriri Spencer Sawamura from Saekano), Haruka Tomatsu (Asuna Yuuki from SAO), and Yoko Hikasa (Mira Yamana from Trinity Seven). The best one in my opinion has to be Yurika Kubo or Hanayo Koizumi from Love Live! We’ve also got Maaya Uchida too. Sounds like a good cast and a good game-like premise.

Mitzuka: From what I’ve read, this show looks like something fans of SAO and Zero no Tsukaima, so something generic. With J.C. Staff working on this, it’ll be well made but this one will contain over-used tropes and that’s not something I would be ecstatic about.

Nick: This one is on my list because it looks like it could be interesting. I liked the preview.

Tsuyuki: After Googling this and finding the Wikipedia page for it as well as learning J.C. Staff would be the studio responsible for it; this show has peaked my interest. Can’t say I’ve heard of it prior to now but I’ll probably be watching it this season.

Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Season 2


Video Preview

Deven: Rejoice fandom! Unlimited Blade Works has returned for the second cour! There’s so much stuff that’s going to be in the second season. Archer vs. Shiro is going to be the biggest one. A battle of the idealist vs. the cynic. The hype is epic. I can’t wait!

Mitzuka: With the second season of UBW, Type-Moon fans rejoice! I’m a fan myself but I’d rather not watch this as it airs, especially if you prefer your shows unspoiled.

Nick: Haven’t seen anything from this series, so I’m obviously passing.

Tsuyuki: I was maximum hyped for the first season and I can say I’m just as excited for the second half. This adaptation is super amazing and already replaced Fate/Zero in my top three favourite anime.

Hibike! Euphonium


Video Preview

Deven: Girls in a band…sounds like cute girls doing cute things. Ah a classic! Let’s look at the cast…Minori Chihara! I’m watching this to my death! Now I can’t wait for this to come out!

Mitzuka: Another show with a great cast coming from a great studio. Recent KyoAni shows have not lived up to hype and I’m hopeful that this one will turn that upside-down.

Nick: Probably what I’m looking forward to the most this season is seeing if KyoAni can go 2 for 2 and make something equally as good, or maybe even better, than last fall’s Amagi Brilliant Park. I’ve got really high hopes for this one and I’m so excited to watch as well as review this one. KyoAni, show us something amazing!

Tsuyuki: Being a former band nerd that with the fact that KyoAni is working on it I will probably watch it. Just nothing special in my eyes, to be honest.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid


Video Preview

Deven: Ummm I have no idea what this. So I’ll go based solely on the cast. Hmm Mamiko Noto, Kaori Mizuhashi, Yukari Tamura, Nana Mizuki, Misato Fukuen, and Eri Kitamura. I don’t really understand it very well but with all-stars like this you can’t really go wrong.

Mitzuka: I love you too Nick. With a new entry to the Nanoha series, we’ll finally have a new set of mahou shoujo characters! It won’t be fluffy like Cardcaptor Sakura or serious like Madoka Magica but definitely something in between. And besides, you’re a cruel person for saying no to lolis, no matter how stuck up you are.

Nick: Pff, no.

Tsuyuki: I have never heard of this anime but it looks…cute, I suppose. Can’t say much else than this.

Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu


Video Preview

Deven: Ah a blast from the past. It’s not my first anime but it’s one of the starting five. I watched it in English but I watched the movie in Japanese. It was the first time I heard Minori Chihara. Ah Minori Chihara-sama…The entire cast returns and that’s awesome. Maybe this is going to be the thing that starts up the third season of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Mitzuka: The fact that this one is not made by KyoAni disturbs me. I don’t understand why people liked season 2 of Haruhi Suzumiya more than season 1 and I’m hopeful that this spin-off will be done better than season 2.

Nick: It’s been a while since we had anything from this world, so yes there is a very good reason to be hyped for for Yuki-chan. Interesting to see that they got the whole cast back together again for this too. Is there still a chance for the long awaited season 3? Maybe miracles are still possible.

Tsuyuki: This anime makes me too excited for words. I’ve been reading the manga since the third volume was released by Yen Press and have been following it since. Next to Yumekui Merry, this is my favourite manga and I’m curious to see how the anime will come out.

Nisekoi 2

By4vxSGCUAAZVKY.png large

Video Preview

Deven: There’s a reason I’m not reviewing this one. I know I can’t be impartial. Team Onodera until I die! The t-shirts are printing up as we speak! Nao Touyama and KanaHana for the win. Definitely something I’m going to be watching.

Mitzuka: Brace for wars. This review will not be given to any other person in this blog due to the high amounts of bias opinions from all the writers. Hm? Me? I can’t fathom liking anything from SHAFT that involves normal lives of people.

Nick: One of my favorites from last… winter I think it was. I really enjoyed season 1 so of course I’m excited for season 2 now. Obviously the overshadowing Best Girl War will be the debate throughout the duration of this. I’ve unfortunately picked a side in this war (I’m honestly considering withdrawing and going back to being an observer), but contrary to popular belief I do like almost all of the girls. Nevertheless I’m trusting Tsuyuki to make his review of this objective as possible. Good luck man, you’re really gonna need it.

Tsuyuki: Pretty excited for this, even if as of writing this I’m not 100% done with the first season. I like how the show so far has been successfully rehashing dirt-old cliches and making them work flawlessly, and I’m curious to see if the show will be able to continue standing on it’s own with time.

Plastic Memories


Video Preview

Deven: Hmm why does this sounds similar…oh it sounds similar to Chobits! The human android premise is always a good one. What is human and what is a machine? Let’s sound how this anime does it.

Mitzuka: Vague anime synopsis makes it difficult for me to decide. And to top it off this is an original series. I’ll stick with a 3-episode rule just to have a feel for the series.

Nick: Ever since I saw this preview for it, my curiosity has grown a lot. Combine that with the fact it’s a Dogakobo production and given their track record, I think Plastic Memories will be one I’ll come to love very much.

Tsuyuki: I’ve never heard of this but it doesn’t look terrible. Might end up watching it in the future if it’s any good.

Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine


Video Preview

Deven: I never saw the first season but the premise sounds good. I think I might try and check out. Let’s hope that it rides its wave of good anime.

Mitzuka: I dropped the first season because of how the main protagonist has trouble getting to grips with reality. Just my opinion, so not my cup of tea.

Nick: A year later I’m coming back to review the second season of this epic space-mech anime. As that preview showed there’s bound to be more thrilling action and mystery as the battle is far from over.

Tsuyuki: AniChart tells me nothing about this anime so I’m not sure how to feel about it. The first one looked kinda meh so take that as you will, considering I’ve never watched it.

And that’s what to expect this season on Anime Corps. What anime are you looking forward to the most in this coming spring season? Leave a comment below with your picks!

That’s all for this post; from everyone at Anime Corps, thanks for reading and enjoy the new anime season!

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