The actual plot of Absolute Duo is showing up now as the final arc begins. Also, Miyabi what the hell are you doing?

Here’s my review!

After an action packed ep last week, Absolute Duo takes it down a notch to let the plot do the talking. And no I don’t mean boobs or ass plot, I mean actual story stuff happening. Now that their island training session is officially over, Tooru and gang head back to the main campus, Tomoe upset about not being able to stay to look for Miyabi. Imari promises that they’ll keep looking though and let her know if there is any new information. I’m guessing this will be the last we see of Imari as there are only 2 eps left now. Ah well, she got her moments and we saw her in a bikini.

Even after a few days back at the main campus and back to training, Tooru and Tomoe can’t get Miyabi out of their thoughts. Tooru feels bad because he rejected her confession and let her run off, while Tomoe being her Duo partner is really worried as she’s vowed to keep her safe. Despite the serious overtones to things, Absolute Duo still is able to slip in some fan service as Tooru gets a face full of boobs while sparing with Tomoe. That’s followed up by a Tomoe showering scene which quickly turns sad as she ends up in tears. And third time is a charm as Lilith gets her fan service moments too later on in the classroom, fondling up Tomoe’s boobs. Man, everyone gets a piece of that action it seems.

Hey, can I touch them too?  Source Link
Hey, can I touch them too?
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It’s also worth noting that the rest of the class doesn’t know that Miyabi is actually missing, as Usa-sensai told all those involved to not speak about it. The cover story is that Miyabi was injured and is currently recovering in the hospital. Tooru’s nightmares continue as the usual scene keeps replying in his head, reminding him of just how weak he really is. Will Miyabi be the latest victim because of his lack of power? Tooru’s hopes not, but the current situation isn’t looking good.

An interesting scene takes place before the half way point. This scene is in Sakuya’s office as she formally thanks Tooru for his efforts in saving her from K. As a reward she offers him a serum that would give him Level 4 abilities. But hold up, Tooru isn’t taking full responsibility in saving her, he makes it known that Julie, Lilith and the others (well I don’t know how much Tora and Tatsu actually did) helped in the operation. It was a group effort so Tooru is questioning why he’s the only one getting rewarded. Sakuya answers his question plainly, saying he’s the one and only Unrivaled and she also plays on the fact he seeks power, even if the risks outweigh the rewards. After begrudgingly taking the serum, Sakuya informs Tooru that the Rein Conference will soon be held at the school, and the Equipment Smith will be attending. Literally inviting the bad guys in to your house. Oh well, I’m sure she’s got a plan. I hope.

The back half of this ep sets the stage for the final 2 eps, as the Rein Conference takes place. Because of the VIPs on the campus grounds, the elite guards Ethnarch from the Dawn Agency are on patrol, keeping the place secure. Breaking protocol Tooru goes over to see Lilith at her post to ask her what exactly the Rein Conference is and who the Equipment Smith is too. Put simply, he’s part of an underground military organization who formed the Libers. The reason: Absolute Duo. Yes all roads lead to Absolute Duo, but Tooru wells knows that from how many times he’s heard Sakuya say it. From what I’m gathering the Rein Conference is a group of high ranking people who all share this endgame of reaching Absolute Duo. Lilith goes on to explain that Absolute Duo is when your Blaze’s reach their full potential, you enter this final domain called Absolute Duo. That’s the reason the school was formed and why everyone is there. Hopefully I got that all right, I’m welcome to any further explanations to this if there are light novel points that aren’t brought out.

As the conference goes on, Equipment Smith suggests an alliance with Sakuya seeing that they both have powerful forces and they’d be better off together. Sakuya is smarter than that though and realizes that they don’t share the same views, thus an alliance would only cause friction with both sides going different ways. Declining his offer to form an alliance, the two chirp back and forth for a bit before Equipment Smith says they should have a game to decide if they form an alliance or not. This “game” is that his forces attack the school, and if the Exceed can successfully defend the attack, they don’t form an alliance. If they can’t though, then they team up.

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We end the ep with the Libers once again air dropping into the school (get some anti-aircraft guns or something) and yes K is there as well. With the addition of the Ethnarch though, the school has lots of able bodied people capable to holding off the attack. Then again the island assault didn’t go so well for the home team. And to make things a little bit exciting, Miyabi makes her entrance too, sporting a suit much like K’s. Oh boy, we’ve got a battle on our hands now! But that’ll have to wait till next week!

Miyabi is ready for action! Source Link
Miyabi is ready for action!
Source Link

Solid plot ep this week as things progressed quite a bit. Seemed like through the middle eps things were a bit slow, but now it’s full throttle as the end is in sight. Right then, how did you enjoy this weeks ep of Absolute Duo? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next it’s ep 10 of Saekano. Only one away from the finale now! Michiru will be making her appearance too, so be sure to stop by and check out my thoughts of that ep. I’ll aim to have that review out by Friday at the earliest. That’s all for me now, enjoy the end card and bonus pic and I’ll cya next time!

Bonus Pics!

Not as sexy as last week, but it's Julie once again on the end card!
Not as sexy as last week, but it’s Julie once again on the end card!
Julie takes to the skies!  Pixiv Link
Julie takes to the skies!
Pixiv Link

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