My favorite member of Muse!  She’s the cutest member in my opinion.

tumblr_ne79lofqgp1sgm14no8_500Name:Aina Kusuda
Birthday: February 1, 1989
Blood Type: A
Nickname: Kussun
Love Live Character: Nozomi Tojou

Aina Kusada was born on February 1, 1989. She’s mostly a voice actress along with being a singer. She was born in the Chiba Prefecture.

She’s very close friends with Aya Uchida, Emi Nitta, Pile. The big reason for it is because Love Live was each of their biggest role or in the case of Pile and Emi Nitta their first voice acting role. She’s also borderline best friends with Yoshino Nanjou so much so that they do a radio show together. I wonder if they talk about the Eli x Nozomi yuri on there.

When she was a kid she really wanted to be a ballet dancer. Ah she’d be so cute…

However during her middle school years, she attended a talk by Akira Kamiya. Despite hearing it, she didn’t think it was possible for her. However after high school, she went to a stage performance by Junko Takeuchi and felt inspired. This time she promised to stick with becoming a voice actress no matter what and no matter how hopeless it make seem. We all know how it ends. She’s Nozomi!

Her hobby is watching soccer along with playing games like Tetris and Puyo Puyo. Aina is currently a first Dan in kendo(the first level of kendo)

Despite being a member of Muse and a voice actress, singing isn’t what she’s mastered it. It’s dancing. She’s been studying dance(jazz, hip-hop, tap, and ballet) since she was five.

Note: Most Seiyuu are trained to be able to sing as part of being a Seiyuu in general. How else are you going to sing those openings, endings, insert songs, and character songs?

She’s mostly a homebody with her favorite activity being watching movies or sleeping.

My thoughts

Being Nozomi’s seiyuu of course Aina would be my favorite. But that’s all. I like her mostly because despite seeing that her dream to be a seiyuu would be difficult if not outright impossible she still chased it. And she got where she wanted to be.

Also there are some people that tease her saying that’s not as good a singer than the rest of the members. However know this. She wasn’t trained to sing like the rest of the seiyuu. In fact she mostly worked at a maid cafe until she hit her break with Love Live.

However despite not being taught, she still sings well and heck she got a role where singing is most of the work. That deserves respect as well.

I have to give big thanks to the girls at Seiyuuri for compiling all the stuff about the nine Love Live Seiyuu.

And here’s a pic spam of Aina and Nozomi.

So that’s all for my favorite girl, Aina Kusuda. The next one will be another favorite of mine, Suzuko Mimori!

So until the next one,
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