(Now how did you guys get kicked out of not one, not to two, but all of the guilds you were supposed to be working with? That’s S-Class talent.)

Okay so we start off with Natsu, Lucy, and Happy fighting this alligator thing. Too bad it walks on two legs. Sometimes I wonder…


They manage to beat him and get the scales but then this happens.


So thinking it’s something like Happy’s egg, Natsu keeps it warm for the next week. Then Erza, Lucy, and Gray notice that Natsu hasn’t been seen for a week.


Reminds me of when my aunt first had her baby. Poor unfortunate souls…

So the little guy’s name is Kemokemo and he’s got energy.

So the next day we get some news from the Council. The six best guilds from the Grand Magic Games are going to be doing an exchange program so some of the members can learn some new skills. Looks like Natsu, Lucy, Erza, and Gray have been chosen.

The guilds they go to are Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel, and Quatro Cerberus.. and they get kicked out of all them.

Natsu gets them kicked of Blue Pegasus for shoving Kemokemo in people’s faces. They destroy the stone tablets they’re supposed to be translating.

Then Gray and Natsu get them kicked out of Mermaid Heel mostly because of their pride. Then again few people want to get dress as girls.

Same thing in Quatro Cerberus. Before they can blow up Sabertooth however the whole thing’s called off? I wonder why…

But seriously a new island has appeared off the coast and Fairy Tail and Sabertooth have been called by the Council to investigate and it looks like Kemokemo is related to it in some way.


And that’s where the episode ends.

Not a bad episode or a good one either. You know I am thinking. It’s a little over two weeks or so until April and that’s when the Tarturus Arc starts. So let’s get this over with. It’s like traffic school something you have to do to get something.

So I can’t wait for the Tarturus arc so until then,
Later Days

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