After the fan service heavy ep last week, Absolute Duo followed that up with an action heavy ep as things are coming to a climax now.

Here’s my review.

Finally some solid action this time around. Things start off flying and never let up at all. The island school is under attack by the Libers, the God Slaying Corps, and currently no one can stop them. Students are dropping like flies and before they know it only the core group of Tomoe, Julie, Imari and her Duo partner (who I don’t think is ever named), Tora and Tatsu. But fear not, Sakuya has sent out Usa-sensai with a super serum that unlocks her full potential, which is actually pretty crazy. With little effort, she’s able to reduce the number of enemies in a few moments, making the odds much better. Tooru also shows up and helps out the rest of the group. Tomoe is worried about Hotaka as she’s nowhere to be found. Hmm, I wonder what happened to her? It’s also brought out that the main school is also under attack as well, but that attack was cut short by the work of that guy with glasses who always is with Sakuya. I’m not sure if he’s been named, but if he was I can’t remember it.

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As this is all going on, the leader of this attack, that blonde haired dude who is now identified as K, has found what he’s been looking for, that being Sakuya. But before he can capture her, he’s gotta face Lilith once again. Despite Lilith’s best efforts though, K is able to beat her and capture Sakuya. Tooru and Julie arrive on the scene a few moments later to find a wounded Lilith and her maid Sarah. Thankfully they’re both still alive. Lilith instructs Tooru and Julie to go rescue Sakuya as she’s being taken off the island by K.

It’s also worth noting that Imari, her Duo partner and Tomoe went off to look for Hotaka, as they’re really worried about her now. Ugh, things are not looking good for her now. It’s never mentioned what exactly Tora and Tatsu did after the group split up, but as we see them later helping with the clean up efforts, I’m assuming they just stayed behind the whole time.

The back half of this ep is pretty much all one big battle between K and Tooru/Julie. It takes place on the boat they used to arrive at the island. While it’s just a pretty standard battle, it’s worth mentioning that after getting smashed up pretty good, Julie goes into some sort of dark power form where she’s glowing dark purple and is moving around really fast. After landing some huge hits down on K, the battle ends rather abruptly as K is suddenly called off, but vows that next time they meet up he’ll kill them both for sure.

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The really interesting parts come at the very end of this ep. Lilith and Sakuya receive a phone call in the office (apparently the phones are still working despite everything blowing up) with an invitation to the Rein Conference. As to what exactly this is, we’ll have to wait till the next ep to find out. The after credit scene is of Julie and Tooru talking on the beach. Both talk about becoming stronger because they need to be able to protect the one another. Also they’ll need to be stronger because they’ll be facing K once again.

But the final scene in this after credit sequence is of Hotaka. Turns out she had a run in with Equipment Smith. Uh oh, this doesn’t look good at all. What fate awaits Hotaka as the Equipment Smith (does this guy have an actual name?) claims he can make her stronger, by giving her one of the suits similar to what K was wearing. Hotaka isn’t thinking clearly right now, obviously, so this offer to be stronger is one that looks extremely tempting. But we’ll have to wait till next time to see what happens with her.

Short review as I pretty much rushed through it covering the main points with little analyzing. Sorry about that. Uh, so I liked this ep, solid action and the ending is really gearing us up for the final arc now. Only a few eps remain so it’s gonna get wild from here on in. I’m excited to see how it’s going to end as the plot has picked up quite a bit.

Alright then, what were your thoughts on this ep? Please no huge spoilers from the light novel, I’m fine if you bring out some points to clarify events thus far or correct me if I’ve made a mistake in something, but other than that please nothing about what’s going to be happening next. I’d still like it to be a surprise. Here’s what to expect next week!

[Chihiro]_Absolute_Duo_-_09_[720p_Hi10P_AAC][EEC12D82].mkv_snapshot_23.36_[2015.03.09_02.39.51]That’s it for this review now; next up I’ll be back with Saekano ep 9. Until then enjoy the end card and bonus pic!

Bonus Pics!

Another sexy Julie end card this week!
Another sexy Julie end card this week!
And one more Julie pic. Dat panty shot too. Pixiv Link
And one more Julie pic. Dat panty shot too.
Pixiv Link

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