Maybe I was too quick to jump to conclusions last week, but Saekano has come back with a more Eriri centered ep. Finally, she’s getting her chance to shine. I’m still Team Utaha though, don’t think otherwise.

Here’s my review.

As the title of this review stated, the core point of this ep is about the the rivalry between Eriri and the other girls, namely Izumi in this ep. Yes Utaha plays into this rivalry, but as she was sadly not in this ep at all (there was crying because of that), the focus was on mainly Izumi. Why are they rivals? Well considering this is still a harem anime, all the girls are trying to win over the attention of Aki, and Eriri being the childhood friend feels suddenly out of the spotlight with all these other girls around Aki now. More so with Izumi suddenly showing up.

Loli Eriri Source Link
Loli Eriri
Source Link

The ep opens up with Eriri reflecting back the days when it was just the two of them, their games, drawings and fun times together. It was a time Eriri really enjoyed spending time with Aki and she really truly liked him too. We see Eriri giving Aki a copy of Little Love Rhapsody (note it’s rated A for all ages) as well, a game that the two of them bonded over quite well. But all dreams must end and Eriri awakes from her nap, back in reality.

After the OP we’re in Aki’s room now where he and Eriri are working once more on her doujin for the Summer Comiket that’s right around the corner. Actually it’s tomorrow. But it’s not just the two of them at his place, Kato shows up with some snacks. Here’s another moment where Eriri’s alone time with Aki is now gone as Kato surprisingly takes center stage here. Yes Kato now has a lot more presence, something while commendable, in this case I did feel bad for Eriri as she was enjoying those moments with Aki.

To make matters worse for Eriri (yes it can always be worse) Kato decides to play Little Love Rhapsody, the very game Aki and Eriri enjoyed years ago. Kato even chooses the favorite character Eriri always picked when playing it. Funny how that character is the childhood friend. As usually is the case if you’re trying to work and someone else is in the room doing something (watching TV, playing games or whatever) the chances of you getting distracted are quite high. Eriri gets so caught up in watching Kato play LLR that she’s actually moved to tears at one point. Wow, Eriri showing an outpouring of emotions here.

Probably my favorite scene in this whole ep is what happens next. Kato has left the room (to go make dinner as we later find out) so it’s just Aki and Eriri alone now. The conversation about the high quality of Eriri’s work quickly rolls into what she’s going to do about her job invite to Iori’s group Rouge en Rouge. It’s obvious that Eriri would be able to take her already amazing skill and run with it if she decided to join Iori, but that’s not what she wants. Eriri doesn’t like Iori and even if she was going to work for another group, it sure as hell wouldn’t be his. Seeing Eriri and Aki converse as she plays LLR now that’s she’s finished her work is really a nice thing to see. Honestly the childhood friend character (who rarely wins) always seems to have the best interactions with the MC as they’ve known each other the longest. I like how natural the two of them are together, and had Utaha not won me over ages ago, I think I’d probably have to be on Team Eriri because I enjoy the chemistry between the two of them so much. In the end their moment alone is quickly over as Kato returns, bringing dinner with her.

The back half of this ep takes places at Summer Comiket where Aki and Kato are helping out Izumi with her table. It’s another good sequence here as Aki shines by helping Izumi sell all 100 copies of the doujin she made. What caught Aki’s attention was a certain unfinished page, and it totally blew him away. The quality of Izumi’s work for someone who’s just starting out is extremely good, and this gets him really psyched up now. Even Kato was really amazed by it, and that’s pretty good as she’s not even that big into the otaku world. Izumi is stunned that all 100 copies were sold and is in tears because of this. Her dream of having others read her work has finally come true!

Lovely full size pic of Izumi. Source Link
Lovely full size pic of Izumi.
Source Link

The ending of this ep is back with Eriri now, who was also at Summer Comiket and picked up a copy of Izumi’s work. While she also recognizes that Izumi’s work is solid, she puts the question to Aki: why doesn’t he ever get that hyped up over her work? Aki struggles to find an answer, so he opts for a non-answer saying they’re both of different levels. Eriri follows up with a very direct one word answer question: whose work does he like the most, hers or Izumi’s? Again Aki doesn’t give her a solid answer. While yes it’s a very loaded question because Eriri is also asking who he likes more Izumi or her, Aki still should’ve said something better than what he did say.

Full size Eriri pic. Source Link
Full size Eriri pic.
Source Link

Aki really failed here as he totally didn’t take into account Eriri’s secretive emotions about this matter. Now all that progress Aki’s made to reconnect with his childhood friend is pretty much out the window as Eriri leaves the scene crying, Kato watching on from afar. So from here where will things go? Well it’s hard to say. Aki’s gotta patch this up now and it won’t be easy. Eriri already has issues with the other girls, so this could be a breaking point for her as her emotions are really coming to a boil now. Izumi is really getting under her skin in these regards but at the same time Aki is mostly to blame as he’s not exactly seeing the whole picture here with everyone’s feelings and emotions.

So at the end of the day things are back to being complicated again. Aki needs to stop being stupid and deal with things properly now. I’m glad we got a partial Eriri ep, but still I’d like to see more of just her and not so much the conflict. And I’m hoping Michiru Hyoudou shows up soon too, time’s running out here.

Yes I was quick to jump to conclusions last week, Saekano has caught itself and is back on a good pace. It’s only got 3 more eps, so I’m interested to see if this will all be wrapped up, or if we’ll have some time skips here to move to further down in the production of this game. I’ve talked too much now so it’s your turn: what are your thoughts of this ep? Let me know in the comments below!

Sorry for the delays in reviews, I was busy for the past couple days so things have been pushed back quite a bit. Up next I’ll have Absolute Duo ep 9, that probably won’t be out till Tuesday at the latest, Monday afternoon at the earliest. but I’m still waiting for it to be released so that will impact how I proceed. I’ll let you know on Twitter though what’s happening with it.

Until next week, enjoy the bonus pic! I’ll cya next time!

Bonus Pic!

Eriri is actually really cute, I won't deny that. Pixiv Link
Eriri is actually really cute, I won’t deny that.
Pixiv Link

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