Hey it’s Deven and I’m coming at you with some Love Live School Idol Festival News. I know that nothing’s been coming up for LLSIF. The reason is because my tablet is functionally useless so I can’t really participate in any of the events. I’ve lost nearly every event since Christmas last year. It’s been suffering.

However I’ll be working this summer and the decision will be to either to a new computer or get a new tablet and a 3DS…I don’t know which to get.

Anyway enough of that and down to the good stuff.

This post is going to be about all the good stuff that we’ll be getting this year from LLSIF from events to updates to Birthday. Remember that this information comes from the beloved LLSIF Reddit.

March 15:It’s all about our girl Umi. Her birthday’s on March 15th so you can get 5 love gems then.



April 1: Special Alpaca-only scouting. You know the alpacas. They are basically a boost to your exp but as far as I know they’re only Smile Cards. If you use them on a Smile Card then you’ll 6000 EXP. Any other will get around 3000 EXP.

-9 new Rare Muse Cards. All 9 of our lovely girls get a new Rare card. They’ll be in the attribute of their main speciality.

Honoka, Rin, and Nico:Smile
Eli, Maki, Umi:Cool
Nozomi, Hanayo, Kotori:Pure

The unidolized forms are going to be their practice outfits from the anime while the idolized forms are going to be the costumes from Bokura wa Ima no Naka de.

-New daily songs are going to be added into the queue.

April 19th: Eternally our beloved, Maki! Her birthday is on April 19th so you can collect a free 5 Love Gems.



-The English version of the game was launched on May 12, 2014. You can expect that they’ll give us something for this.


June 9th: My beloved Nozomi! Her birthday is June 9th so you can collect a free 5 Love Gems.


-Another new set of Rares. They’ll be Cool attribute. Unidolized will be the training outfits while the idolized forms will be the Snow Halation outfits. You better go and get them!


-During last year, there was a summer poll that happened last year between 15th to 30th of April. We’ll be getting an UR Eli card, preidolized. It’s good but not as good as a real UR.

July 22nd:Nico, Nico, Ni! Nico’s birthday is July 22nd so you can collect a free 5 Love Gems.


-Starting at the end of this month’s token event the Honor Scouting will be split into two parts: Voucher Scouting and Scouting Vouncher.

1.)Voucher Scouting works like this. There are two types of Voucher Scouting:

1.Skill Support Member Scouting where you use a voucher to call up a member to level up a skill of an UR card. This cards are going to be the UR Muse Moms.

2. SR/UR Scouting which uses 5 vouchers to scout at least a SR card. So your chances of getting a good card are great. However all the SR and UR that have ever been in the game are in there so it’d be hard to get a specific card.

Then there’s the Scouting Vouchers which have been improved to make easier to get:

1. Scouting Honor Students 10 times(this replaces the current get an extra love gem afterward thing)

2. Reaching any rank that’s a multiple of 20 will net you one as well. This also works for past players. You will receive tickets according to your rank as well.

-EXP requirments to get to Rank 100 have been cut in half.


August 3rd:Come true our dream! It’s Honoka’s birthday and you can get a free 5 Love Gems.


-Starting with this month’s token event, during a Limited Honor Scouting time everyone has one guaranteed SR/UR for every 10+1 draw!


September 12th: Making new clothes and loving alpacas! Kotori’s birthday is today and you can get a free 5 Love gems.


-There will be a game update that allows the player to build to 7 teams rather than the current 5.


-9 new Rare Muse cards from Smile. Unidolized will be academy uniform and the idolized form will be from Korekara no Someday.

October 21: It’s Eli’s birthday. It’s time to fall in love with Nozomi! NozoEli!



November 1 is Rin’s birthday. Nya!



-A game update will take place to add in Medley events to replace Score Matches. They’ll be on alterating months.

-9 new Rares for Pure. Unidolized will be pajamas outfits from the 12th episode of the anime and the idolized form will be Yume no Tobira costumes.

-We’ll be getting the unique UR Christmas Maki!

And with that our year is going be new levels of awesome! I personally can’t wait for the updates in July. I’m around Rank 73 right now so I better get moving so I can get as many of those vouchers as I can.

So until the next post and I’ll hopefully come back with a new tablet,

Later Days

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