liebsteraward_3lilapplesOur first award on Anime Corps!

Fellow anime blogger Joe from The Reviewer’s Corner has been kind enough to pass along this award to us. On behalf of everyone here at Anime Corps, thank you so much for this award. It’s a huge honor and we’re all happy to get it.

Now this isn’t actually the first time I’ve dealt with getting a Liebster Award. Back on my other blog I got two of them, along with being tagged for the ABC post/reward. So pretty much with a Liebster Award it’s composed of 11 questions that are to be answered, then we tag 5 (to 11) other blogs and send them a list of questions to answer. They in turn dream up more questions and tag more people; the pattern should be clear by now. Right then let’s get started!

1: How did you get into anime?

Andrew: Interestingly enough it was my sister who first exposed me to anime (What kind of cliché anime is this from?) back when I was about 12 (I can’t really remember too well as it was a long time ago). Originally it was something that she and some of her friends were really quite in to and I was only vaguely aware of it. My indoctrination came purely on coincidence when my sister dragged me along to a convention that her friends were unable to attend and the rest is history.

Chris: I had an older cousin that I idolized when I was growing up.  He got me into pretty much everything I like.  I started getting into the Final Fantasy and Castlevania series because of him, and a few other things.  But basically, I got into anime because he showed me once and then I just started watching.

Deven: The greatest way ever, through Toonami back in the 90s. I used to rush home so I could watch Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon. Back then, Sailor Moon was something guys couldn’t be into. Now, well at age 21, I don’t care what you think. I’ll watch it until they don’t show it.

Nick: I was on YouTube one day and happened to stumble across an anime related video (can’t remember what it was) and from that moment my curiosity grew and here I am today.

Tsuyuki: My best friend showed me Trigun and I fell in love.

2: What made you want to do an anime blog?

Andrew: I ended up joining the Anime Corps writing staff as a result of a tweet Nick put out asking for new writers thinking “why not”. Writing reviews also can be rather helpful for me as a student as it keeps me at a constant level of productivity and gives me the opportunity to hone my writing skills.

Chris: I started blogging initially because I wanted a better outlet to express my thoughts and opinions.  As for how I got into Anime Corps, Nick was looking for help and I offered to fill the need.

Deven: For my blog, AnimeThief, it was my way to show how much I like anime and to tell people about what I like about some anime I’ve watched. As for why I joined Anime Corps, I like the sense of working together that we have and I wanted that as a solo anime blogger.

Nick: It was an idea I had for a while. At first I wasn’t sure what I’d use it for, maybe some daily picture blog or something, but after much deliberating about it I decided to go with making an anime review blog. 90k views later and we’ve still got over a month till our first year anniversary.

Tsuyuki: I didn’t really start blogging for anime. I asked Nick if I could come on board here since it looked like it’d be a lot of fun working together with so many writers, which it has been.

3: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Andrew: Spare time? Hahahaha, I remember that.

Chris: I like playing games, watching shows and movies, and writing things.

Deven: Depends. If I’m not writing for my blog, I’m going to be writing for my book or doing school work. If that’s out, I’d be playing some type of video game or LLSIF. I’m really looking forward to the day that I can get 3DS so I can play some of those new games.

Nick: Writing (non-anime related stuff) or reading. Although I haven’t been doing much reading.

Tsuyuki: Writing or playing impossibly hard video games.

4: What is the first thing that pops into your mind after reading this question?

Andrew: The fact that “a rationally designed 4-chloro-α-cyanocinnamic acid matrixes are significantly more dependent on the sample preparation factors that the α-cyano-4-hydroxycinnamic acid matrixes that they are to replace, meaning that more consideration to physiochemical parameters has to be given when employing such matrixes”. Confused? At time of writing I am currently taking a short break from writing a piece of coursework on the selection of matrix during the analysis of peptides by mass spectrometry. TL;DR: chemistry stuff.

Chris: “This question is pointless.”

Deven: Why did you ask me a question where you ask what do I think of this question?

Nick: Need another song to listen to.

Tsuyuki: I got way too much crap going on in my mind to think of the first thing that I thought of.

5: Do you share your hobbies in real life with anyone?

Andrew: I do actually; my sister as I mentioned earlier (though sadly she is not really into it much anymore) and my flatmates, who I met though my universities Japanese Visual Arts society (It’s just an anime society with a fancy name).

Chris: My girlfriend.

Deven: Not really. The anime community isn’t really all that loved so people assume I’m just the standard anime watcher and that I only love 2D girls. I have to let people get to know me before I tell them about my hobbies.

Nick: Hmm… my brother watched anime from time to time and I’ve recommended a few series to my sister. Other then that, my sister likes to write as well, she’s had poetry published in books before, so she’s pretty good. She was also the person who inspired my to start writing in the first place.

Tsuyuki: Loosely. No one in real life likes everything I like to the degree I like it. Do I know other people who like anime? Yeah. Do I know any other mega weebs like myself? Nope. Do I know other people who like VOCALOID? Sure. Do I know any other people who are obsessed with them to the degree that I am? Nope. After those two most of my strange interests like Touhou doujinshi metal and my love for rhythm games just aren’t shared with anyone.

6: Could you say something random?

Andrew: I could. But there would be no point in me doing so.

Chris: No.

Deven: I call our editor Zuka-chan.

Nick: Like how random are we talking about here?

Tsuyuki: I mean, I could, but is that really what you want?

7: What was your favorite cartoon growing up (not an anime)?

Andrew: Probably Tom and Jerry simply because it is the only one that I can really remember watching a lot of. I guess that I didn’t really watch many.

Chris: This is rough, because my favorite was Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.  I didn’t realize it was an anime at the time, or anything.  But since it is an anime, I would say Rugrats.

Deven: Ben 10.

Nick: Honestly I’m really not sure. I don’t think I was ever 100% devoted to any cartoon when I was a kid.

Tsuyuki: Depends on what you mean by growing up. When I was a little kid I loved the heck out of Dragon Tails. Aside from Invader Zim (which was amazing) I can’t really think of any other cartoons that I really liked as a kid.

8: If you were stuck on a stranded island what three things would you want to have with you?

Andrew: Modern civilisation, stable internet connection and economic prosperity.

Chris: Girlfriend, gun, knife.

Deven: A boat, a portable DVD/Blu-Ray Player, and all the works that Monica Rial has been in. I’ll get in the boat and sail back to shore and watch all of Monica Rial’s work while I get back.

Nick: Food, water and a way to escape. No way in hell I’m staying out there.

Tsuyuki: A flare gun, an inflatable raft, and a supply of food. I’m going back home!!!

9: What is something that you want to do, but have not yet?

Andrew: Obtain a PhD. And yes, I will request that people call me Dr Andrew M.L. West

Chris: Get a good job and my own place.

Deven: Get a date. I haven’t gone on a date in a while. Either that or go to a anime convention. I’d definitely make a post about my experiences.

Nick: For the intimidate future, get a job. Past that… I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Tsuyuki: There’s plenty that I want to do but haven’t yet. If I put down all the things I want to do but haven’t yet then there would just be a gigantic block of text for my answer and even then I wouldn’t even get close to naming everything.

10: What is your favorite movie?

Andrew:Expelled from paradise” It is an animated film and one that I only watched recently at that but I found it really rather thought provoking and enjoyed the ideas that it explored.

Chris: Ghostbusters.

Deven: Kiki’s Delievry Service. Best movie ever.

Nick: I’s have to say one of the Pixar movies, excluding Cars, Cars 2 and Monsters University. Aside from those, I enjoyed The Dark Knight trilogy, the James Bond series, most Marvel movies, Oblivion, Inception, I could go on for a while. As for anime movies: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, 5 Centimeters Per Second, Nerawareta Gakuen, The Place Promised in our Early Days, and The Wind Rises. I need to see more anime movies actually.

Tsuyuki: Non-anime? A somewhat old film from 1976 called Sybil. Super disturbing but an amazing movie. Anime wise my favourite movie is The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

11: Did you find it hard to think of 11 questions?

Andrew: At time of writing the next set of eleven questions has not been produced yet but I don’t imagine that it will be hard for us to collectively come up with eleven.

Chris: Nope, because I didn’t have to think of them.

Deven: I would but we came together to figure it out

Nick: Yes.

Tsuyuki: I don’t have to write any questions as far as I’ve been told. I just get to answer and wonder what Nick is going to come up with.

Here are the questions for the next five blogs I’ve tagged.

1: In your opinion, how long should the perfect anime series go on for?
2: What has kept you watching anime?
3: What is your favorite genre of anime?
4: What is one anime everyone should watch?
5: What is your favorite book?
6: Why did you start a blog?
7: Who is your number one all time favorite anime character, and why?
8: Would you ever consider cosplaying as one of your favorite characters?
9: What are three hobbies you enjoy?
10: What is one anime that needs a sequel?
11: What does blogging mean to you?

And the 5 blogs I’m going to tag now are:


Curious Cloudy

Ramen Soup Reviews

The Yuri Nation

Windborne’s Story Eatery

Good luck guys!

Liebster Award Rules:

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Keep in mind this is purely optional, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to!

I know I’m skipping one of the rules here, that being 11 random facts about myself; I can barely think of 5, so I’ll just leave that one out. Once again thank you to Joe from The Review’s Corner, we’re honored here at Anime Corps about this and it really means a lot! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, it was fun to write with everyone, and if you want to tag us for any other awards or just fun things like this, feel free to!

That’s it for this post, we’ll cya guys later!

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