Compared to this week, Fairy Tail episode, Isuca is way better. And now we know why the name is Isuca

So we start off the episode by Nadeshiko explaining that’s Shin’s got this ability called the Eye of Truth.

So all he needs is a kiss or for someone to kiss him? How did he find out the sword’s name? Oh he had it in his mouth. He’s like a baby. He learns about the world by putting stuff in his mouth. There are so many more jokes that I do but they might be dirty.

So after school we go to Sakuya’s house and while Shin’s making dinner Sakuya gets angry because using the same dishes will be a indirect kiss. Sweetie it doesn’t work like that.

So the next day we find out that Suseri brought in a lot of folks from the Shimazu family to check some stuff out the school but Sakuya ain’t liking it. But her grandma says get over it basically.

Then when we finally get into the action that mage from the last few episodes calls up a wall monster and uses some of the Shimazu folk as hostages.

It takes some time to talk her into it but finally Sakuya beats the monster but unfortunately all the Shimazu people died in the walls. And then that mage mocks her for it. Now that’s just cruel.

So going off without thinking Sakuya and the others run into a trap and get caught by a Spider or rather a Jorogumo. She and Shin get caught up with it and the only way out is for Shin to give her a boost but she doesn’t want him to find out her True Name. So with their lives on the line, Shin forces the kiss on her and Sakuya gets powerful enough to beat the Jorogumo and he learns Sakuya’s true name is Isuca just like the anime.

So with that the episode ends. I just got to wonder why doesn’t want her true name being known. It’s obvious that she’s half Japanese and half something else. I guess we’ll find out in the next episode.


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