Alright! Let’s go into this episode and see what A-1 can give us this week!

Deven watches the episode.

I knew it couldn’t last…

So kind of a bad episode. Not very good stuff.

The idea is simple. Lucy, Natsu and Happy have to get this ice called Hakobe Ice from the top of the freezing Mt. Hakobe near Magnolia.

I don’t know if it’s near or not but the way they talk about it’s like it’s a day trip away.

Anyway after taking shelter in a nearby cave they find out that cave changes shape so it’s impossible to get out.

After walking around for hours upon days, three to be precise, the three of them pass out and start hallucinating. Natsu’s eating, Happy’s eating fish, and Lucy’s taking a hot bath. Except all they’re doing is eating ice and jumping into a ice cold water naked. Funny.

So they manage to get their wits about them and find the ice but they have to fight some type of ice octopus thing. But since they’ve got no energy Natsu’s got to eat the ice to beat the thing. Then they’ve got to do the entire thing again. Ah being Lucy is suffering.

And that’s the end of the episode. Not really all that good. It’s too simple and didn’t really have a lot that was worth looking at.


I’m hoping that the next episode has something intersting in it. Please don’t kill my hopes, A-1.

Until the next review,
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