Ah damn it, now I’ve gotta rewatch Haruhi. Thanks Nick, way to go. Anyways, this time around we’ve got Julie going commando, Hotaka’s boobs, Lilith in a sexy red bikini and the return of a certain someone.

Here’s my review!

Much like last week’s ep, there are only a few key events that happen in this week’s ep, so there isn’t that much to talk about.The main thing this week was an remote island for some special training courses. Although the first huge catch is that the boat isn’t taking them all the way there, they’ve gotta swim the last bit in their uniforms. The higher ups are really putting a lot of faith into this drug they’re giving them to up their power. Of course if we remember back a few eps, Julie can’t swim at all, so Tooru has to pretty much carry her there. Yeah that’s gotta be hard.

Lilith also makes her grand entrance via diving out of her helicopter dressed in a sexy red bikini. I think at this point as Lilith hasn’t done anything worthy of bringing lots of hate on her, I’ll have to call her the best girl. So while Tooru is continuing to hold fast to Julie, Lilith won’t give up on her quest to make Tooru her future husband. Well at least she’s got goals to work towards, that’s commendable, I guess. Once they arrive on the island later, Julie has a problem trying to dry her now wet panties and in the process they end up being blown away by the wind. Now she’s forced to go commando through the forest.

Lilith looks amazing in that bikini.  Source Link
Lilith looks amazing in that bikini.
Source Link
Julie's goin commando! Source Link
Julie’s goin commando!
Source Link

Their quest to reach the end goal, that being the training camp building at the center of the island, is interrupted by a sudden ambush from unknown attackers. Tooru assumes it might be the merc team he faced the last time, but this group is different. During this battle it was nice to see Julie and Lilith working together to defeat the enemy. Both are powerful fighters, Lilith more so, but Julie and her blades were a nice addition to Lilith’s sharp shooting skills. Also during this battle Tooru happens to take down one of the attackers, only to realize that the face behind the mask belongs to someone he knows. That someone being none other than Imari Nagakura! So what’s she doing out there on the island?

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Julie flexing her power. Source Link
Julie flexing her power.
Source Link

After arriving at the training camp later that evening and having some food, Imari reveals that after her leaving the school because she failed the entrance battle, she was given the chance to come to this camp on the island and undergo training as well, just not like that which happens at the school. It’s also never mentioned if they have a Duo system at that school, so I’m assuming that Imari doesn’t have a Duo partner. While her return is nice to see, I’m not sure we’ll see her again once they leave the island. Maybe she’ll make another appearance at the end, but I doubt it. We end this ep with a quick check in on that merc guy from that last ep as he readies to carry out another mission, this time with some new looking combat suit. Guessing that’s a sign of action to come next week!

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While that is the general overview of events that happen in this ep, another side story that’s been running for a few eps following Hotaka, is finally going somewhere. It’s not that hard to figure out that Hotaka isn’t on the same level as the others, especially her Duo partner Tomoe; because of this she’s been feeling depressed lately, viewing herself as useless, taking up space and being a burden for everyone. Case and point is during last week’s ep, Hotaka was temporarily held hostage by one of the mercs who attacked the mall during Lilith’s “dance party”. Honestly though there wasn’t much Hotaka could’ve done in that situation as those guys were way above them and easily had the advantage.

Geez, those are huge! Source Link
Geez, those are huge!
Source Link

Throughout this ep Hotaka goes through the motions as she still feels that she’s only dragging Tomoe, a much more skilled person than she is, down. Hotaka slows the two of them down during the quest for the training camp, falling in a river then being held up during an ambush they had as well. But through it all Hotaka has looked to Tooru for her strength, as she’s got a crush on him. She finally overcomes this slightly as she’s able to bring herself to rescue Tomoe during the ambush, which is a step in the right direction. Later on in the ep she was prepared to confess her feelings to Tooru, but as things would have it her moment was ruined as the two of them were called to join the others. Oh well, maybe next time.

So all in all this was a good ep, definite points for Lilith rocking that red bikini, that was very good. As much as I’d like another action ep, judging from the preview for ep 8, I think we’ll be getting some more fan service, which is always great as well. But a little action would be nice too. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Here are some extra pics I had from the ep.

Amazing full size shot of Lilith rocking that sexy red bikini! She’s got an amazing body! Source Link.
Another great shot of Lilith. Source Link

From the preview.
From the preview
From the preview

Sorry about this review being late, I put it off on Saturday otherwise I would’ve had this posted by Sunday. Like I mentioned this was a good ep, Lilith in a bikini, the return of Imari, and the looming confrontation in the distance all made it an enjoyable watch. If you’re also watching Absolute Duo, what are your thoughts on this ep? Let me know in the comments below! Here’s the preview for next week!

[Chihiro]_Absolute_Duo_-_07_[720p_Hi10P_AAC][5CAA0B4F].mkv_snapshot_23.37_[2015.02.23_00.29.34]Up next I’ll cya back on Friday or Saturday for Saekano ep 7. Until then enjoy the end card and bonus pic, and I’ll cya later!

Bonus Pics!

A very sexy Julie for the ep 7 end card. Wow!
A very sexy Julie for the ep 7 end card. Wow!
Nice art taken from the new ED.  Pixiv Link
Nice art taken from the new ED.
Pixiv Link

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