We’ve reached the half way point of Absolute Duo, and so far it’s been… pretty much what I expected. More progression in terms of plot would be nice, I mean nothing that outstanding has happened lately, so while an action ep is welcomed and it does progress the plot a bit, there needs to be some more substantial things happening by point. Anyways, let’s start.

Here’s my review.

So last week we ended with Lilith challenging all of the first years to a fight, that’s the majority of this ep, one big battle. Interestingly enough though they don’t duke it out in the arena, but rather at the mall seen a few eps ago. Lilith mentions that she can easily pay for repairs, so they’re free to go all out in this battle. Yeah, she’s rich.

Like mentioned the majority of this ep is just Lilith battling the main group of people, nothing really plot progressing happens, but it’s still somewhat fun to watch. This is the first time we’ve seen Lilith in combat before, so seeing her Exceptional skills (see what I did there?) in action is quite impressive. She’s got lightening fast reflexes, thinks out her moves, has a killer shot, and she made everyone look like they were barely even trying. Take Tomoe for example, a girl who’s already extremely skilled, Lilith took her out with ease, not even breaking a sweat. Julie who is also very talented, let her emotions get the better of her, resulting in her downfall.

Hotaka, well she’s not really that much of a threat. She’d probably make a great distraction though, being that her boobs are enough to attract the attention of nearly anyone. Tora and Tatsu were also quite useless in this battle too. Tatsu being literally all brawn and absolutely no brain went down extremely fast, so fast that he didn’t event get a single hit in on Lilith. Even after all the planning and trickery used, they still can’t bring Lilith down. I don’t think she was even going ham on them, she was pretty much toying with them the whole time.

The interesting part happens when a group mercenaries sent by the Equipment Smith (one of the many names thrown around in this ep) burst in and take Lilith away. Tooru of course goes to rescue her, regardless of being quite injured, and succeeds in doing so. Names are thrown around such as ‘Blaze Witch’ and ‘Blaze Diabolica’ and the lack thereof her, but even so there wasn’t much else that really made things too interesting. Because of my looking into things a bit too much and slightly spoiling myself,  I know who they’re referring to here but as I don’t want to spoil it for you I won’t say. Honestly though it’s not too hard to figure out. While this is a sudden slight advancement in plot, I didn’t like it as it seemed really out of place to have this suddenly happen. I know I was previously ranting about the lack thereof plot progression, but this literally makes no sense. These dudes just show up, try to capture her, get beaten up by Tooru and that’s it. Maybe I’m looking at this all wrong, but this just seemed out of place to me.

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In the end we suddenly have a harem anime break out as Lilith’s hospital visit to see Tooru (with Julie, Tomoe and Hotaka present as well in the room) and declares that she’ll make Tooru her future husband. At this point that’s honestly not that out of place. Lilith seems like the type of character that would make a sudden announcement like that. What I do find confusing though is why exactly Tomoe and Hotaka are suddenly fired up to win Tooru’s attention? Julie I can understand as she’s got an actual legit reason, but the other two have absolutely no motivation aside from not wanting to be left out of this.

Anyways, bringing this full circle now, the lack of really decent plot progression is annoying and while I was liking things up to this point, Absolute Duo will need to get some solid plot rolling soon before I run out of reasons to keep watching it.

Short review today so I’ll bring this to an end now. If you’re still watching Absolute Duo, what are your thoughts on it thus far? Leave a comment below if you’ve got anything to say! Up next I’ll be back hopefully on Friday (it’ll probably be Saturday though) with Saekano ep 6. I hope you can put aside time to join me for that.

[Chihiro]_Absolute_Duo_-_06_[720p_Hi10P_AAC][47AA8E09].mkv_snapshot_23.35_[2015.02.16_15.31.20]As per-usual, I’ll now be including the end card as it comes with the torrent file when I download it. 1920x1080p PNG end card. Enjoy!

Bonus Pics!

As to why their at the hot springs, I've got no idea, but it's nice to look at just the same.
As to why they’re at the hot springs, I’ve got no idea, but it’s nice to look at just the same.
More Lilith in action! Pixiv Link
More Lilith in action!
Pixiv Link

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