Saekano continues to win my heart over each week as I’m loving this experience more and more.

Here’s my review!

Before I begin I’d like to say that I’m always striving to make every post better, even if it’s just a small change each time. Personally I liked how the Absolute Duo ep 4 review was structured, focusing on only the key parts of the ep rather than a usual overview with analysis here and there like I usually do. I’m going to try going with that approach for the next few reviews to see how it works out. Okay so lets jump into this now.

Amazing full size pic!  Source Link
Amazing full size pic!
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Right off the bat this ep begins with Utaha, so already I’m loving it; we get some tantalizing shots of her legs too so I’m loving it even more now. For the first bit of the ep following the opening credits we’re following Utaha as she’s having an interview for her upcoming books. If we remember Utaha is a very well known light novel author who has sold over 500,000 copies of her story. Honestly I’d love it if that many people bought my story. So in anticipation of her upcoming novels, Utaha has to have an interview about them for a magazine. Also mentioned previously is that Aki takes on many part time jobs to support his expensive otaku hobby that requires having to buy lots, so conducting this interview with Utaha is Aki himself.

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Cleverly arranged by Utaha’s editor, Aki is there in hopes to get a decent interview out of Utaha, who normally isn’t fond of talking with strangers. The whole interview scene is really fun to watch as there is a lot of information to take away from it. A noteworthy point that I got from this was that Utaha contributed her novel success to Aki as he wrote a stellar review for it and sales took a noticeable spike after that. Coupling this with a brief flashback in the starting of this ep, I’m beginning to think Utaha’s books may be based off some past experience she’s had with Aki. I’ll touch on this more in a bit though.

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After getting sidetracked for a long time, falling asleep and lively banter, Aki is able to get a decent response out of Utaha and can finally close the interview. Utaha also formally agrees to join Aki in his visual novel making group, something Aki is overjoyed about. With such a high caliber writer like Utaha on board with this project, things are finally looking up now. The dream begins!

Not exactly going in chronological order here, but let’s jump back to the beginning of this ep before I continue on. Aki and Kato are on the train heading to school and we’ve got a conversation between the two of them about Utaha’s books. Aki gave her a series to read and Kato enjoyed them enough that she read the whole series in one night. Wow she’s a very fast reader then. What’s important about this conversation is that Aki really showcases his love for Utaha, or more accurately Utako Kasumi, the pen name of Utaha. As the conversation between the two of them continues, Kato happens to say the world ‘ethical’ and gets a very interesting reaction out of Aki. This is where I’m basing my theory of Utaha’s books being about a past experience with him.

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While it’s extremely brief, we get a flashback of Utaha and Aki (although he’s not clearly shown it’s pretty obvious that’s who it is) as I’m guessing he might have asked her out at one point but she turned him down. Kato realizes though that she’s hit the nail on the head and decides to carefully back off this sensitive topic, seeing how Aki’s wounds haven’t fully healed from it. Sadly we don’t get anymore back ground knowledge of this event but I’m sure it’s going to be touched on in the coming eps. It wouldn’t surprise me though if Utaha really is basing her novels off this experience, I mean I get ideas for stories based off real events that have happened to me before. Obviously nothing to merit writing a romance novel, but we won’t get into that now.

Jumping forward to after the interview, during the following day after school, Aki, Utaha and Kato are in the AV Room talking plans for the game. Tsundere to the end Eriri shows up much like her first appearance to the AV Room, opening the door and talking without looking to see who’s actually in the room. Like I’ve mentioned before, the banter between Utaha and Eriri is always so enjoyable to watch and we get a dosage of it here. But after a long while of them going back and forth in an argument about scheduling issues and money, Aki is finally able to find a common ground for everyone to stand on. He’ll deal with the money problems, Eriri will work on the characters designs, and Utaha will write the plot.

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Through this whole scene though it felt that Utaha was the center of attention, as Aki’s presence slowly disappeared as the girls argued. Eriri lacks the ability to stay calm in a heated conversation so Utaha can easily outlast her in those regards. Utaha also brought out the point about the money, something no one else seemed to take into account, so that tells me she’s thinking logically about the issue and seeing the big picture, not just the here and now. Further adding to this, I love how much Utaha can tease Aki and keep such a straight face while doing so. When she offers to front him the money, she asks for him to do a favor for her, something we sadly don’t find out what is, but her seductive approach to it would probably have me doing anything she wanted. Can’t say no when she proposes the terms that way.

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So beautiful! Source Link
So beautiful!
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We end the ep with Kato once again. For a moment I thought we’d have an interesting turn of events here as while Aki’s working a job at the family restaurant, Kato and this guy show up. Now this would’ve taken things for and interesting turn, but it turns out this guy is only her cousin. Well there is always that chance. Aki’s overreaction the next day to this at school has Kato a bit stumped as she’s not sure how to deal with this so called “problem” that Aki has foreseen. Kato explains that he’s just a cousin who’s in town for a bit, but Aki tells her she can’t hang out with him because she’s supposed to act the part of the main heroine and not hang out with other guys. In and effort to put a stop to this once and for all, Aki says to cancel her shopping date with her cousin and go with him instead, seeing it as the best option. So much for Aki never asking a 3D girl out on a date.

So after 4 eps of Saekano I’m enjoying this one so much. I love where this plot is going, the interactions between the characters are great, that dialogue is still impressing me, and I just like the overall vibe this anime puts out. I’m really looking forward to the next ep now, seeing as Aki will be going out on an actual date with a real girl, so I’m sure Eriri and Utaha will also show up to raise some hell too. All in all this harem anime is pushing all the right buttons and it’s a refreshing change to see each week.

That’s going to bring this review to a close now. If you’re sticking with Saekano, what are your thoughts of it thus far? Enjoying it a lot? Not a fan? Who’s your favorite girl? Leave a comment as I love to hear some feedback on this review.

Up next is Absolute Duo ep 5, in which we’ll have some more fun happen. I hope you’ll join me for that review as I’m looking forward to watching the new ep. I’ll aim to have that out on Sunday. Until then I’ll leave you with this lovely bonus pic!

Bonus Pic!

Lovely art of the two lead girls. Pixiv Link
Lovely art of the two lead girls.
Pixiv Link

I’ll cya next time!

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