Lilith Bristol makes her debut, while Tooru and Julie go on a date.

Here’s my review!

So this review is coming a bit late, clearly. Ep 5 is already out now and I’m sure most of you guys have watched it by now; even so I’m still talking about ep 4 today. The sub group I get Absolute Duo from was a bit delayed last week and instead of getting this ep out on Friday, it came out Monday. Anyways enough talk about lateness, I’ll start the review now.

Right off the bat the highlight of this ep was the introduction of Lilith Bristol, the beautiful blonde haired girl you see in the header pic up top. For you trivia fans out there who absolutely love this stuff (I’m included in that too), Lilith is voiced by Haruka Yamazaki, who you might remember as Tomoyo Kanzaki from last season’s Inou-Battle. So who exactly is Lilith and how does she play into this ep? Well we find out right away that she’s like Tooru, well not an avenger, but an Exception. I’m guessing that an Exception is the female version of an Irregular. Anyways, she’s an Exception and has traveled from England to the school to form a Duo with Tooru. But wait! Tooru and Julie already formed a Duo and are joined for life, how can Lilith think she can just burst in and become Tooru’s Duo? Well, she’s not called and Exception for nothing.

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My first impressions of Lilith are a bit mixed. At first glance she’s an absolute bombshell of a girl, a lovely sight to look at I won’t deny. She’s very up front about things, doesn’t beat around the bush, and is one to always get what she wants. I wouldn’t exactly call her ‘stuck up’ as while she does act quite high and mighty, it didn’t overly come across as she was using that excessively, at least I didn’t take it that way. But as nice as she is to look at, I’ve got a feeling her true intention of being there might be more sinister. Honestly for a debut ep she isn’t around that much, but rather only there for a few scenes. We do see her once more at the very end, showing off her Blaze, which is a neat looking rifle; Tooru is clearly bothered by this as the majority of people only have edged weapons and not guns, so Lilith is very much so an Exception.

Lovely full size pic of her. Hmm, those thigh highs doe. Source Link!
Lovely full size pic of her. Hmm, those thigh highs doe.
Source Link!

Another key point of this ep was the fact Rito Tsukimi, also known as Usa-sensai, is still around. You’d think that after trying to kill students, the higher ups would fire her, but no it’s not like that. In a rare meeting as well, Sakuya Tsukumo makes yet another appearance; she of course is the loli headmaster of the school. Much to the dismay of everyone involved in the Usa-sensai attack, Tsukumo only cares about how well the students are trained, and if they were able to survive an attack from a highly skilled teacher like her, that’s what matters. Everything is for the sake of achieving Absolute Duo, only the results matter and nothing else. Gotta love that reasoning.

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The third and final event in this ep is the date that Tooru and Julie go on. This date takes up the entire second half of the ep and offers some time for both to build on their relationship as Duo partners. I enjoyed this break from the school setting as we haven’t really seen the world outside the school yet. The main objective of the date was to go buy clothes at the mall. Enjoy these full sized pics of the various dresses that Julie bought.

Finally the date ends with Julie getting a little tipsy after eating some rum raisin gelato. Honestly I didn’t think one could get drunk after one spoonful of run raisin, but apparently Julie is an exception here. Unknown to both Tooru and Julie, Hotaka and Tomoe were tailing them for the whole day, making sure they stayed out of trouble and didn’t do anything… indecent either.

But as observing the run raisin incident happening, both girls are approached by a group of douche bag guys asking if they’d like to hang out with them. Another classic scenario here as Tooru comes to save the day, only to have that moment of glory stolen from him by Lilith and her rifle Blaze, sniping the douche bag guys before a fight breaks out. I’m guessing she didn’t kill them, but it’s not touched on what exactly she did to them other than incapacitate them.

All in all this wasn’t a super eventful ep, probably a bit underwhelming though as I expected more out of Lilith’s premier ep. I’m hoping next time we’ll get more of her as she so far she hasn’t done anything bad yet, so I still like her. I also wanted some more progress on the avenger front too, seeing as they left us hanging last week with that. Oh and before I end this, I’d like to quickly touch on one last point about something that happened at the beginning of the ep. While in the process of waking up, Tooru’s hand lands unexpectedly on Julie’s chest as she’s sleeping beside him. Normally the freak out begins after this, maybe it’s just because of Julie’s very mellow personality, but this whole situation is calmly discussed and Tooru who states up front that he’s in the wrong, apologizes for touching her in an inappropriate place. I just thought it was refreshing to see the two characters talk a matter like this out without any extreme violence being done. Now imagine if more problems in anime were calmly talked out, think of all the unnecessary drama that can be spared! Yeah, that won’t happen though.

Gotta have a pic of this.
Gotta have a pic of this.

After 4 eps I’m  still enjoying Absolute Duo, and with the introduction of Lilith I think she’ll add some more dynamics to the plot and progress things. I’m still waiting for Imari Nagakura’s return as I firmly believe that she will be coming back in the future. Well then I’ll bring this to a close here. For those who are also waiting for better subs, I’ll cya next week for a review of ep 5. Here’s what to expect!

[Chihiro]_Absolute_Duo_-_04_[720p_Hi10P_AAC][2CE38B47].mkv_snapshot_23.34_[2015.02.03_16.14.10]I’ll cya next time!

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Bonus Pics!
Lilith Bristol in all her glory! Pixiv Link
Lilith Bristol in all her glory!
Pixiv Link
Full size pic from the new ED. Source link
Full size pic from the new ED.
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