We all need motivation at some point, Aki just gets to have cute girls motivate him.


Here’s my review!

Continuing on it’s dominating winter season run, Saekano keeps on impressing me each week with it’s dazzling animation, humorous charm, enjoyable characters and lots of potential to blossom into something extraordinary by the end. This week Aki is pushing ahead with his plan of creating the best visual novel, but he’s lacking the motivation to sit down and think up a plot that’s going to convince Eriri and Utaha. Honestly I can feel for him as there are days where I need to do writing, but the ideas just aren’t there. Distractions can come in all shapes and sizes and will totally get you sidetracked for hours on end. Sadly I don’t have walls of manga and light novels to grab my attention, but this thing called “the Internet” probably works even better.

The episode opens with Aki on the phone with the newest team member, Kato Megumi. If we remember back to last week, Kato spend her weekend at Aki’s place playing games in order to learn the ways of moe and become a better heroine. Aki asks her to come over once again to help out with her proposal creation for Eriri and Utaha, but as luck would have it, Kato isn’t in town but she’s on a family vacation in Hokkaido. Now I don’t know my geography of Japan that well so I looked up where Hokkaido is, turns out it’s the large island at the north of Japan. Anyways, Kato is there with her family so she can’t exactly pop over for a visit.

Determined to not let this get him down, Aki pushes ahead and forces himself to work on this draft for the two girls and hopefully win them over. His anti-distraction methods he takes are quite funny, taping up the TV remote, stashing things in the closet, and taping giant X’s across his book shelf in hopes to stop himself from grabbing any manga/light novels to read. Despite these actions though, Aki still picks out something to read, a Date A Live novel (not sure which one exactly, but if you know leave a comment!) and decides to read a bit before starting.

Okay so I’m not sure if I missed something here or what, but when Aki pulls out the Date A Live novel to read it seemingly is daytime, but through jump cuts the day passes and he falls asleep. When he wakes up though it’s 14:11 or 2:11, and it’s light again. I assume he read all through the night and is waking up the next day during the afternoon, but how they cut that who sequence seems a little confusing to me. After careful inspection of the clock, I get it know.

Anyways awake once again Aki decides he should get something to drink, another voice chimes in that requests a cola. Obviously to the other person who’s taken up residence in his room, Aki heads down to the kitchen to get some water and a cola when the fridge horror finally dawns on him. Someone else is in his room!

That someone happens to be the Eriri Spencer Sawamura! Wait, how’d she get in? That’s not important right now though as Aki notices that Eriri is there in his room and at his desk working on her very 18+ drawings for an upcoming deadline. Sadly the drawings don’t look too 18+, but I guess they can’t exactly show that. Eriri is there because her father is having a social event back at her house and if she was there then she’d have to make an appearance due to the political figures at said event. While she could’ve gone anywhere else to draw, Eriri chose Aki’s house in hopes to subtly motivate him to work on his game proposal, and her classic tsundere reaction to that question Aki poses to her confirms this. Their conversation is cut short though as the doorbell rings with the arrival of another beautiful girl. Yes you know who I’m talking about, the one and only Utaha Kasumigaoka.

Utaha is turning into one of those characters that I love more and more each ep. Every scene she’s in m eyes are drawn towards her and she radiates a seductive and dominating aura. The whole vibe of the scene changes when Utaha is there as she becomes the center of attention. I love her body language and gestures she has too; she sits and drinks her tea with so poise and grace and the moment when she places her hand on Aki’s and leans in to talk, details like that I really love about her character. Anyways, Utaha provides Aki with some actual advice and motivation to keep going, but it’s up to him whether or not he’ll actually use it.

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Side point here, but Eriri and Utaha are not exactly being the best of buds so Eriri hid in the closet for the duration in which Utaha was at the house. While Aki did a pretty top notch job in covering up Eriri’s presence, he forget to hide her bicycle and is reminded about this by Utaha before she leaves. Man, she’s good.

She knows...
She knows…

After reassuring Kato once more over the phone that he’s got things under control and the deadline will be met, Aki continues to waste time with the proposal draft and before long he’s at a point where the situation seems completely hopeless. In hopes of trying to spark his creativity, Aki goes back to the hill where he saw Kato, but in his current state all he sees is a hill and nothing else. No ideas are floating through the air like that hat. This hill will be the place where his dream began and where his dream will end. Or will it?

Staring defeat in the face, Aki readies to throw in the towel and accept failure, but then something magical happens. I say magical because this scene really came to life and rewatching it a few times just to let it sink in, I really loved this moment. The insert song, the cherry blossoms in the air, and the amazing animation, that moment really stands out for me in this ep probably more so than the scene with Utaha over at Aki’s house. And of course I’ve gotta mention Kato looking absolutely stunning here as well; her dress, her movements, the way she spoke, she literally almost won my heart over right there.

But wasn’t Kato in Hokkaido just a few days before? Well yes she was, but she returned home early in hopes to help out Aki in his quest. With input from Eriri and Utaha, Kato was able to become the heroine that Aki fell in love with, the girl on the hill that day who made him realize his dream. In the end it did the trick as Aki finally gets the motivation he needs to write up the draft and give it to Eriri and Utaha.

Panty shot!
Panty shot!

The closing scene takes place the next day at the same restaurant from ep 2 where Aki presents his draft to the two girls, but it seemingly still isn’t enough to convince them to want to continue helping. We also see some development in the harem situation as both girls react in a violent manner when Aki says that the sleeping Kato should be resting on his shoulder like any heroine would. Aki’s shins paid the price as the kicks from both girls were enough to end that train of thought he had going.

So here we are at the end of ep 3 and yes Saekano is still amazing me. Like I said at the outset, it’s dazzling animation, humorous charm and enjoyable characters are what I really love about this one and it makes me even more excited to watch it each week. While we’ve still got lots of time left in this one, it’s already solidifying itself as one of my top three favorites this season.

Wow that was a long review, but don’t worry this is the end now. I hope you enjoyed that ep and my review, I had lots of fun watching this ep and writing this review for it too. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this ep and what you think of this anime so far. Like it? Hate it? Who’s your favorite girl? Any ideas/theories about what’s coming down the pipe in terms of story progression? Your comments are always welcome, so feel free to leave them below!

Up next we’ll continue to blaze it with Absolute Duo ep 4, in which I’m pretty sure the busty blonde girl Lilith Bristol is finally introduced. At the time of writing this I’m still waiting to see the new ep as my preferred sub group, Chihiro, is delayed more than usual. Looks like you might not see the ep 4 review till Monday possibly as I’ll be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday and might not have much time to work on the review. So that’s the latest on that front.

It’s time I end this now, but first here’s a bonus pic I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

Bonus Pic!
Kato is actually a really cute girl! Pixiv Link!
Kato is actually a really cute girl!
Pixiv Link!

I’ll cya next week!

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