Warning: contained within are spoilers pertaining to Kantai Collection -KanColle episode two and episodes preceding. It is recommended that you watch this before reading this review.

In addition to the spoiler disclaimer I would like to extend an additional note that this review does not make commentary on the events of episode three and as such my be shorter than usual due to the absence of comments from me regarding story progression before episode three where …. well I’ve probably already said too much. Curse my inability to keep up to date with review writing.

Episode two starts off by picking up the tail of the first episode as the first scene that we see is one of Fubuki making good on her bold deceleration and getting ready for some morning exercise whilst everyone is still asleep. Everyone except for the nocturnal Sendai who Fubuki encounters on her way out, heading to bed in the small hours on the morning.

Transitioning to a time late on the day when the less zealous are also awake we pick up on another aspect of story which was started in the first episode, this being the inevitable school setting. With the destroyers having the bodies of children this kind of setting is not uncommon in fan works and there is even in-game office furniture suggesting ideas to this effect but it is one of those things that only makes sense as long as you don’t think about it too much as it is not really possible for a destroyer to “graduate” from being a destroyer and nor does it makes much sense that the destroyers know less by default than any of the other classes of ships but I digress. The class room setting provides us with a frame-work in which a whole host of other destroyers can be introduced and allows for their character to be fleshed out beyond that which can be inferred from in-game lines (The feud between Shimakaze and Akatsuki is one example of this that I feel works rather well indeed). The class room also gives Fubuki another to demonstrate that her zeal also extends to academic endeavors as well as physical fitness.

Though none of her efforts seem to have had much in the way on an effect on her actual abilities though as she quickly demonstrates when it comes to waterborne practice.

Fubuki’s lack of anything resembling progress is becoming something of a cause for concern among her squad-mates but more concerning it has attracted the attention of Nagato who gives off the impression of being rather annoyed by the inept little shipgirl (Evidently Nagamon wont be making an appearance in the anime).

With practice completed -or at least as completed as it can be for today- we rejoin, a now very dejected, Fubuki as she spends her time after school with Yuudachi and Mutsuki in the cafe. Mutsuki is very keen to cheer Fubuki up and encourages her to keep trying but her efforts are somewhat stunned by Yuudachi’s attitude of telling in how it is (telling it to everyone it would seem). Fubuki’s grey mood is not one that perseveres though as a recommendation from Tone to ask others for advice on how to improve, leads to the idea of going to find Akagi-senpai.

Sadly this does not lead to a detective mystery quest type scene and we quickly transition to the bath house (Apparently having taken the quick route of asking Kaga where to find her). In the bath house Fubuki and co encounter Atago (I want to make a “pair of breasts with a heavy cruiser attached” joke here but I feel bad for Atago). Atago’s overly enthusiastic manner is quite intimidating for Fubuki and ends up leading to Atago striping her down and pushing her into the bath house.

Being forced into this situation does, however tun out to be a good thing for her, as whist she is nervously beginning to enjoy her bath Akagi makes her presence known. In contrast to Fubuki, Akagi looks very dejected and bored, literally sitting there popping bubbles on a sheet of bubble-wrap. Such boredom is at first confusing for Fubuki but a quick glance at the clock above her however creates instant sympathy as Akagi still has 15.5 hours worth of repair time! Melancholy moods do not seem to be a thing that persevere too long though thanks to the intervention from an instant repair bucket.

With Akagi fixed and now in a better mood, the little destroyer and the fleet carrier head off to get some lunch (Or maybe its dinner? Who really cares though?). Akagi’s monstrous apatite, I am pleased to report, has made it into the anime as well, much to the amusement of Fubuki and the surprise of Shiratsuyu who unblinkingly stares from the background. The time spend with Akagi is predictably very special to Fubuki and when she returns to her fellow squad members she has quite the story to tell.

Having had and fully used the opportunity to brag about her exploits with Akagi, Fubuki heads off to bed. But it is not to be for a dynamic entry from Sendai drags her out of bed and consequently drags her off for some night training. The bulk of the training that Sendai puts Fubuki though is balance training designed to help her remain vertically inclined during combat but despite going at it all night very little improvement is made, achieving little other than fatigue. Fubuki is not out of the woods yet though and as morning comes (and Sendai returns to her bed), she is approached by Jintsuu who is also keen to help with her training. Jintsuu takes Fubuki for training out on the water, this time with a focus on accuracy but once again Fubuki proves to be very much ineffectually. With energy reserves completely depleted from the extra training, we rejoin Fubuki in the classroom, asleep on her desk. There is still one Sendai class light cruiser who has yet to try to train her and it does not take long for Naka to show up and drag her away for more training. Naka’s training is …. well … lets say it is to try to improve Fubuki’s confidence and as such Fubuki is roped into helping Naka in her would-be idol concert. Naka’s does however have ideas for useful training but this much extends to getting Kitakami to teach Fubuki about torpedoes. All does not go to plan though as Kitakami is rarely alone and Naka’s requests are not looked to kindly upon by Ooi.

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Luckily for Fubuki, the never-ending training regime does not become a daily cycle as whist the Sendai sisters have been oblivious to each others efforts to situation has been all to clear to all observing it, prompting an intervention from Mutsuki. Mutsuki explains what has been going on to the sisters who in turn explain the cause for their excessive concern and by extension inform us of what Nagato was about to say earlier on in the episode.

The decision as to how to proceed for here is not one that the sisters nor Mutsuki are given the chance to make though as news from Yuudachi reveals that in spite of her exhaustion Fubuki is already outside getting warmed up for nighttime training. If nothing else, Fubuki’s dedication and zeal is very moving to her fellow squad members and as it is agreed that everyone will help her (this time with a more unified approach) we slip into a training montage showing Fubuki’s gradual progression. Gradual progression in this case however, does mean gradual and at the end of our montage Fubuki is still very much capable of falling flat on her face.

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Dooms day final arrives for Fubuki and as Nagato looks on she undergoes her sea trials. Her performance is still rather sloppy and far from the level expected of a combat ship but as the Sendai sisters explain, she possesses the potential and enough spirit to make up for what she currently lacks. Fubuki barely manages to gain a passing grade but Nagato is satisfied and episode two ends with an announcement from Nagato that torpedo squadron three will play a key role in the next battle.

And so ends the second episode of the kancolle anime, I guess I don’t really have much to say here this time as my original thoughts on this episode are basically the same as those for the first episode and my thoughts concerning this episode at time of writing are very heavily influenced by the events of episode three. I suppose I’ll simply wrap up with a “until next time”.

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