I’m really looking forward to when Tooru and Julie will be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’re getting some great back story for them so far as both must have worked on a smaller Avengers team, but I’m sure we’ll see them in an after credit scene in Age of Ultron.


Here’s my review!

Tooru and Julie are official Duos now. They’ve said the oath that has bound them to each other, till death does them part. Honestly this is an… interesting situation for high school kids, pretty much being married like this, but whatever. So this time up we’ve got the most action packed ep yet as it’s the long awaited New Blade Battle. The rules, as Usa-sensai explains, are quite simple: everyone other than your partner is an enemy. The whole north half of the campus is the battlefield and the last team standing is the winner. Pretty simple rules honestly.

In prep for this battle, Tooru and Julie do some training, honing their skills so they can fight better as a team. Keep in mind Tooru’s Blaze is a shield, so his offensive capabilities aren’t that of Julie who wields dual blades. Julie has some pointers for him as well to better his odds in combat, something that he’ll take to heart as he’ll need to call on them in the coming battle. Julie also gave Tooru’s special attack a name, that name being Mjölnir. They continue training some more through the afternoon so that they’ll be fully prepared for the coming battle the following day.

Following the training scene as Tooru is leaving the change room he notices Miyabi Hotaka (girl with the huge boobs) running around the track, then she suddenly collapses. Being the only other person out there, Tooru goes to assist, deeming that she must need to be taken to the infirmary, so he picks her up and carries her. En-route though Hotaka wakes up and becomes quite flustered with being carried. For someone who was extremely shy around boys in ep 1, she’s certainly changed a lot in 2 eps. We get a little back story on Hotaka here too as she explains that since she’s not really good at anything, she’s pushing herself hard in training so she doesn’t drag Tomoe, her Duo, down. Honestly she’s got a good point, I mean a team can’t properly function if one person is doing all the work, and considering the situation here both parties need to be giving it their all so they don’t drag the other down. I can respect the fact Hotaka wants to do well for Tomoe, but she also needs to realize that if she overexerts herself in training, she’s only going to burden Tomoe even more.

We finally get some more insight here into the dream, more like nightmare, that Tooru keeps having. In this nightmare he runs into a burning dojo to find bodies strewn across the floor and another boy about to execute a girl with a sword. Before Tooru can do anything though, this guy executes the girl right in front of his eyes. Ugh, not something I’d like to have replying every time I sleep. Anyways this clearly is the motivation for Tooru as he wants to avenge the death of this girl. I’ll come back to this later as there is more to talk about.

The next day arrives and so does the battle. Starting at 5PM and lasting 2 hours till 7PM, each Duo will fight until only one team remains. Don’t worry, there is no killing in this battle. Tooru and Julie’s plan is to keep things simple, playing it safe and go hard against anyone they run into. The fight begins and Tooru and Julie are off to a flying start, taking down anyone who attacks them. A hour later with most of the Duos eliminated, it’ll only be tougher opponents from here on in. The tougher opponents start as they face off against Tomoe and Hotaka. As we know already, Tomoe is a strong fighter who isn’t one to go easy on you; Hotaka on the other hand, well we haven’t seen her in battle before so this will be our first time seeing what she’s made of.  While Tomoe puts of a solid attack, Hotaka falters after a strong opening and surrenders to Tooru. Julie’s skills are a bit more than Tomoe as she’s able to get the edge on her and defeat her.

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I really liked their battle, but I felt it was too short. Honestly I’d have loved to see a pretty hard fought battle between Tomoe and Julie as both have extreme skills. I’m sure we’ll see them face off again at some point, but still I was hoping for something a bit more spectacular between them. Anyways, the time has come for one more battle, that being against Tora and the muscle head guy, Tatsu. But first, Tooru and Julie have to investigate a scream they hear coming from down the halls.

Arriving at the scene both Tora and Tatsu are on the ground wounded. Usa-sensai also arrives moments after Tooru and Julie, wondering what happened. At this point it should be obvious what’s about to happen next, but if not, Tora gives the only warning, telling Tooru to look behind him. Dodging in the nick of time, Tooru and Julie come to the realization that Usa-sensai isn’t just their teacher, but now someone who’s trying to kill them. Usa-sensai also gives us some info on the Blazes, saying if their wielded with the intent to harm someone, then they’ll have that effect when a person is struck by it. Tooru finds this out as he takes a nasty hit across his chest. Hang in here buddy! Usa-sensai also demonstrates what happens when a person’s Blaze is destroyed by cutting up Tora’s Blaze (not exactly sure what it was, but oh well). While the person doesn’t die, their Blaze is incapacitated for a day and they won’t be able to use it until it’s healed again. And lastly find out that Usa-sensai’s real job is to kill any promising students, as to why, there isn’t a given reason, but I’m sure they’ll expand on this in the coming eps.

Julie and Tooru battle hard against Usa-sensai, but it’s clear she’s a very skilled person, more so than they bargained for. Running low on energy now, Tooru and Julie need to end this battle before they die. Putting up one final stand, Tooru gets Julie to distract Usa-sensai for a moment so he can use his special attack, Mjölnir, to break her Blaze. Smart thinking here as now she’s Blaze-less for a good 24 hours. All’s well that ends well then as Tooru and Julie share a cup of apple tea the next day, both recovering from the fight. And before the credits we get some funny stuff as Tomoe and Hotaka walk in and Julie and Tooru once again in a compromising situation.

So the post credit scene is the one that holds a decent amount of info in regards to the nightmare that Tooru’s been having. Tooru once again awakens from his nightmare to find Julie at his side wondering if he’s alright. Stepping out onto the balcony to get some air, Julie relates what Tooru was mumbling in his sleep; Otoha seems to be the guy who killed the still unnamed girl and Tooru has vowed to avenge her by killing him. Of course he wants Julie to forget about it all, it being a personal matter, but then things take a turn for the interesting as Julie unbuttons her shirt, turns around and shows him a huge scar on her back. She then proceeds to say she’s just like him, an avenger. That right there confirms that we’ll be seeing them in a Marvel movie at some point.

EDIT: So it turns out Otaha is Tooru’s sister. My mistake.

Jokes aside I liked this ep as it provided pretty solid action from start to finish, while also building on the story too. We now know Usa-sensai is working for someone who wants the top new students killed off for some reason, we get some more info about Tooru’s nightmare, and we also find out that he and Julie are avengers. Things have picked up now and I’m getting more interested in this each week.

So that’ll end it for ep 3. Good stuff this time around and I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress from here. I’m still awaiting the return of Imari Nagakura as she’s totally gonna come back at some point, as well as the introduction for Haruka Yamazaki’s character, Lilith Bristol. I’m sure we won’t have to wait much longer for this to happen, so maybe next ep we’ll see them. Right then, so if you’re also watching Absolute Duo, what are your thoughts of it? Something you’ll continue to watch? Which girl are you liking the most so far? Any thoughts about where the plot might go from here? Leave a comment as I love to have some feedback on my reviews.

Up next I’ll be back with another Saekano review, one of the few winter anime that I’m really enjoying. But until then, here’s what to expect in next week’s Absolute Duo ep!


Enjoy the bonus pic guys! I’ll cya next time!

Bonus Pic!
Julie looking badass! *Pixiv Link!*
Julie looking badass!
*Pixiv Link!*

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