Megumi is so perfectly normal that it’s driving Aki completely insane. So how will he’s gonna cope with this?

Here’s my review!

I wasn’t a fan of Megumi from the get go, she was exactly how I first described her: normal, average, so on and so forth. But after 3 eps I can see that she’s got more to her despite being such a plain character. She’s quite funny as well, something that wasn’t played on too much in ep 0 or 1. This time around though we get to see a lot more of Megumi as she and Aki have a chat about his idea over a snack.

Something that I’m enjoying in this anime actually is the lengthy conversations between the characters. This isn’t your generic harem anime where we’ve got boobs flying all over the place and dick craving girls hunting down the MC, no we’ve got something actually happening for once. Aki is still hellbent on making this game, and even though Utaha and Eriri both shot down his ideas  he’s not going to let things end like this, especially after meeting the girl of his dreams.

Like I said, I’m really enjoying the dialogue in Saekano so far, the scene with Megumi and Aki in the restaurant being one of the few main scenes in this ep. Aki accepts the fact Megumi is a cute girl,  but she’s lacking an overall presence and the more Aki reads into this, the more worked up he becomes. Megumi adds some depth to Aki during this conversation as well, bringing out that while she’s someone who’s normally invisible to everyone, Aki on the other hand is one of the top three people known around the school, I’m sure you can guess the other two. And speaking of those other two, guess who shows up after being stood up at the AV Room.

I did a triple take thinking that was Michiru Hyoudou. It's not though.
I did a triple take thinking that was Michiru Hyoudou. It’s not though.

Megumi assumes Aki must be dating either Utaha or Eriri (or both) as they both come into the restaurant and join them at the table. Both girls are quite visibly annoyed with Aki as he left them hanging back at school, but they’re also extremely annoyed at the fact he’s at a restaurant with another girl, one so plain and ordinary as Megumi. Utaha and Eriri take over the conversation here now, both personalities clashing like always and a violent match of footsies under the table begins. While they’re going at it, Megumi activates Stealth Mode and unknown to everyone (including myself because I re-watched this moment quite a few times) leaves the table to get another drink. Wow, she’s pretty good.

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The second half of the ep takes place in Aki’s room. Determined to make Megumi more ‘moe’ so she can fit the exact persona of a main heroine, Aki decides that he’ll have her play a visual novel from start to finish so she’ll know more about how a main heroine should be acting. All in all it’s not a bed idea, I mean visual aids work well for teaching, more so if it’s a hands on activity. Once they arrive at his home, Aki is disappointed in the lack of reaction on Megumi’s part when she first enters his room. “Normally”, according to Aki, she’s supposed to go open a window because it’s too warm or sit on his bed and get all flustered about it, because that’s how normal heroine’s are supposed to act. We also get another look around Aki’s room, and some manga are more prominently displayed this time. I noticed the Amaburi and Date A Live manga instantly as well and a Kirino nendo on the top level of the shelf.

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After playing the visual novel start to finish, Aki giving a running commentary along the way, Megumi completes it, saying it was a nice experience, but Aki’s constant talking detracted from getting too emotionally involved with it. Thanking Aki for a nice afternoon, Megumi packs up to leave, but Aki isn’t ready for her to leave yet. Saying there’s still more for her to learn, he pulls out the sequel to the game, imploring her to stay the night and play it too. Megumi shows some rare emotion here, blushing at his choice words used to get her to stay. The only other moment where she shows some real emotion is in the restaurant scene when Aki is raving about her being boring; if you watch her eyes closely they go blank a few times.

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So they spend the night gaming and complete it by the next morning. Aki says that if this game made her feel something, then she’s part of the group now; Megumi being extremely tired though, agrees to join the group anyways regardless of whether or not she felt anything from the game. All that matters at the moment is sleeping. And so from this point forward, Megumi has become part of the team. Now we just need Michiru then the team is complete.

Alright, so after 2 eps I’m still enjoying Saekano a lot and each ep is making me love this one more and more. I wasn’t expecting this anime to be heavy on the dialogue actually, but it’s a nice surprise and it makes for a more enjoyable experience compared to just ecchi situations in most harem anime. I’m sure Saekano will have a couple along the way, but so far I like the tone it’s going for. It’s also quite refreshing in a sense that it’s joking about typical harem anime and other regular things that happen in anime, so that meta side of it is an enjoyable take for a change. All in all though Saekano is a refreshing and enjoyable anime to watch and I hope this vibe can carry through till ep 12.

Here we are now ep 2 into this one and it’s going great so far. Are you also watching this rom-com anime too? What are your thoughts so far? Joined #TeamUtaha yet? Thoughts on what might be happening next? Leave a comment below as I love to get some feedback.

Up next is another round of blazing in Absolute Duo ep 3. Expect this review out by Sunday at the latest. So while there isn’t a preview for next week’s Saekano ep, I’ll leave you with a bonus pic to enjoy!

Cya next time!

Bonus Pic!
So cute! And it's a kazenokaze pic too! *Pixiv Link!*
So cute! And it’s a kazenokaze pic too!
*Pixiv Link!*

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