It’s been a while since I last talked about this anime, but I haven’t forgotten about it!

Here’s my review!

Not that it was in danger of being dropped, but I just was hoping that ep 2 of Absolute Duo would prove to be more interesting and engaging than ep 1 was. While I could easily answer it with: ‘no it wasn’t super engaging’ it was fairly enjoyable nonetheless and the ending gave us something new to work with. Maybe I just needed to lower my expectations a bit and turn off a few parts of my brain in order to enjoy this one more.

Honestly I kinda was hoping for another Trinity Seven type thing to happen, as even though that was extremely silly, the enjoyment factor was through the roof and I loved watching that one a lot. So far Absolute Duo hasn’t brought the fun (or boobs) like that of Trinity Seven, but it’s still got time to warm up and get going. Anyways in ep 2 we’re a week into things and Tooru and Julie are still paired up together. Being the only boy-girl duo right now they’re the talk of the town, seeing as having two high schoolers of the opposite sex sharing a room might be a little… not good.

I wouldn’t mind her in my bed.
During breakfast, Tooru and Julie are joined by Miyabi Hotaka and Tomoe Tachibana, two fellow students we meet in ep 1. Right away it’s brought to our attention that Miyabi is gonna be the boobs of this anime, seeing as we get an up close shot of them bouncing around as she takes her seat at the table. It’s also noted that she’s quite shy around boys as well, so conversation between her and Tooru never gets off the ground. Tachibana on the other hand seems like the much more mature girl, who’s even looking out for Tooru as she notices his breakfast is very unbalanced, consisting mostly of meat. Nothing wrong with liking meat, but you do need to eat other things aside from that.

Anyways, Tachibana is worried about Tooru and Julie sharing the same room, which due to being uncommon is a cause for alarm. Tachibana breaks the ice on this sensitive topic, trying to say that there could be trouble from this arrangement, but Julie saves the day by speaking up! Well not exactly “saves the day” but she does speak up, and say all the wrong things. Now Tachibana is quite horrified at what she thinks is happening behind closed doors. How will they fix this?

We get some info now about their world we’re in courtesy of Usa-sensei during a brief classroom scene; in this scene that talk about things like Luciful, Blaze, and Exceed. Honestly not much time is spent into learning exactly about all this, but I’m sure it’s easy enough to pick up on. If you were sleeping through everything since the beginning, Luciful is some sort of serum injected into certain chosen people (1 in 1000) and it will enhance their physical and mental abilities; when their soul power manifests it’s called Blaze and those with this power are called Exceed. As we know, Blaze are weapons, swords, spears, whips, so on and so forth, but there are the occasional exceptions such as Tooru who’s Blaze is a shield. So while this is fine and well, I was hoping for a bit more info as the second ep usually has a decent info dump sequence at some point.

Getting a bit too into it.

Moving on now though, we do get some more info about Julie. After telling Julie about the misunderstanding with Tachibana, Tooru brings out that she’s pretty good at Japanese. Julie explains that her mother was a interpreter, so she was taught by her. While her mother taught her Japanese, Julie’s writing isn’t the best, something she’s quite embarrassed about. The classroom scene ends with Usa-sensai telling the class if they don’t train hard and level up, they’ll be expelled. Not good.

Up next is a action-y sequence with the students training. Tachibana is apologizing to Tooru about misunderstanding what Julie said earlier, but given her body language, it’s almost as if she still doesn’t understand and is still confused. Whatever the case is, things get a bit awkward as Tooru and Tachibana trip and fall about the gym, landing in compromising positions and getting strange looks from people. Sadly this isn’t Trinity Seven where Arata would have something witty to say about it all, even so Tooru does a mostly decent job of not making things worse. Honestly Tachibana started it by falling on him, then her efforts to get up only made the situation worse. Whatever, harem hijinks are expected in an anime like this. It’s noteworthy to say that the girls did look rather nice in their gym outfits, then again most girls do look good in gym outfits.

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The second half of the ep is the countdown to the official Duo pairing. Tooru wants to be with his friend Tora, as they’re both friends from long ago, and Julie wants to pair up with Tachibana as both their levels of skill are very close. Tora honestly doesn’t seem that enthusiastic about pairing up with Tooru so I’m surprised Tooru wanted to continuing pushing down that path. Whatever the case is though, it’s the final day of Julie and Tooru being roommates. Walking through the paths around the school, Julie and Tooru take a moment to stop as take in the cherry blossoms, a beautiful sight in Japan.

So the day for official Duo registering has arrived. Tooru is pleased to see Julie talking things over with Tachibana, asking her if she’d like to pair up and be a Duo together. Having parted ways now, Tooru and Tora are on their way to register as Duos, but en-route they pass a couple of giggling girls talking about something embarrassing they just went through. Slightly confused, the two guys arrive at the Duo registering area and given an oath to say before they become official Duos. Honestly I had a feeling it might end up like this as both Tooru and Tora’s reaction to what that oath was seemed to firm up my suspensions. But before we learn exactly what this oath is, Tachibana and Hotaka walk up, also there to register for a Duo. Turns out Tachibana had already agreed to pair up with Hotaka, so she turned down Julie’s request. So yes you can see where this is going now; Tooru apologizes to Tora as he knows he’s gotta pair up with Julie.

With registration closing at 6PM, Tooru is on a mad search around the campus for Julie before finally tracking her down at the very top of the Big Ben-esque clock tower. Meeting her at the top, Tooru asks Julie if she’d like to make their Duo official; after trying to think up some excuses why it might be a bad idea, Tooru is able to win her over and convince her it’ll be alright. Crossing their Blazes, their recite the oath which sounds pretty much like like marriage vows, so it’s now clear why those two girls in the hallway were embarrassed by that and why Tooru and Tora weren’t too thrilled by that prospect either. Upon saying their vows, Julie and Tooru are now an official Duo, destined to spend the rest of their lives together. Wow, so they pretty much just got married.

So overall I enjoyed this ep, it didn’t answer a ton of questions and such, but it wasn’t horrible either. I’m still waiting for this one to kick into a high gear, so I hope that does happen soon. Now if that header pic is any indication, we’ve got a busty blonde girl, Lilith Bristol to be exact, who has yet to show up. I’m looking forward to her actually because she’s got the same voice actress as Tomoyo from Inou-Battle, and we all know how much I loved her. Anyways maybe she’ll arrive in ep 3, but we’ll have to wait and see. We’ve also got Imari Nagakura from ep 1 who was kicked out before things even began; totally sure we’re going to see her again as they don’t get ride of characters that fast, unless it’s a Gen Urobuchi anime maybe. But anyways I should mention the final scene in this ep, that of Usa-sensai sitting on the rooftop singing some song to herself before smiling evilly. Now it’s becoming clear the Usa-sensai isn’t exactly a good guy here, but as to what her angle is, we’ll also have to wait and see.


Well that’s 2 eps down, it’ll take some more to get me really into this one, but I can say that I’m not hating Absolute Duo. Sure it’s not the Trinity Seven that I was kinda hoping for, but maybe it’ll turn into something like that later on. If you’re watching Absolute Duo as well, what are your thoughts on it? Like it? Hate it? Favorite character? Thoughts on what’s to come? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next I’ll be back with another Saekano review next Friday most likely, unless ep 3 of Absolute Duo is out before then. If you didn’t see what I wrote at the end of my Saekano ep 1 review then I’ll recap it here. Because the group I get Absolute Duo from is slow on the release, my reviews might not come till late in the week, possibly the following Sunday at the latest. If this will be a problem for you, then you’re free to follow another blog’s review of this anime, as mine will be out quite late. So I just want to make sure you know this before question why my reviews aren’t out. Here’s what to expect next time!


Right then, that’s it for me here, I’m off for now but I’ll cya again next time! Enjoy the bonus pic!

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So pretty!
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