I’ve seen a few magical school anime before, some good while others not living up to it. That said, could Absolute Duo change this game by delivering something worth while?

Here’s my review.

Right off the bat I should answer the question with a: no. Nothing is new with this formula as there isn’t much too do differently. Seeing how the title has the word ‘duo’ in it, that instantly makes me aware that we’ll see a boy and girl teaming up here to fight some magical bad guys. Shades of Unbreakable Machine-Doll started to come to light quite quickly. Maybe you remember that anime from the 2013 fall season, if not that’s fine. Anyways Absolute Duo reminded me of that, the as we’ve got Toru, the lead guy with a mysterious and troubled past (much like Raishin) and Julie, the powerful partner of Toru (much like Yaya).

Things get off to a quick start as we see a glimpse of a future battle that we’ll probably see later on. Julie is fighting some masked and armored guy while Toru is looking to be pretty beaten up. What’s interesting though is that before this scene is over, both Julie and Toru face off against each other. So I’m a but intrigued to see how we reach that point. Bringing this back to the present time now, Toru is on his way to school, his first day, when we see Julie. We also meet another rather cute girl, Imari Nagakura, who is also there on her first day.

Things quickly take a turn for the worst when the opening ceremony turns into an all out fight. Unlike other schools, only the students that can come out victorious against their fellow classmates, will be accepted. Surprisingly Imari Nagakura is paired up with Toru and loses. Honestly I thought Toru would lose, but do to something he’d still get in. That was surprising, at least I found it that way, considering Toru is referred to as an Irregular as his Blaze is a shield instead of an offensive weapon. I’m sure we’ll get more on this later too. So this battle ends with Imari losing to Toru, thus ending her dream before we’re even at the 10 minute mark of this ep.

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Wow. From there it’s just the usual stuff we’d expect from a magical/fan-service anime. We meet the sexy, bunny girl outfit wearing teacher (nice boobs I must say), Toru and Julie meet and are assigned to work together until official teams are made (but we all know they’re staying as a team), we see Julie almost naked (almost) and we get some chemistry between Toru and Julie happening.

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So as far as first eps go, Absolute Duo accomplishes this fairly well and sets up the stage for something greater to follow. Regardless though, it’ll take some convincing before I can fully be on board with this one. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate it like Shinmai Maou no Testament (like holy fuck did I nearly kill myself watching that) but nothing about Absolute Duo captured my attention. First impressions are always extremely important so if something doesn’t get me engaged at ep 1, I have a hard time getting into it. I’ll keep watching though as there is still a promise of the plot to get going next time, plus there are cute girls we have yet to meet, and we all know how much I love cute anime girls.

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While the winter season is off to a rather slow start I’ve got a feeling it will be getting better soon. I greatly enjoyed ep 1 of Kantai Collection, I recommend watching that for sure as well as following Andrew’s reviews, and we’ve got some more great anime to begin still. I know it’s not as exciting as the spring season (literally so many fucking amazing anime are coming out then) but I think we’ll still have a decent 3 months of new anime.

I’ll end things here for my first impressions. Overall I felt Absolute Duo was okay and has a premise there to be good, but it’ll have to convince me that it can live up to that and deliver. I’ll give it till 3 eps as usual, but I’ve got a feeling it’ll be able to pull through. So if Absolute Duo is something you’re watching this winter season, what are your thoughts on it so far? Like it? Hate it? Gonna keep watching? I’d love some feedback in the comments below!

Up next I’ll be taking a look at the other winter anime I’ve got planned, that being

Here’s what to expect next time on Absolute Duo!


Bonus Pic!
My man kazenokaze delivering once again! I love this guy!  **Pixiv Link!**
My man kazenokaze delivering once again! I love this guy!
**Pixiv Link!**

I’ll cya next time!

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