Yes that’s right! Date A Live is back with an all new OVA! And if that’s not enough to get you excited, then you will once I mention it’s featuring best girl Kurumi~!

Here’s my review!

It’s been a while since we’ve last seen some Date A Live as it’s second season ended back in June of last year. Honestly I didn’t like season 2 that much, it got better towards the end but I prefer season 1 to season 2. Maybe when I rewatch it at some point I’ll change my mind, but it didn’t leave the best impression on me. Nevertheless I wanted to check out this OVA mostly because it features my favorite girl Kurumi. So while I enjoyed this OVA because it was a Kurumi based one, on a whole it was quite boring as nothing really happened.

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Sure it brought us back into the Date A Live world once again, getting us ready for the movie that’ll be out at some point, but aside from that it was a pretty uneventful ep. We checked in with most of the characters (minus Origami), Kurumi mainly, but Tohka, Kotori and Yoshino also played small roles too. The plot for the ep takes place during a festival and I’m assuming Shido was on his way to meet Tohka, Kotori and Yoshino when he runs into Kurumi. Now we all know that Kurumi is quite dangerous aside from being sexy, so Shido is quite leery of her request to go on a date with her, but swayed by her sultry charms he goes along anyways.

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Tohka, Kotori and Yoshino begin to wonder where Shido is and go looking for him. Yoshino finds them first at a wedding event where girls can try on a wedding dress and guys can try out a suit, but Kurumi scares her off. Kurumi then talks her way into doing this and they both get dressed into their respective clothes for a photo shoot. Kurumi of course looked stunning in that wedding dress, that being probably the highlight of this ep by far. As Tohka, Kotori and Yoshino try to locate Shido once more things take a turn for the slight feels as we find out that the Kurumi that was with Shido was actually one of the clones from a while ago. The real Kurumi shows up at this point, and eliminates said clone, leaving Shido in a mess. Tohka, Kotori and Yoshino arrive on the scene, but Kurumi wisely backs down from any confrontation, seeing as she’s out matched.

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All in all it was quite an uneventful ep as not much happened but for Kurumi alone, even if it was a clone Kurumi, I still enjoyed watching it. The real Kurumi is still her twisted, evil yet so sexy and I loved how she made a small appearance at the end too. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie, when it finally arrives in a long, long while, but until then this’ll probably be the last we see of Date A Live.

So there you go, a short review but there wasn’t much to talk about really, so I’ll leave it at that. Yes it’s worth a watch if you want some more Date A Live, but don’t go in expecting something amazing to happen because you’ll be greatly let down.

At the time of writing this Absolute Duo ep 1 is out, but no one has subbed it yet. I know FUNi has picked it up, but due to how they hardsub things, I hate using their release for reviews, seeing how I can’t turn off subs for screen shots. I’ll wait to see who else will pick it up before I watch/review that one, so depending on how things go the first ep review might come in a few days. As for everything else that we plan on reviewing, we’re just waiting for them to start. If you haven’t seen it already here’s the list of what we plan on reviewing here for the winter season; I hope you’ll join us again as we’ve got more great anime to enjoy for the next while.

Until the next post, I’ll cya guys later!

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