The climax is here! It’s time for this card game to come to a grand finale!

Here’s my final review!

Tama is still trapped in The Dark Knight Rises prison, but instead of sitting back and moping about past events, she’s trying to climb her way out. Even though she opts out of using a rope (implying there was one to begin with) Tama climbs the wall, only to fall repeatedly. She can’t get out because there isn’t a door…. or is there? Tama then realizes the door out is the one she selects, the choice she makes will light the way.

Before we check back in with Ruuko and Yuki, we stop in with Hitoe, Yuzuki and Kazuki who are all at the house where Mayu used to live. After being told by a groundskeeper that Mayu has been long dead, the three of them still want to check out what’s inside, maybe they might find something that could help them. More on their adventures later, now we can check in with Ruuko and Yuki. If we remember back to last week, Mayu took Ulith to Level 5 and crushed Yuki with a super heavy attack. Ruuko was left in tears and things weren’t looking good for either of them. Yuki comes to still very rattled from the attack and explains what she truly desires, that is to be free from the darkness and sorrow of being the Girl of Black. Yuki wants to be the Light instead. As Ulith taunts them about not being able to continue the battle though Tama finally shows up, having escaped her Dark Knight Rises prison. Alright! Now for the next phase: take down Mayu and Ulith. To do this Ruuko combines Tama and Yuki with Grow Level 5 Mayu. Oh boy! The battle between Ruuko and Mayu continues now, things really heating up.

Now back with Hitoe, Yuzuki and Kazuki, they’ve somehow made it inside the house (maybe they kicked a door down or something, I don’t know) and they’ve arrived at Mayu’s room. Wow the actual room where Mayu used to be in. It’s an extremely grim looking room, the atmosphere of it not helping at all. Returning to the battle now, Ruuko and Mayu hammer away at each other with attack after attack. As they destroy the world around them in the process, Mayu can’t deal with the fact Ruuko keeps referring to the LRIG with her name. We find out why through a flashback where, presumably Mayu’s father, never using her name when referring to her, opting for “that” instead. Totally lowing her to object level. Yeah fuck you man, worthless piece of shit.

Mayu then goes on to explain how she gave everyone a selection, a chance she never had. All her life Mayu was trapped in that room and never got anything she wanted, only what was given to her. She never had any chances to make any real choices in her life. As this is happening, we see Hitoe, Yuzuki and Kazuki walking around Mayu’s room, soaking in the feeling of what it might have been like for Mayu. But as Mayu is still mid rant, LRIG Mayu cuts her off, saying she did make a selection, that of releasing Tama. I guess Kuro/Iona/Yuki was the first LRIG, born from the darkness, but as Mayu was in her final moments alive she released Tama into the world, wanting to grasp that light outside her window. But as their conversation comes to a climax, the world around them begins to fall apart.

In the end Ruuko, LRIG Mayu, Mayu and Ulith come to one final showdown. Mayu holds out a card saying if Ruuko can correctly pick the color, then she wins. If not then Mayu wins. Okay…. working with what she has, Ruuko comes to the conclusion that the card in colorless, being that Mayu came from a world much like that. Ruuko makes the right choice but then something really freaky happens, Ulith is suddenly pulled through a window into the black abyss where she’s violently crushed by some strange force out there. Yeah I wasn’t ready for that at all. Really weird.

While Mayu is pretty centered on the colorless world being the end of everything, Ruuko points out it’s also the beginning too, where new colors can be added. Embracing Mayu they part ways, Mayu heading off into I’m guessing the afterlife or something, and Ruuko back to the real world. Ruuko’s wish is granted by LRIG Mayu and for once all’s well that ends well.

The closing sequence is a nice montage that shows us life after WIXOSS. The girls are back to hanging out again, Yuzuki back in her real body now too. As the montage is narrated by Ruuko we see everyone who we met along the way, now in human form. Ruuko walks past the ice cream place she always imagines hanging out at with Tama and the girls, but sadly Tama isn’t there. Ruuko vows to keep searching though, knowing that Tama is truly out there.

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Final Thoughts

So while everything more or less come to an end, I wanted a bit more clarification with things. I’m assuming Ulith died for real as that much seems evident, but what about Akira and her scar? Was that ever healed by Ruuko’s wish?  I kinda wish they had checked back in with her because while you do see her on a magazine cover with Iona, there isn’t any indication that she healed. Next, Yuki: whatever happened to her? Is she in the same body as Tama or is she gone for ever? The real world Tama we see looks and sounds like Tama, so I’m not seeing how Yuki could fit in there, so I wish that was also explained. Ruuko’s grandmother also seemed like a character who would play a much bigger role this season, but aside from being there in the first few eps, we rarely saw her since.

On a whole I liked this follow up to Selector Infected, but it’s not better than Selector Infected. The plot carries through from ep 1 to 12 but there were moments that I felt were just too confusing and I had to rewatch multiple times and read other reviews before I grasped it myself. I can sadly be slow on the draw like that at times, but most of the time it can be attributed to poor explanation. I liked the characters this time around, Hitoe, Yuzuki and Kuro/Yuki taking a more centered role while Ruuko was still the main character but not the world revolves around her main character. I liked that as it showed us a much more developed Hitoe from when we last see her in season 1. Yuzuki, while spending the entire time in a card, was also extremely helpful too. Kuro/Yuki played a very key role too, adding to the progression of the plot.

What I didn’t like though was that there weren’t many new characters added and the ones that did show up played extremely minor roles. Futase Fumio personally felt like an extremely wasted character. We saw her every week in the OP yet she only had 1 ep and was pretty much just a stepping stone to a much larger picture. Had she played a more central role, maybe a villain or something, then that would’ve been much better. Akira and Ulith were the bad guys this time around, Akira getting some depth and Ulith a bit, but over all they remain pretty much the same.

So while Selector Spread is still a very solid follow up and had some really great moments, it falls a short of the likes of Selector Infected, at least for me. When I first started watching Selector Infected it totally consumed me and I literally could not get enough of it, I was completely drawn in to the point where there were times I worried myself. While Selector Spread still had me drawn in, I didn’t have the exact same feeling as I did with Selector Infected; not saying that it’s a bad thing, but I was just hoping that feeling would carry over to the Selector Spread.

All in all though this is an anime worth putting time into as it’s story is solid from start to finish and will totally have you on the edge of your seat. Maybe watching it all at once will be a different experience rather than having that 3 month break, but either way it’s definitely one to put some time into as it’ll really surprise you. Tallying this all up I’m giving Selector Spread WIXOSS an 8.5/10. Not completely perfect, but very solid from start to finish.

And that ends this series of reviews! Thank you so much if you were following my weekly look at this anime, I hope my reviews were to your liking and made sense. I had an awesome time watching and reviewing this one and it’s going to be one I remember from 2014 for a while still.

Up next is the finale of Amagi Brilliant Park, even though ep 12 was the true end, we’re getting a bonus ep! I’ll be reviewing that and it’ll include my final thoughts of that super enjoyable anime. Upcoming posts include the long awaited winter preview, where we’ve got some great anime we’ll be reviewing, my personal 3 part fall wrap up posts, and we’re working on an end of year wrap up post too. Lots of great posts coming down the pipe so keep it locked on Anime Corps! I’ll leave you with this last bonus pic.

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