252 guests are needed in 3 hours! Can they do it?!

Here’s my review!

Honestly if this was a final ep I would’ve applauded. This was a very solid and well executed end, something that seems to be a rarity these days. But interestingly enough, as much as this felt like a final episode, it’s not. Yes Amaburi is going to 13 eps not the usual 12, so I’m really not sure what’s going to be happening next week. But that’s for then to figure out, right now Seiya and Isuzu have to get those guests or it’s game over.

So first up they start by calling everyone they can think of while sending the Fairies and a few mascots out to the streets with signs to get people coming. It’s a pretty good plan so far, but not that many people are available to just up and go to the park, so they’re getting a negative responses. Damn it guys they’ll lose the park if you don’t go! We also see a few of the girls down at the station trying to attract people, but they’re also having a tough time. Moffle, Macaron, Tiramie and the Fairies stop in at the front gate office to see how things are going, but it’s a grim scene. Seiya and gang have called everyone they can think of but no one is around to stop by the park. Maybe Moffle and the gang can think of something.

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Turns out they can! They call everyone they know in hopes to get some people to arrive, and so far it seems to be giving a positive response. The Fairies also get in on the action too, each calling, texting or tweeting to get guests to the park. Sylphy seems to have some group of people following her so she sends out the open invite to them all. Isuzu texts the rest of the staff telling them to call whoever they can think of and ask them to stop by the park. Things seem to be going well and maybe there is still a chance they can get the last 252 people before 9PM. Seiya also calls up Terano, the friend of Kanae Tsuchida from ep 8. With 30 minutes to spare, the people finally start flooding in, the numbers and hopes of the staff rising. Now with under 5 minutes left though, they’re 3 short and have expended all the people they can call. Did they really come this far just to lose?

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Those three kids who are always attacking Isuzu, they’re walking past with their parents when they look over and see her. Springing from their bikes, the three of them charge in and tackle Isuzu, but more importantly, they’re the last 3 guests needed! The park is saved!!!

The second half of the ep is a mixture of happy times and feels before ending with a strong note. The party starts the moment 500k is reached and while everyone is celebrating, Seiya is on the phone finalizing the deal to sell the southern portion of the park. From his reaction the deal went well, meaning their money problems are over! Talk about good end for everyone! Now back outside, Seiya gives a speech to the whole body of staff. Seiya informs them of the number reached, meaning the park stays open, but also of something else everyone, including myself, had forgotten: as per the deal once the park was saved, Seiya would resign his position and leave. I love how he also thanked everyone for helping save the park, even if it was tough for him to admit that.

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The next little bit is important. After Seiya finished giving his speech, he spots Takaya Kurisu, the guy from magi Development. Of course he had to be there for himself, just in case they failed. Seiya goes to confront him but in doing so Takaya brings out a point that only a select few people would know: even if they got enough guests, they can’t save Latifa from the curse. Wait, how would he know that… unless he was the wizard who put the curse on her in the first place! Oh no! It was him all along! Isuzu and Moffle arrive on the scene moments later, but the wizard has already escaped.

Following this bit is an emotional scene where Moffle, Isuzu and Seiya say their goodbyes to Latifa, because she’ll end up forgetting them in under 30 minutes. What adds the depth to this scene is that Isuzu and Moffle have had to suffer through this year after year, each one harder than the last, so having to endure this again is just painful. Once both Isuzu and Moffle leave, Latifa finally breaks down in tears before Seiya, saying she’s not okay with all this, even though she said earlier that she was. While it was probably obvious she was masking her true feeling then, she shows them here as Seiya holds her in his arms, trying his best not to be too emotional himself. The time has come now and the clock strikes midnight, Latifa falling asleep and her memories of her past year gone forever.

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The large tree they were sitting under begins to bloom and the flower petals float off with the wind. I actually really liked the shot of Seiya and Latifa embracing while the flower petals rained down all around them, it just seemed really magical. Taking Latifa back up the roof top gardens where Isuzu and Moffle sit, the seemingly asleep Latifa starts to awaken; what’s more is that she remembers everything! What?! How?! Turns out that the tree is a collection center for Animus, the energy needed to keep the Maple Land folk alive, and with all the fun that’s been had in the past three months it went full bloom, thus giving Latifa enough Animus to negate the curse, thus saving her! All’s well that ends well!

Finished with his commitment now Seiya packs up his stuff and readies to leave. Walking his bike to the gate he’s met by Isuzu, who is there is see him off. This conversation is very awkward as both parties can’t put into words their true feelings, as it’s probably pretty obvious that they like each other. In ep 6 Isuzu pretty much confessed her feelings multiple times while under the influence of the truth serum, so it’s clear she likes him. Seiya on the other hand likes Isuzu as well, even if he can’t admit it. Part of me wanted them to say something, but given both character’s and their personalities, Seiya being very proud and Isuzu being very reserved, both have a hard time admitting their true feelings so it was more natural how their conversation ended.

Back at home now Seiya’s aunt finally gets home from work, saddened to hear that he’s quit his job at the park. Aisu also mentions that it’s a shame he’s quit his job, being that he looked like he was really enjoying it, compared to before. Seiya had never considered that bit and it makes him reconsider his move of quitting work at Amaburi. The final scene is brings this anime to a fitting close and one that I for once actually really liked. Arriving at the park the following morning Seiya prepares himself once again, Isuzu pleased to half him back. Latifa is in tears again, seeing her knight in shining armor return to continuing helping the park to keep running smoothly. Once the morning assembly is over it’s showtime!

The guests are here!

Raise the gates!

Welcome one and all!

After it’s 12 week run Amaburi has almost come to an end. This felt so much like a final episode and had it been I’d have really enjoyed it a lot. All the issues got resolved, Latifa was cured from her curse and the park continues to function with guests pouring in. All in all everything went as planned and Seiya saved the park. I really loved this ep so much, like I keep saying it felt like the perfect ending to this anime and regardless of what happens in ep 13, this feels and seems like the true end here. Nevertheless I’ll save my final thoughts for next week.

Up next something that is ending, Selector Spread WIXOSS! I’ve got no idea what to expect other than something that will leave me amazed for sure. I’ll get that review out as soon as I can, Monday I’m hoping by the latest. But until then here’s what to expect next week on the finale of Amagi Brilliant Park!

[Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 12 [DAD04255].mkv_snapshot_24.08_[2014.12.20_02.05.09]

I’ll cya next week for the finale!

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Love this artist!

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