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Amaburi isn’t the only anime entering crunch time, Selector Spread is well into that territory too. Last week we ended with Tama being caged by Mayu, the real Iona coming back and Ruuko, Hitoe and Yuzuki stopping in on Hanayo. So before we jump in with Hanayo and see what she’s up to, we stop in with Tama as she sits in a prison similar to that of The Dark Knight Rises (yes that came to mind first). Tama’s wish is to be free and outside, but we know that since she’s always been a card, the only way for her to don that is to take the body of someone else, sending them into WIXOSS hell but being free herself. Not wanting to cause that sorrow for anyone, Tama refused to take Iona’s body, opting to stay in the White Garden with Mayu instead. We’ll get back to her later.

On to Hanayo now. Things get pretty awkward fast as Yuzuki asks Hanayo how far she went. Quick recap here first: Yuzuki’s wish was to love her brother on a more intimate level, far more than just siblings. After winning enough games her wish was granted and she thought things would finally happen, but then she found out that Hanayo, her LRIG, would be granting that wish and Yuzuki would become a LRIG instead. Since then Hanayo has been completing this wish for her. So back to the present now, when Yuzuki asks her how far they went, Hanayo replies that they kissed. I love the reactions from Ruuko and Hitoe, both very flustered by this. Even Yuzuki seems surprised, but she did want to do that after all. Her wish was to be in a relationship like that.

As the conversation continues though, Hanayo says that the more she granted Yuzuki’s wish, being close to Kazuki, the more she realized she actually was falling in love with him too. Hanayo is having a real crisis here as she feels that if she starts loving Kazuki herself instead of loving him for Yuzuki, it’ll be like betraying her. As she’s telling this to them, they suddenly hear a noise outside her room; Hanayo rushes to the door only to find Kazuki there. He had stepped out to go to the store and returned just in time to hear Hanayo mention that she’s still has Kazuki believing that she’s actually Yuzuki. Uh oh, this isn’t good. Bursting into the room Kazuki notices the card sitting on the bed and picks it up. All the pieces suddenly fall into place now and he realizes that Yuzuki is the LRIG and Hanayo is in Yuzuki’s body. Side note here: I’m pretty sure this is the first time we see what a LRIG looks like to a non-Selector person. I thought this scene was interesting as all Kazuki sees is a card with Yuzuki on it, but everyone else in the room knows that Yuzuki is talking and moving about inside that card. This also makes it quite hard for Yuzuki to explain things directly to Kazuki, because she has to rely on Hitoe to pass on what she’s saying along to him.

Exclaiming she can’t fulfill Yuzuki’s wish anymore, Hanayo runs out of the apartment, Ruuko chasing after her as Hitoe and Yuzuki stay behind to explain things to a still very confused Kazuki. While she got the head start and seemingly has a good running form (unlike most female characters who run with their arms in a strange way) Yuzuki still falls down, but not because she tripped or anything, this time for a much more serious reason. We suddenly cut the the hospital, the ICU (intensive care unit) where Hanayo is. While we don’t actually see her in there, Yuzuki provides that important info that when a LRIG stops fulfilling a wish, they’ll or die. So Hanayo exclaiming she can’t fulfill Yuzuki’s wish and more and literally running away from the responsibility is quickly taking a bad effect on her.

To save Hanayo in time Ruuko needs to grant her wish, that being all the girls trapped in cards are freed. Yuki brings out that all the conditions to grant this wish are already in place, it’s just that since Tama didn’t accept Ulith and an Eternal Girl wasn’t born, Ruuko’s wish can’t come true. Yuki continues, saying that if Ruuko and Hitoe battle, Yuki can try to reach the locked away Tama  by calling out to her; the battlefield is connected to the White Garden so her voice hopefully will carry far enough to reach her. Before going into battle, Yuzuki says something that now has be extremely worried. Yuzuki asks Hitoe to rely a question to Kazuki, but then says she’ll just ask him when she’s out of the card. Could this be a death flag here? Usually when a character says something like that it’s guaranteed he/she will die soon after so I really, really hope Yuzuki didn’t just fly her own flag there.

The plan goes well actually, Yuki and Yuzuki battling hard and getting Tama’s attention. The time comes and Ruuko becomes an Eternal Girl, but as she’s going through the process, Hitoe gets a suddenly glimpse of the White Garden, Yuzuki does too, and they realize something important. Hitoe and Yuzuki come back from the battlefield, but Ruuko and Yuki are still inside. Kazuki finally becomes useful now, bringing up the point that if Ruuko has gone to see the Mayu in the White Garden, what about the real world Mayu, why can’t they go see her? Suddenly the glimpse of the White Garden that Hitoe and Yuzuki saw is starting to make sense. We’ll get back to them in a bit.

Ruuko has entered the White Garden now, and for once is now the same height as Yuki. Ruuko goes through her plan of talking some sense into Mayu, reasoning with her and saying she doesn’t need to be alone anymore. But Mayu seems quite taken aback by then. Little do Ruuko and Yuki know, but Ulith is also in the White Garden. We see her earlier on in the ep, a very brief scene, but now we finally see her in LRIG form once more. From here it’s not hard to figure out what’ll happen next. Ulith and Mayu vs. Yuki and Ruuko, the battle of all battles. But while it may seem that Mayu would have the edge, Yuki points that that Mayu has never actually battled against someone else before, so making moves she won’t expect is sure to throw her off her game. Yuki’s words come true as Mayu becomes more and more frustrated with Ruuko’s seemingly erratic moves. But just as they seem to be getting the upper hard, Mayu reminds Yuki of an important fact: the real Iona has her body back, meaning she’s failed as a LRIG and will now disappear. Picking Yuki up Ruuko decides to take her to Tama, so she runs off the battlefield and into the mist. Wow, I didn’t know you could do that.

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Back in the real world now Hitoe, Yuzuki and Kazuki arrive at the library, but instead of going inside they run around back into the forest. Turns out there is a house back there that gives off the same vibes as the White Garden. As Hitoe and Kazuki run towards the house we cut to Ruuko and a fading Yuki as they run through the white world. Yuki suddenly realizes the other reason why she’s disappearing and why Tama is locked away from them: Mayu is dead. Yes, Mayu has been dead all along. I’m guessing that the reason Tama is locked away is that if she left too, Mayu would truly be alone in the white world. But before Ruuko can talk some more, Mayu grows Ulith to Level 5 and knocks Yuki out with a heavy attack. We end the ep with Ruuko screaming as Yuki lies unconscious.

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Wow, what a ride this ep was! So much happened yet there still is so much left to happen. Mayu and Ruuko faced off in a battle, Ulith is still alive and still crazy, and Yuki is starting to disappear. Ep 12 will be a grand finale that I’m really looking forward to, but I’m also wondering if they’ll ever wrap up how things went with Akira. We don’t see her again after she lost to Ulith, so what ever happened I wonder.

The end of WIXOSS is upon us now, the thrilling conclusion to a story that started back in the spring. I hope the final ep can deliver the ending this anime needs that will leave us breathless. I’ve got high hopes that it can, so I eagerly await to see what they’ll do to wow us one more time.

Up next is ep 12 of Amagi Brilliant Park which I aim to have out by Saturday at the latest, then it’ll be the finale of Selector Spread WIXOSS after. As the winter anime season is nearly here, we’ll be having a winter anime preview in which we’ll talk about the anime that will be reviewed here come January. I hope you look forward to that, but until then here’s what to expect in the final Selector Spread WIXOSS ep!

[Asenshi] selector spread WIXOSS - 11 [8D150D74].mkv_snapshot_23.40_[2014.12.16_01.53.12]

I’ll cya in the next post!

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