The world’s greatest game comes to Amaburi!

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They’re almost there! They need just a few more guests and they’ll have reached the target, thus saving the park. But with only a few more days left, how will they bring in nearly 50k people? Seiya provides the answer in a way I wasn’t expecting: host a soccer game. Now before I continue I’d like to say that given I grew up in North America (Canada to be exact) we call it soccer here while the world refers to it as football. For this review I’ll be sticking with soccer mostly because that’s what we call it here and it’s what I’ve always called it. I’m very sorry if this will bother you a lot, but whenever I think of football it’s NFL that comes to mind, so trying to pair that word with soccer just messes up everything. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

The plan to host a soccer game is something Seiya and Tricen have been working on for the past while, so I’m assuming this was that “thing” mentioned in the last ep. As luck would have it, the stadium used by the J1 League is having the field resurfaced and won’t be ready in time for a special anniversary match held on July 31st. Seiya’s plan is to get that game held in Amaburi, thus bringing in all the people and meeting the quota in time. It’s a really good plan, however it’s brought out that only certain stadiums can hold official games; but this isn’t an official game, rather a friendly game between former and current players, so it should all be good.

Seiya, Isuzu and Tricen head off to a meeting with event organizers to see if hosting the game is even possible. They also get Tricen to act as manager of Amaburi, seeing that if two high school kids waltz in claiming that they own the place, they might not secure the deal. Being that Tricen isn’t in any sort of managing position, the meeting doesn’t go too well off the bat and the deal quickly fades. But before all hope is lost, Seiya steps up and says all the right words, winning over the organizers and closing the deal. What comes as the biggest surprise though, is that Seiya says they’ll foot the bill, meaning the organizers won’t have to pay a cent for this game. An extremely gutsy move, but Seiya must have a plan or else the park is guaranteed to run out of money.

The next few days are set aside for getting the stadium ready to use. The whole place gets a cleaning, the field gets work done on it and the organizers also stop by for a visit too. Everything looks to be it tip top shape and ready for the big game. But before the mid way point eye catch, Seiya has all the staff gather in the roof top gardens for an important announcement, this must be part of this plan. Wasting no time whatsoever, Seiya announces that they will be selling the southern part of the part, thus their money problems will be over. While the announcement comes as a shock to everyone, after Moffle, Macaron and Tiramie agree to the decision, everyone else follows suit and by the end everyone is in favor of it.

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Now it’s crunch time as everyone works hard to get the park ready for the event. The stadium is cleaned and all the inner workings are checked, marketing is done, commercials are filmed, it’s a huge undertaking but if it’s to save the park, everyone is lending a hand. Seiya takes a quick break to see how Latifa’s doing, after all she’s been in bed since last ep. Seiya feels a bit bad about selling part of the park away without telling her, but Latifa makes it known that he’s in charge and calls the shots. While the conversation is mostly positive, Seiya mentions that by August he’ll have saved the park, but suddenly remembers that Latifa’s memories reset then, meaning she’ll forget all that’s happened. It’s sad as they’ve come to be such good friends over the time he’s worked there, then to have all those memories taken away. Our good friend Takaya Kurisu makes yet another stop by, reminding that 9PM sharp on July 31st is when time’s up. Seriously, I really don’t like that guy at all.

Finally the day arrives! The big soccer game is here and it’s time to make things count! While it’s a very buys day, by the end they’ll have the numbers needed. Everyone is working their hardest, giving it their all and making every performance count. They’re tired, worn out and desperate for a break, but the shows must go on and the people must be entertained. Moffle makes it known that there will be even more people coming later too, for the soccer game. Everything looks to be going perfectly, and the people are flooding in. 6 o’clock arrives and it’s time for kick off, the place packed. The final busload of people arrive, the people to bring them to 500k total. Except it’s not quite there. Looking on in pure horror, Seiya and Isuzu realize they’re still 252 people short, and they only have 3 hours left until the park is closed for good. Oh no! What will they do?!! We’ll have to wait till next week to find out!

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Amaburi has really delivered in these past few eps, bringing the story back and really making it count. It continues to impress me each week and now I’m super eager to see how it’s going to end. I thought for sure this would work, but being short by 252 people, ugh that’s a tough one. Maybe a few buses got held up somewhere or something, but either way they’re going to need to find 252 people if they want to have a job tomorrow.

So here we are, only 2 eps remain. It’s kinda sad actually, I’m enjoying this anime so much, but everything has an ending, even a favorite  anime. I’m honestly not sure if they’re going to make it, I really hope so but at the same time with only 3 hours left, they’ll need a true miracle to pull through.

Up next we’ll dive back into the suffering with Selector Spread WIXOSS ep 11. And yes at this point I will be dropping Sora no Method from reviewing. I’ll watch till the end but I’m not going to review it anymore. I tried to write an ep 10 review but I couldn’t. If you were following those reviews I’m sorry, but like I mentioned before, check out this blog and this one too for reviews till the end.

Here’s what to expect next week on Amagi Brilliant Park!

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I’ll cya next time!

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