Chiyori’s WIXOSS days are over, Eldora takes her leave, Akira faces off against Ulith, and Hanayo and Kazuki make another appearance too.

Here’s my review!

Last week we saw Chiyori play her final WIXOSS game, a move that while harsh to accept, was for the greater good. Had Chiyori continued her WIXOSS ways she’d end up in utter hell, being a LRIG and forced into a life that would eventually break her mentally. In an emotionally charged battle, Hitoe defeated the girl, reversing her WIXOSS related wish and ending her WIXOSS career. True it was hard to do, but like I said, it was for the greater good.

This week picks up with that, as Chiyori wakes up back in the real world lost, scared and confused. Ruuko and Hitoe follow Eldora’s advice and offer to be Chiyori’s friend, but Chiyori isn’t so willing to trust new people. Running off and leaving the girls, Eldora does something I wasn’t not expecting, she climbs out of the WIXOSS card and walks away. Yes you read right, Eldora climbed out of the card and vanished into the wind, literally. From here the ep only has a few main events that happen.

The first half of the ep is the Akira vs Ulith battle, Akira’s insanity and Ulith’s sadistic nature clashing as they reach a breaking point. Yeah Akira was already at that point, having stabbed Ulith a few eps ago. While Akira still loves Ulith, in a very strange and twisted way, she goes on about wanting to heal Ulith’s scar, become a LRIG again and scar her, then human and scar her, it’s just a really weird and twisted cycle that Akira thinks is somehow the right thing to do and will make things good. Honestly she’s really fucked in the head. Having enough bullshit from her the two finally battle, going to settle this once and for all. Now if you remember back to before, Ulith said she only needed one more win to become a LRIG again, so should she defeat Akira, she’ll get that win. Had Akira also been paying more attention to the last battle between Ruuko and Ulith, then she’d have known about Tama reaching Level 5, something that Ulith does again to finish Akira off with ease. Now things get interesting.

As this battle is going on, Ruuko and Hitoe are informed by Yuzuki that a battle is going on, a fierce one that could only be the likes of Ulith and Tama. While going to investigate though, they receive a text from someone, saying if they want to meet up with Iona (or Ulith as they know her to really be) then to go to a certain location. Now it’s explained later but I’ll just tell you now as it’s easier. Hanayo (acting as the real world Yuzuki) sent that text to Hitoe’s phone. Why? While she was out shopping with her brother Kazuki, Hanayo spotted Ulith, presumably after the battle, and wanted to inform Ruuko and Hitoe of this. So receiving this text message, Hitoe and Ruuko arrive on the location to find Iona. No not Ulith, but the actual, real deal Iona Urazoe. Wait, how can this be?

We get some back story here on how Iona came into the WIXOSS world and how her body was pretty much used by others for a very long time. Honestly the more I think about it, the weirder it becomes. The real Iona first played WIXOSS and her wish was to not be Iona Urazoe anymore. Strange, but she had a reason. Her life felt too suffocating for her, everyone having extremely high expectations for her, so she battled and and Eternal Girl was born. While she had gotten her wish, not to be Iona Urazoe anymore, Mayu wasn’t thrilled by the fact Iona was chill about being in the White Garden. Becoming a LRIG after all was said and done, Iona fought with two different Selectors, both ended up having their wishes reversed, Iona feeling that Mayu paired her up with weaker girls because she didn’t like her.

So through the process of how things are done, Ulith won her battle, meaning she became a LRIG and Tama takes Iona’s body, right? No. How the real Iona got her real body back was because Tama refused to take another person’s body, thus breaking this chain. That said, it’s not touched on what happened to Ulith as I’m not sure if she became a LRIG again or not. It’s also not touched on what happened to Akira either. What is shown instead is that Mayu is once again angry with Tama  because she didn’t want to take Iona’s body. Now stuck in the White Garden with Mayu, Tama is locked up now, awaiting an unsure future.

We end the ep with LRIG Iona being renamed Yuki, as they can’t keep calling her Iona with the real Iona now back. It’s finally now that it’s revealed that Hanayo was the one that sent the text to Hitoe, who suddenly remembers to check that. Yuzuki is obviously shaken about about this and an obvious meeting between Hanayo and Yuzuki planned for a future time. Well we don’t have to wait that long for that meet up as we end with Ruuko, Hitoe and Yuzuki paying Hanayo a visit. This is the first time all of them have sat down for a chat, something that I’m excited to see next time.

So once again this wasn’t a huge revelation filled ep with pain and suffering all around for everyone, but more info dumping. Yes it’s important to have info on what’s going on, we can’t have solid battles each ep. I didn’t like though that there isn’t any follow up with Ulith and Akira, we’re left to assume Ulith probably became a LRIG again and Akira… well I’m not sure what happened to her. Hopefully all these questions are answered next ep as it’s only hours away now!

Ugh, I’m getting so bad with this now. Sorry for the massive week late delay again. I’m struggling with keeping a tight schedule, my social life creeping up unexpectedly, but I’ll get things sorted out soon. While I said I’d have Sorameso ep 10 up next I’m not feeling it that much more and honestly I want to stop reviewing it. I’ll decide next time I sit down to write, but it’s not looking good for that anime right now.

On the other hand though, Amaburi ep 11 will be out soon is out now so I’ll get to work on that review right away. I’ll aim to have it posted by Saturday at the latest and by then I also hope to be watching the new Selector Spread ep too. As for Sorameso, I’m not sure right now so I won’t way anything about it. But as for what to expect in the next Selector Spread WIXOSS ep, take a look below.

[Asenshi] selector spread WIXOSS - 10 [CBEB550E].mkv_snapshot_23.39_[2014.12.11_01.55.57]

I’ll cya next time!

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