KyoAni called this one a “slap-stick drama” so now it’s time to see that alluded to drama.

Here’s my review!

After some fun filled eps for the past couple of weeks, Amaburi is rolling back in with the story, reminding us of the serious side to the park. We start off with a nice overview of the park, everyone having a good time. Moffle, Macaron and Tiramie entertaining the guests, the pool area with Iron Beard also in full swing and even Ruby the dragon scaring the guests in the dungeon. When the sun sets the fun still isn’t over as Amaburi opens a new light show to keep the guests entertained into the evening as well.

After ‘EXTRA MAGIC HOUR‘ plays for a bit, we’re back with the first half of the ep. Isuzu and Seiya take a quick tour around, checking out the new upgrades that were done to the attractions, Seiya not exactly pleased with them but as they’re getting the guests, it’ll have to do. While driving around in that little cart thing through the tunnels, Tricen runs up to inform Isuzu and Seiya that a TV crew has arrived at the park to do some filming for the local news. Tricen also mentions that they’re still having trouble locating “that other thing” something that I’m not sure we were told about yet. Maybe this “thing” was mentioned and I’ve just forgotten, or maybe it hasn’t been mentioned at all, but either way Tricen says they’re having a hard time finding it. Hopefully we’ll get more on that at a later point in this ep (spoiler alert: we don’t). We also see that Tricen loves to hunch over a lot too; but in all honestly that reporter did have a nice rack.

Moffle and gang go out drinking that night, enjoying the success of the park right now. Isuzu joins them drinking pop instead of beer like everyone else. While Macaron and Tiramie are enjoying themselves a lot, Isuzu and Moffle seem to have their minds somewhere else, talking briefly about there not being enough guests at the park. Clearly something isn’t right here. Next day we start to find out more about this as Isuzu is over visiting Latifa as she cooks more croquettes when she suddenly collapses. Oh no!

From here we learn the truth finally as the rest of the ep is a lot of info dumping. For starters the explanation behind Latifa’s dizzy spells is finally out in the open, Isuzu telling Seiya a tragic story from long ago. Back in Maple Land a dragon attacked the kingdom and the army had trouble fighting it off; a wizard appeared and offered to fight the dragon for them, but only if he got to marry the princess. The king agreed to it and the wizard held up his end of the bargain by defeating the dragon, the king however wasn’t so willing to hold up his end of the deal and refused to let the wizard marry the princess, turning the army on him instead. After having a big fight the wizard placed an Animus draining curse on the princess before he died. Now if you remember way back to ep 1, Animus is the power the keeps the Maple Landers alive, it’s the power that is generated by fun had by humans (if that makes sense), so the more fun the guests have at the park, the more Animus the Maple Landers get. So Latifa has an Animus draining curse on her, meaning that even if they get enough people, which is looking quite slim at the moment, it still won’t be enough to keep her going. What’s more is if the park closes, she’ll die even faster with no Animus coming in.

When talking about this matter with Latifa herself later on, Seiya has a flashback to long ago, when he was a kid and first met Latifa. We haven’t seen this flashback since ep 1 I’m pretty sure, so I’m glad they finally brought this back and explained it. While Latifa says her health issue is not something Seiya should be worrying about, it’s impossible to not be worry about this sudden new information. Fired up with the will to make sure Latifa keeps living, Seiya pulls out all the plugs in a staff meeting later on, choking out any ideas to bring in guests.

As the days pass and the deadline draws closer, Seiya is feeling the pressure more and more. The numbers aren’t what he wants and despite everyone’s best efforts, the chances of them reaching the target goal in time just isn’t looking good. Tensions reach a boiling point when Seiya snaps at Moffle, saying it’s easy for the rest of the staff to find other jobs, but Latifa won’t be able to as she’s only die if the park closes. While this seems like a tipping point for them, Seiya and Moffle do meet up at a later time and talk things over, Moffle wanting to know what Seiya is so desperate to save the park at Latifa. It’s then that we find out about the flashback Seiya’s been having since ep 1.

While a kid and visiting Amaburi, Seiya somehow ending up in the rooftop garden of Latifa’s castle where he met her. She was crying when they first met, Seiya asking why she’s in this state. Latifa would then proceed to tell him it’s because of a wizard’s curse; wanting to make her happy again, Seiya tries to cheer her up, but he can tell she’s forcing a smile just to make it look like he’s helping her. Not wanting to leave her in this state, Seiya vows to save her from this curse. So that’s brings us to the present now, Seiya still trying to do that but things not working out exactly like he wanted them to. It’s also brought out that not only does this curse affect Latifa’s health, but her memories and growth are reset every year too, meaning she’s stuck being a 14 year old girl. While it’s a serious situation here, Seiya knows this is his second chance to make Latifa smile and he’s not going to waste it. Now fired up once again, this time with even more determination than ever, Seiya wants to fight to the very end to get the number of guests needed. Things seem to be looking up as well as Tricen informs him that they were able to find that “thing” that was mentioned earlier, something that might be able to help them reach the goal in time. What is this “thing” they speak of, and how will it help? Hopefully next time’s ep will answer that.

So as we enter the final 3 eps now, the story is back in the foreground and the rush to get the last remaining people is on. I’ve got confidence that they’ll be able to do it but I’ve got a feeling that guy from Amagi Development, Takaya Kurisu, might show up one more time to screw them over.

I’ll bring this to an end now, I’ve talked enough for this review. Like I keep saying KyoAni has finally returned to being a studio I like again. Amaburi has been a solid anime from start to where we are now and going into the final arc here, I think it’s going to be a good finale too. What were your thoughts on this ep? Have any ideas of what this “thing” might be and how it’s going to help them reach the goal? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Wow, I keep being late with reviews these days. So sorry about that. Now that I’m on break until January, I’ll be able to hopefully get things out in a more timely matter, but it all comes down to time management, something I’m not the best at. Anyways, Selector Spread WIXOSS ep 10 is up next followed by Sora no Method ep 10. Just a quick word about Sorameso, as I’m not really into it anymore, my reviews will be quite short for it now; if you want a more comprehensive review I recommend checking out some other blogs, such as this one and this one.

Here’s what to expect next time on Amagi Brilliant Park.

[Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 10 [E89D8FDE].mkv_snapshot_24.08_[2014.12.09_15.38.05]

I’ll cya next time!

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