After last week’s pulse pounding, revelation filled ep we’re taking it a bit slower this time around.  Sure we’ve got our excitement and all, but it’s not as intense as last week. But even so, it doesn’t change the fact that this suffering is endless.

Here’s my review!

Ulith lies on the ground clutching her side as Akira stumbles away from her. While a stab to her side would cause some damage, there wasn’t any possible way she was going to die from that. Had Akira used a knife or something bigger, Ulith wouldn’t be with us anymore.

So the first little bit is a recovery from the events that happened last week. Ruuko lost that battle against Ulith and Tama, Iona getting really smashed up in the process too. Hitoe is also doing fine too, her wounds seemingly gone and she’s back to her usual happy self. I guess the wager of Hitoe didn’t really apply anymore. Iona however is having a hard time comprehending why Ruuko and Hitoe don’t hate her, I mean after all Iona told the story of Mayu and the terrible times she’s going through, also the fact Iona partly is Mayu as well. But even so Ruuko and Hitoe can’t hate her, Hitoe mentions why this is too. Had she never met a deck of WIXOSS cards, she’d have never met Ruuko and Yuzuki, meaning she’d never have made friends, but through WIXOSS she met those two girls and now the three of them are really close. Mayu never had that chance to meet real people and because of that Hitoe can’t hate her even though she’s personally been through so much hell since playing WIXOSS.

From this though comes something interesting, Yuzuki might have an idea as to what exactly Mayu’s true wish might be. Pointing out that the rules for WIXOSS, being trapped in the card while the LRIG completes the wish, isn’t exactly revenge, rather it’s Mayu’s way of showing people what true loneliness feels like. Yuzuki mentions that while it’s always fun when the three of them are talking, but aside from that she’s extremely lonely inside the card. Hitoe and Ruuko overflow with emotions, now hearing the truth from Yuzuki about how lonely she is.

In the kitchen Ruuko is making some tea for the two of them, chatting with Iona as she does so. Iona once again questions why Ruuko and Hitoe don’t have any seething hatred towards her and Mayu, but Ruuko brings out another point that really makes her think. If both her and Tama are part of Mayu, and they’re good friends with Ruuko and Hitoe, then Mayu herself might understand if they’re able to talk to her and reach her heart. If they can convince her that things aren’t so bad and they can all be friends, then maybe the Selector battles can finally be put to an end. It’s good thinking, but Mayu is having a hard time dealing with it all. A quick check in with her shows her angrily walking around in the White Garden, trying to make sense of Iona’s sudden surge of light, despite being the Girl of Darkness.

A check in with Ulith shows us that her wound must not have been that big a deal at all, as she’s dressing and preparing to leave the private hospital room she’s in. Bring rich has it’s perks. Ulith also asks Tama if she was anyone else’s LRIG before meeting Ruuko, but Tama says she can’t remember anything past Ruuko, thus hinting at Ruuko being the first girl she’s ever met. Chiyori is next on the rounds as we find her back in McDonald’s eating a burger and fries, pondering over what to do now that she knows the truth about the Selector battles. Chiyori’s LRIG, Eldora, reasons with her trying to make her see the good in the situation, that Chiyori should keep battling so she can finally achieve her dream of going into the WIXOSS world. While Chiyori actually points out that she won’t be able to battle, should she lose again, Eldora doesn’t seem that phased by this, telling her to cross that bridge when they get there. The final bit of that scene brings a very human side to Eldora actually, something I’d never considered before. Eldora was a human in the real world at some point, so Chiyori asks her what her wish was. While Eldora doesn’t tell her, she does hint that she was really serious about it back then. Just going by her body language I’m tempted to say she had someone she loved, a certain boy, but then WIXOSS happened and she ended up a LRIG. I don’t know why, but that’s just what came to mind first. Will we ever find out what her wish really was, I’m not sure as it’s never again mentioned or alluded to at all in this ep.

Starting here and carrying us to the end of the ep now, Chiyori takes the spotlight. Wanting to continuing battling, she texts Hitoe for a meet up. Chiyori doesn’t care if she fights Ruuko or Hitoe, anyone to battle is fine. I like how Hitoe instantly mentions if Chiyori loses one more game she’s done, it’s almost as if she’s saying Chiyori is gonna lose either way. Kinda funny, maybe not. Whatever. So before they can make a choice, Akira walks up saying she’ll be her opponent. Knowing the dangers of facing Akira, Yuzuki makes the call for them to stop Chiyori from agreeing to battle Akira. As the three flee the scene, I was almost expecting another ape shit insane meltdown by Akira, but her ringing phone stops her before she has a chance to lose it once more.

Having escaped the rabid Akira, Hitoe gives Ruuko a rundown of what she’s about to do. Hitoe is going to battle Chiyori, aiming to win so Chiyori can be free of the WIXOSS world and all it’s anguish that comes with it. Predicting her wish must be WIXOSS based, given her obsession with it, Hitoe figures if it means her reversed wish will be having nothing with WIXOSS anymore, that’s a risk worth taking to make sure she doesn’t have to go through the pain of becoming a LRIG and such.

While it’s a plan that has so much relaying on pure guess work, Ruuko and Yuzuki agree on it, sending Hitoe and Chiyori into battle. It’s worth noting that before this battle though there is a brief scene with Ulith and Tama; in this scene Ulith explains how battling will be something that can benefit both of them. Ulith wants to be a LRIG again and keep battling and Tama wants to come out of the card and be a human. If Ulith wins once more, she’ll have her wish granted and Tama will be free. While it’s something they both will benefit from Tama isn’t too thrilled about it.

Back with the battle, things aren’t going exactly as Hitoe and Ruuko planned. No, Chiyori isn’t suddenly winning, but Iona mentions that the battle is heavily stacked against Chiyori from ever winning in the first place. Hitoe’s deck is so much stronger than Chiyori’s; something she wouldn’t know but Eldora does. Meaning, Eldora was thinking the same thing as Hitoe, losing on purpose to save Chiyori from the hell that awaits her in the WIXOSS world. Eldora had already made it up in her mind that this was her final battle with Chiyori, so unless Chiyori can pull some lucky cards out within in the next three turns, it’s game, set and match for Chiyori. Her WIXOSS days will be over.

The emotions start to play in here now, Chiyori realizing Eldora was keeping important info from her, but it was all to protect her. Desperation fully setting in now, Chiyori hopes that luck is with her today and she’ll get the right cards she needs for one last counter attack. Watching this the second time hits a little harder actually, maybe it’s just because I’ve been subjected to so much feels and suffering in the past few anime I’ve watchws (Yuki Yuna being the most) but this is a sad sequence to watch. Chiyori’s life is disappearing before her eyes and she’s powerless to do anything. Down to her last draw she’s got one more chance. Sadly luck isn’t with her today and her turn, and subsequent time as a Selector, ends. Saying her final goodbyes to her, Eldora awaits for the finishing blow to hit as Chiyori agonizing screams echo off the battlefield around them.

The final scene though is not of the battle, but rather a very ominous one. Akira and Ulith meet up in a park, seemingly preparing for something big, that something having to wait till next time though as that’s where this ep ends.

So on a whole this ep was a lot less toned down compared to the past few. There were no shocking revelations in this ep nor LRIG’s going crazy, rather there is a light of hope now at the end of this long dark tunnel. If Ruuko and Hitoe can convince Mayu that thing’s aren’t so bad, then there is that chance the Selector battles will be brought to an end once and for all. One can only hope though as there are still 3 more eps left in which lots can still happen.

Sorry for this review coming in a week late. As always I wait for Asenshi to release their subs and due to Thanksgiving happening last week, they were delayed and this ep wasn’t out until Wednesday night my time. I watched it then but as Thursday is a very full anime watching day, 6 new eps out that I watched, there wasn’t time to work on this review. Friday was a homework day as I’ve got a test coming up, so that left me with a late night writing session and a Saturday (Sunday) posting.

Anyways I’d love to hear what you’ve been thinking about Selector Spread WIXOSS up to now. There are lots of questions still left to answer and not that much time left, so I just hope things can come to an end, or maybe there will be another season. Either way be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below if you want to. Up next we’ll be taking a break for the suffering and stopping in at Amagi Brilliant Park with ep 10. After that, depending on if Asenshi has ep 10 out, it’ll be back to WIXOSS before seeing what’s up with the demon summoning crew of Sora no Method in ep 10. (Amaburi ep 10 will be next than WIXOSS ep 10, Sorameso ep 10 will follow next week)

But here’s what to expect in ep 10 of Selector Spread WIXOSS.

[Asenshi] selector spread WIXOSS - 09 [5E499888].mkv_snapshot_23.38_[2014.12.06_02.04.52]

I’ll cya next time!

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