Friends again? No, not by a long shot. Damn it!

Here’s my review.

Last week we left off with Shione confessing she can’t be with Nonoka anymore. No they’re not in love, despite my mess up while typing that, but after her fridge horror moment when Shione realized Noel is the Disc, she hasn’t been the same. Yeah, realizing you got screwed over by a loli alien. Anyways picking up where we ended, Shione walking out on them, Nonoka calling after her. Yeah clearly she’s not going to stop walking after saying she doesn’t want to be with you anymore. Kids these days…

Anyways the other big thing in this ep is that Festival that’s finally happening. Yeah something to take our mind off the drama for a while. But before we get into that there is a kinda important scene in which Shione goes to visit Noel at the observatory. There as asks her what happens after Noel grants the wish; Noel’s answer is that she’s called over to another wish. So pretty much Noel just goes around granting wishes, but why she has to have a huge ass Disc to do so, I’m not sure. Noel also mentions that Shione’s wish has nearly come true as well, but because she left before Noel said that, I’m not sure she heard that bit. Unless she already knows this herself. Clearly the Disc thing doesn’t give off a good vibe, but she’s an alien so she doesn’t pick up on that.

A good portion of this ep is dedicated to the Festival as that’s the core point of the ep, but there are other surrounding things that are worth noting too. Noel announces to Nonoka that she’ll be coming to the Festival as well, something Nonoka wasn’t expecting because of what Noel said last week about how “things get bad” when she’s away from the Disc. And get bad they do. The following day is mostly just the four of them, along with the help of other students, building the planetarium and getting ready for the Festival. I was actually expecting the planetarium to be a lot bigger of a thing, something that would take up a large portion of the room as well, but in contrast it’s pretty small and only has enough room for a couple of people inside. Maybe I’m thinking too much about Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete here and was expecting this to happen as well, but the girls didn’t dress up as maids either. I’m not sure if that was ever mentioned as to happening, but they did have food there and in every other anime the girls always dress as maids at some point.

During this whole Festival set up part there also is a quick scene with Shione, showing what she’s up to. Turns out she’s packing up stuff, not in a putting stuff she’s not using away type of packing up, but by the looks of it, packing to move out. She’s on the phone with her father during this part and she mentions wanting to be somewhere as soon as possible. I guess the whole Noel being the Disc really sent her packing, and for real too. We come back to Shione later as well, this time in a more important scene. While packing up some books she runs across one titled “Mysterious Supernatural Encyclopedia” and that makes her remember to back in the day. Flashback time!

So this part really weirded me out. These are kids we’re talking about here, from the looks of it in the 10 years old range, and they have a book about mysterious supernatural stuff. What kinda kid has a book like that? What’s more is that we get a quick look inside it and it’s honestly pointing towards demon summoning for real. We see a couple pictures of stars, hand holding, circles and instructions on how to call a Disc. They’re actually calling demons here! What the fuck?! So for some reason a younger Shione has this book and shows it to Nonoka, who totally wants to try it out too. What’s more is that she’s able to talk Koharu, Yuzuki and Souta into it as well. Shione’s flashback ends with her smiling and looking quite cute actually.

The next day is finally time for the Festival to happen. The planetarium is built, Koharu has the Disc Cakes, Yuzuki has made some signs to help point people in the right direction and everyone is excited for it. We have one more flashback to the demon summoning circle. Holding hands Shione says that they each need to wish for something when they do the demonic chant, that way it increases the chances of the Disc actually appearing. Back in the present, Nonoka, Yuzuki, Koharu, Souta and Noel are bussing into town, Noel so excited to be seeing something new. Although once she enters the tunnel, she’ll be away from the Disc, meaning the chances of something bad happening are pretty high now. But what could it be?

The Festival scene is pretty much what you expect; Nonoka and Noel going around and looking at things, eating stuff and enjoying themselves. It also becomes a pressing issue that Shione isn’t there, even though Nonoka keeps insisting she’ll be there. Honestly she needs to learn that sometimes things just don’t always work out that way. When word finally comes around to them that Shione is absent that day (obviously) Nonoka decides to go to her house to see her. Along the way though she sees Shione walking, so she follows her and confronts her. Here they have an all out conversation, Nonoka trying to put an end to the silliness.

In the end nothing is actually accomplished from their interaction, aside from Shione basically repeating herself in saying she hates Nonoka, doesn’t want to hang out with them, doesn’t want her to use her first name when addressing her, and can’t smile and have a good time like them. We heard all this before and everything was fixed in the last ep, so honestly I’m not sure why Shione has to be such a bitch about this and continue the stupid teenage drama. Saying her final goodbye Shione leaves a crying Nonoka standing in the park, a couple playing kids looking on at their argument.

The final scene shows how “things get bad” when Noel leaves the vicinity of the Disc. Having gone to look for Nonoka after she failed to come back with Shione, Noel somehow ends up in the same park where Nonoka and Shione had just finished their argument. Somehow Shione didn’t see Noel, nor Noel see Shione, but Nonoka notices Noel stumbling around in the grass before collapsing to the ground, unconscious. Welp, guess she’s running low on charge. The ep ends there too.

So on a whole this ep served as not really accomplishing anything because it was all lost in the last bit of ep 8. Shione is back to her usual self, Nonoka is still hopelessly optimistic, Noel is her usual alien self, we learned that the kids summoned demons when they were younger, and for some reason Shione is moving away. At this point Sora no Method has lost common sense and actually is heading in the Glasslip direction, something I was sure wasn’t going to happen. I just want this to end now as I’m moving into the done territory for this anime. Winter anime PVs are coming out and the hype is growing, so I want see something new and not this anymore. I was under the impression that maybe Sora no Method was going to be something good but in the end it’s failed to live up to my expectations and it’s getting painful to watch. I won’t drop it as it’s just a few weeks away from conclusion, but I just wish it’d get legit exciting for once.

Maybe this is a tipping point for it, much like Glasslip ep 9 was for me. After watching Sorameso ep 9, what were your thoughts? Enjoying it still? Starting to get fed up with it as well? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

At the time of writing this, Selector Spread WIXOSS ep 9 has not yet been released from Asenshi, their Thanksgiving break delaying that release. When it is out there, hopefully in the next while, I’ll get to work on that review and have it up soon. After that it’ll be ep 10 of Amagi Brilliant Park later on in the week. Here’s what to expect from Sora no Method next Sunday.

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Cya next time!

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