When Latifa’s castle gets put into high security mode, it’s up to Muse, Koboli, Salama and Sylphy to save the day! That is, if they don’t die in the process.

Here’s my review!

Finally the spotlight shines on the four lovely fairies of Amaburi. I’m sure since they were first introduced you’ve wanted an ep featuring them, well KyoAni has answered that prayer of yours. I hope you liked it too. While they’re a dance unit, one would think they work well together, but as seen in a few eps ago Sylphy seemed to have the dance moves down while the rest of them were faltering. Well time didn’t make the situation better and they’re still not working well together.

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In an effort to get them working as a team, Latifa invites them to her castle for a meal. While Muse tries to get everyone excited for it, Salama could hardly care less, Sylphy is… well her usual self, and Koboli is trying to also get into it as well. Seemingly this is all part of some huge plan by Latifa, because she suddenly says she needs to go get some more sauce for the meal, this leaving the room. But before she does, Latifa mentions a certain button for them not to push because something bad happens. Leaving the girls alone now of course the button must be pushed as this wouldn’t be an episode without it.

After stumbling around the button is pushed the the castle is sent into a high security mode, sealing off all the doors and windows and activating massive cannons to shoot anything that approaches the castle. It’s first victim is the park security guard Ookuro. Sorry bud. Macron and Tiramie also try to launch a counter attack to take back the castle but they fail as well, the cannons having unmatched accuracy and massive firepower as well. Back in the command center Isuzu briefs Seiya on the situation and what must be done in order to fix the problem. The security mode will deactivate in 24 hours though so Isuzu suggests they wait it out, but Seiya sees a huge problem in that. Being Saturday tomorrow, there are bound to be lots of people, and with the castle in high security mode lots of those people will get killed by the cannons. The only way to stop the bloodshed would be to close the park all day and wait till the castle is back to normal at 9PM. But if they do that then they lose a whole day of would be guests, thus halting the progress towards the desired number.

After Moffle’s failed aerial attack Isuzu then reads out there is an emergency shut down switch inside. Thanks Isuzu, couldn’t you have read that out sooner? Maybe half of the park staff would still be alive then. Anyways for this emergency shut down switch to be pushed, all four of the fairies have to work together to achieve this goal. After calling the fairies and telling them the plan, it’s up to the four of them to descend the staircase into the depths of the castle and turn off the defense system. What they don’t expect is that to reach the emergency shut off switch, they’ll have to pass 4 challenges first that require them to work as a team.

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First up is a karaoke challenge. To pass this challenge they must get a combined total of 300 points before they can move on. If they fail they get punished. What’s kinda strange about this is why 300 points? There are 4 of them so logically they should have to work towards 400 total points; what’s more is that each score counter goes up to 100 points for each person, so everything points to 400 total points being the number to get, but I guess not. Just to break this down, for them to get the 300 points total, that means everyone has to score at least 75 points. Muse, Koboli and Sylphy each sing and pass with lots of points to spare, but Salama isn’t good at singing at all and fails terribly. The total break down of their points is pictured and you can see what Muse is clearly the best singer of the group. After being punished for failing, they go again. This time Muse goes last and scores 100 points to make up for Salama’s low score. Adding the score up it’s 301, challenge cleared. On to the next one.

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Next up is a dancing competition, something they should be better as as they’re all dancers. Well no, not exactly. Muse and Salama do pretty well, Sylphy aces it but Koboli fails. Turns out Koboli’s not good at dancing. Their punishment is having flour (yes like for baking) dumped on them. Strange punishment but whatever. Going again they fail once more. Third time is a charm though as Sylphy proves she’s not just an air head but can actually dance really well. With high scores from everyone they’re able to pass the second challenge. On to the next one!

Challenge 3 is a typing one. Salama wins big time because of always being on her phone. Koboli and Sylphy do moderately well too, but Muse fails hard. After being punished a couple of times Salama goes all out and scores 150 points, more and they match the 300 points needed to pass. Wow, close one!

Finally they reason the last challenge, which I found a bit strange and… sadistic. Each one enters a metal cylinder and has a screen in front of them. On the screen is a choice they have to make: one of them must die. The trick is simple though as if each person gets one vote or less, then it will mean no one dies. In order to do this they all have to vote for themselves. Simple enough but Muse almost decides to pick Salama, but then remembers how she helped her out in the typing challenge. Moved by the will to preform on the stage with everyone, Muse picks herself, stopping the large drill about to go into the top of her head.

Beating all the challenges they deactivate the security system, but more importantly they become a tighter group and are able to preform better. We end the ep with them on stage, performing their new routine and nailing it perfectly. The crowd is happy and the girls are happy as well. All’s well that ends well. But we can’t end the ep without a final scene that’ll leave us scratching our heads. Over cups of tea, Isuzu informs Latifa that things are all going well and they’re getting lots of guests. Latifa then mentions that they might have a miracle in store after all, before following up the statement by telling Isuzu to “keep that thing a secret” from Seiya. Now I’m guessing she’s referring the miracle here meaning there must be something involved with this miracle that Seiya might not agree with should he know. But as always, we’ll have to wait till next week to see what Latifa is talking about.

Much like last week I enjoyed this ep a lot, it was another enjoyable experience but also I liked that it put the spotlight on the fairies as we don’t see them enough. We learn a bit about them too, hearing that they’ve only been together for 6 months so they’re not as tight a unit as they should be. After their adventure in today’s ep though I think they’ll work well together now to accomplish their goal of being better at entertaining the guests.

I’ll end it here. 9 eps in and 4 left, KyoAni has done a top notch job thus far and I’m looking forward to the remaining eps quite a bit. If you’re watching Amaburi as well, what are your thoughts on it so far? Agree when I say Isuzu is such a babe and totally the best girl? Let me know in the comments below!

As Asenshi is delayed with Selector Spread this week, Sora no Method might be the next review you see me post, but I’ll see how  things go. Until then, here what to expect next week on Amaburi.

[Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 09 [5B251785].mkv_snapshot_24.08_[2014.11.28_22.13.55]

I’ll cya next time!

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Just wow! The Elementario Fairies looks absolutely stunning here! This is one artist you really should follow on Pixiv.
Just wow! The Elementario Fairies looks absolutely stunning here! This is one artist you really should follow on Pixiv.

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