Man down! Seiya has come down with the summer cold and his school attendance is threatened because of this! If he’s going for a perfect record here he’s going to need a plan, or… maybe just a little bit of magic.

Here’s my review!

Wasting no time getting into the action, Seiya is down and out within the first 30 seconds of the ep. It’s nothing more than a summer cold, something you can get over in a couple of days, but as the park can still function without him managing it, his school life can’t be put on hold. But as luck would have it, a solution would end up presenting itself to him in a very… strange manner.

While resting in the infirmary Isuzu comes to visit, presumably to talk about park matters, but instead of that she climbs up on the bed, getting very up close and personal with Seiya. Mounting him she begins to say she can no longer settle for being just a secretary, that she wants to tell him her true feelings for him. Stuck between the wall and Isuzu, Seiya frantically tries to figure out what’s happening, when suddenly Tiramie bursts out, Isuzu’s body deflating like a balloon. What?

Well remember back to last week when Macaron was inspecting Isuzu, well it turns out that it wasn’t really Isuzu he was inspecting, rather a magical body suit similar to the ones worn by the Digerries. What’s interesting here is something you probably didn’t notice about that after credit scene in last week’s ep as this suit was being inspected; watch it again and you’ll notice the top of Isuzu’s head isn’t shown, why? Well as it’s shown this time, there is a giant zipper tag sticking out on top of her head, something impossible not to notice. So while it’s great for pranking people, as Macaron and Tiramie were doing, this is also a sure fire way to make it appear Seiya is still at school even though he’s really not. I wouldn’t call this a “good” idea as everything about it is terrible, but nonetheless they go ahead with it.

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Day One: Isuzu takes a spin in the body suit, living the day in Seiya’s… skin, so to speak. While en-route to school she meets up with Shiina, who is slightly flustered speaking with Seiya like this. She reveals that normally he doesn’t really speak with her, something that doesn’t sit well with Isuzu. The day gets better as Isuzu discovers a love letter in the shoe locker. Turns out the girl went for it to be to another boy, not him so when Isuzu goes to the location (behind the gym, classic, or maybe cliché…?) the girl waiting back there, Kanae Tsuchida, isn’t expecting him. Apologizing for the mistake the two part ways, although Kanae alludes she might have feelings for Seiya after all.


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Day Two is Macaron’s day, something he’s looking forward to quite a bit as he used to be a gang leader back in high school and enjoyed his youth quite a bit. While in class Macaron causes quite as scene as he’s lounging around, eating food and reading a magazine. Too fed up with class he “asks” to go to the infirmary but instead crashes outside on the lawn for a nap. Shiina once again runs into him there where they chat it up a bit before Macaron turns her off with the mention of smoking and slot machines. Overhearing a conversation between Kanae and the guy she was trying to ask out before, Kimura, Macron figures they need his sage advice on love and getting girls, but he only makes the situation worse. After nearly starting a fight in the process, Macaron gives a few wise words to Kanae, only furthering her interest in him though.

Day Three is Tiramie who is nothing but trouble. His womanizing ways land him in serious trouble with Kanae as well as Shiina who they run into along the way. This only sets the stage for Day Four which is Moffle’s day. Things fly out of control as Seiya and Isuzu are both called out behind the gym by the friends of Kanae. They charge Seiya with forcible taking advantage of Kanae and demand an apology from him. Moffle coming from a military back ground complies without a hesitation, but that only angers the girls thinking he’s making fun of them. As we found out in ep 3 Moffle hates being called a rip off, so when this girls refers to him as that, well then there’s no stopping him.

Interestingly enough, as Moffle vents out anger over this he gives us some clues to his past which is while interesting to know, but weird the longer you think about it. He mentions the woman he loved running off and marring his enemy before returning to him 10 years later to ask him to look after her child. Isuzu speaks up here asking if he’s referring to Latifa’s mother, which judging by his reaction it is. Ugh. Anyways as things reach a critical point, Kimura shows up, saying Seiya was actually doing all this to help him get together with Kanae. Saving the day here, Kanae’s friends believe the story and let Seiya off the hook.

We later find out that it was the real Seiya in another magic body suit pretending to be Kimura as Shiina called him in to hopefully settle the problem. Wow, props to Shiina for thinking on the ball like that, she really came through. The ending of the ep has Seiya and Latifa enjoying a slice of cake on her roof top garden; they’re joined by Isuzu who doesn’t really get much to say as Seiya and Isuzu are having a pretty lively conversation, something that bothers Isuzu quite a bit. By now it’s very obvious she has feelings for him, but it’s also very obvious that Isuzu doesn’t know how to express herself that well, so she’s forced to sit and watch situations like this unfold in front of her. Before we end the ep we stop in quickly with Muse as she’s practicing dance moves but not doing too well. I guess next time we’ll have an ep centered on her.

All in all I enjoyed this week’s ep as it was a break from the park and a breath of fresh air. We also get to see some school life here, something Amaburi hasn’t had any of yet. While there isn’t really much in the way of story progressing events, it’s nice to take a break from the story once and a while and just have a fun ep about something else for a change. We do get that moment near the end where a visibly disappointed Isuzu sits watching Seiya and Latifa talk like close friends; I hope that Isuzu can get her act together and say something to him because at this rate someone else might make a move first.

I’ll end it here this time around. After ep 8 Amaburi is continuing to prove KyoAni still has it in them to make quality stuff. I’m glad this one has remained consistently good week in and week out as it really makes for something to look forward to each week.

Up next I’ll be back with another review of Amaburi as ep 9 is right around the corner. After that it’ll be more battling with Selector Spread WIXOSS before taking to the sky again with Sora no Method. Here’s what to expect next time on Amagi Brilliant Park though.

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I’ll cya next time!

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