Can the problem named Shione finally be solved, or is it all for naught?

Here’s my review!

So maybe this is finally the week that the whole gang gets back together. Shione has agreed to come watch the meteor shower, so that’s looking like a step in the right direction. Now with this progress Nonoka states they’re going to enter the Hokubi Festival, something that she thinks will be what’s needed to get Shione back to being her friend again.

While this whole thing is to break Shione out of her shell, they’re going to need her on board for this to work too, so leave it to Koharu, the level headed girl to talk Shione into helping them. At this time Yuzuki and Nonoka are in the process of filling out the form needed to acquire the funds to enter this festival, and shockingly they get the funds almost instantly. To further help Shione along in breaking her out of her shell, Yuzuki informs her she’s written her name down in the application, meaning she’s now officially registered with them. Um, that’s forgery Yuzuki.

With the funds in hand the 5 of them head out to do some shopping for the materials they need to enter the festival. In a rare scene, Shione and Souta have a conversation that’s pretty meaningful. Honestly it feels like Souta’s been just manning the store for the past few eps and hasn’t really gotten out and done anything yet. Seeing him actually doing stuff now, especially talking to Shione, is good as now all the characters are finally involved. We also find out that they plan on making a planetarium, which of course I instantly thought of Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete, as that’s what they’ve been trying to do for the past while. Hopefully though things don’t end up like how they are in Waremete at this moment.

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Supplies bought and the 5 of them back at the school, they call it a day for now and promise to come back tomorrow to keep working. Even Shione, who was very hesitant about it all plans on making a return the next day to continue helping them along in the building of the planetarium. Returning home for the day the four of them, minus Shione, are met by Noel at the bus stop. Yuzuki is over joyed to see the cute girl again and goes on hugging her, but Koharu offers her a ticket to the Hokubi Festival, something Yuzuki was hoping to do. While both her and Souta also give her tickets, Nonoka hold off, even though it was in her hand behind her back. As Nonoka and Noel walk home, Noel goes on to explain how happy she is about the tickets, but saddened because she can’t go. Much like last week, Noel can’t leave town because of being the Disc, claiming “things get bad” when she does. That’s sparked my interest now, what exactly is she talking about? How bad could they be? Also, from the way she phrased it, it sounds like she’s done this before to know that things will get bad. Hmm? What has Noel been up to then? Off scouting for when the invasion happens?

The next day has the test run of the machine that will create the starry sky effect, but it’s a test run that ends in smoke and flames. Literally. As they talk over Disc Cookies courtesy of Koharu, the topic ends up back at the Disc as it usually does. While they talk openly about how they called the Disc and such, Shione asks the question: did they really call it? Wasting no time to hear an answer from anyone she up and leaves, Nonoka calling after her but to no avail. The rest of the middle bit of the ep is mellow, not much happening aside from a length flashback with Nonoka telling Noel that she’s leaving soon and asks her to tell Shione they’re still going to see the meteor shower as Nonoka will only be gone a short time. We also see the follow up conversation to that as well, Noel telling Shione about Nonoka and how she’ll be right back.

Once again another case of characters missing each other by mere seconds as Nonoka is boarding the bus into town while Shione is exiting from the other door. Nonoka is of course going back to the school to continue working, but Shione is going to the observatory to see Noel. Why? Well she gives her a ticket too (as if she didn’t have enough already) but much like what happened earlier on, Noel makes it clear that she can’t go, even stating that she’s the Disc. Okay so this is where the fridge horror begins as Shione lets that comment sail over her, not even flinching at it. Noel has just revealed to the second person that she’s the Disc, but Shione gives no reaction to this. While this is quite strange it got me also thinking that maybe Shione already knew, but as a later scene would answer that, I’d be then left with the question: why didn’t Shione react when Noel told her this. Anyways Shione’s fridge horror will be frozen by time until the end of the ep where it finally clicks, the revelation horrifying her.

There is a touching moment here after Shione says once again that Nonoka is a liar; Noel is adamant that she’s not a liar, that Nonoka did keep her promise, even if it was seven years late, she did come back. What the real issue here is  that Shione is just afraid of putting her trust in Nonoka again as she fears it’ll only end in heartache once more. A flashback of a younger Shione shows us her waiting through the ages for Nonoka’s return also shows us how she became so bitter over time. Honestly there is a valid reason for her to be upset, I mean Nonoka did just up and go, leaving her hanging for seven years, so I can understand why she’d be upset about it.

Returning to the school with the new found energy gained from Noel, Shione faces Nonoka, finally ready to bury the hatchet. After a shaky start, the conversation finally gets going and Nonoka explains how she forgot the town and everyone in it shortly after she left. It’s not the same explanation we got in the last ep as Nonoka doesn’t mention her forgetting was because of her mother’s death, but she keeps the conversation centered on her promise with Shione. After finally hearing it straight from Nonoka, Shione realizes how wrong she was, jumping to the conclusion that Nonoka had forgotten her and the promise on purpose. Embracing her tightly, both girls shed tears before making up, finally settling the seven year problem and becoming friends once more.

All’s well that ends well I guess. Well, no it’s not over yet. Remember that fridge horror, well it’s about to thaw now. Lying on her bed that night, Shione is hugging the pillow given to her by Noel as she thinks back to her conversation with her earlier, suddenly remembering Noel say she is the Disc. Sitting up in bed Shione looks extremely distraught, her once cheerful and happy self now gone once more. This carries on over into the next day as when she arrives at school and says she can no longer be friends with Nonoka.

So while this ep finally solves the Shione problem, it’s once again back where it started by the ending. Seemingly nothing got fixed. Sure Noel and Nonoka both voiced what the needed to, helping Shione come to terms with everything, but I guess Noel being the Disc really hit her too hard. Maybe she’s worried now that Noel might leave her suddenly or maybe just the fact Noel is an alien. Meaning she was getting all friendly and hugging an alien. Yeah I’d be scared too.  Either way Shione is quite shaken up by this and we’ll have to wait until next Sunday to see how it’s going to play out.

All in all I liked this ep as Shione had her problems solved, but then having them dashed at the end was something I wasn’t expecting. I’m sure we’ll get more on this in the next ep, but honestly all the progress, hugging and tears shed, what was it all worth now? Also, how does Noel being the Disc affect the relationship between Shione and Nonoka? Like why can’t they be together now that Shione knows the truth about Noel? And has Noel left town before to know that things will get bad? All these questions and hopefully the answers I want await us next week. So if you’re watching Sora no Method still, how have you been enjoying it so far? Has it lived up to your expectations? What do you think is coming down the pipe in terms of plot? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Up next is the long delayed Amagi Brilliant Park ep 8 review, which will be followed up with the ep 9 review come Friday. Once again I’m sorry for it taking this long, I’m currently waiting for the usual sub group Vivid to sub it, but they’re very delayed at the moment. They hope to have it out soon, so once it is I’ll watch it and get to writing. Keep it locked to my Twitter if you want updates on that. So to get you hyped for next Sunday, here’s what to expect!

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I’ll cya next time!

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