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So apparently just when you thought you’d seen it all, just when things were finally starting to “make sense” they throw yet one more curve ball just to keep you guessing. This week’s Selector Spread ep left me reeling as more shocking revelations were brought to light, furthering the ever pressing question of: can this be fixed? While there is a very dim light at the end of the tunnel, one must realize that this tunnel is going upwards on a crazy sharp angle and the weight is making the already slow progress slide back down the tracks. Ruuko, Hitoe and Yuzuki know what they need to do, but then as we saw last week Iona dropped the bomb that Tama and her are Mayu’s children, slowing up the process a bit. This week the bombs keep dropping as the truth about Mayu is finally coming to light.

So starting off right where we left last week with Iona getting punished by Mayu, the revelations are already rolling out and we’re not even a minute into this ep yet. We know that both Tama and Iona are Mayu’s children, but Iona goes a step further when she says she’s Mayu herself. What? At least wait till the OP rolls before you drop bombs like that, Iona! Either way this is now out in the open and Mayu is quite enraged with all this, having her secrets spilled. Once “world’s end, girl’s rondo” is finished, we can get back to the action. Iona continues the info dump as she explains about Mayu and her past.

Since birth Mayu has been alone because of an undisclosed medical condition. She’s lived her whole life in one solitary room, never setting foot outside in the world. She’s never talked with anyone else, never played with any other kids, never had friends, she’s never lived like normal. It’s also mentioned that she doesn’t know who she is either. While she was alone for the most part, it is shown that a maid would often bring her new toys and books to occupy her, but honestly playing along isn’t fun, especially at her age. But one day after reading a book she came to the realization that there was a whole other world out there, one filled with other people, kids her age to play with, things and stuff to do, but in her current condition it wasn’t looking like she would be getting there anytime soon. But then something happened, a new thing was brought in for her to play with: a deck of WIXOSS cards. White Hope, to be exact.

But like most card games, WIXOSS requires 2 people to play it, so once again Mayu was stuck. Determined to play this game, Mayu did the only thing she could: create imaginary friends to play it with. Shiro, the Girl of Light (Tama) and Kuro, the Girl of Darkness (Iona) where the two she created. She began to play WIXOSS now with Shiro and Kuro, but to the maid who brought the books, toys and medicine, all she saw was that Mayu had finally cracked and lost it.

From this moment Mayu began a game, one that would begin the Selector battles in turn. Still in her imaginary world, Mayu created the battles where two girls would fight for a wish. If one of them won, she’d turn into the LRIG and her LRIG would come out to the real world to grant the wish. If one of them lost though, her wish would be flipped and the exact opposite would happen, as we saw with Hitoe and Akira. Thus it was born. What I’m confused with though is that WIXOSS began in Mayu’s mind, but somehow it shifted to the real world? This raises questions and I can think of two possible answers to them.

1: Mayu has a strange power that somehow sent both Shiro and Kuro out into the real would where they met up with girls, Selectors, and began the endless cycle.


2: Everything that’s happening is in Mayu’s mind still, meaning absolutely nothing is real at all.

Honestly this wasn’t explained fully but I’m hoping that it will be in the coming eps. This is there I welcome theories in the comments section as I’m baffled about all this right now. Theory 1 seems good, Mayu’s been lock up for so long that somehow she got powers and made them come to life for others (okay now that sounds too far out). But at the same time theory 2 is extremely plausible as well. I mean one day Kuro just wakes up and she’s become a LRIG for another girl, there isn’t any indication that the WIXOSS deck was taken out of Mayu’s room and resold or given away, so that’s why theory 2 seems like an actual possibility even more. Not to mention Mayu’s wish as well, that being revenge on the world and everyone in it for being free and able to wish. Honestly that’s kinda a bit much. Just because everyone else is free and you’re stuck in a room, you don’t have to hate the world for that. Every single living person didn’t account for you being stuck there, so there shouldn’t be a reason to hate everyone. But as Mayu’s clearly not in the right frame of mind, to her it works fine.

Okay, lets talk about the second half of this ep now. So not to confuse myself and you after the first bit, but Iona opens up the B-Part talking about how she and Tama are the only two LRIGs left from Mayu’s imagination and after a string of wins, Iona became human, where she met Ulith. Okay then… so where does this leave us in the theory department now? Is theory 1 back to being something possible? Does Mayu have the power to make LRIGs real for other people or are we still tripping through Mayu’s vivid imagination now?

Iona explains that her lot in life is to keep battling, becoming a human, then LRIG, then human again, the LRIG and so on. Okay so now another question I’ve got, why does Ulith look like Kuro (Iona) when Mayu first created her? As if this wasn’t confusing enough, there’s that too. I wondered that as it’s another thing not touched on either. I mean even when she was a human Ulith still looked like Kuro, then when she became a LRIG, she really looked like Kuro then. But then again it’s mentioned that everyone is just a doll to Mayu, so could that appearance chance just be Mayu molding things to her liking? I DON’T KNOW AND IT’S FUCKING KILLING ME TO WRITE THIS! I’VE GOT TOO MANY QUESTIONS AND NO ANSWERS TO THEM! I JUST WANNA FUCKING KNOW WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS EVEN GOING ON NOW!

Sorry, this is just hard to write.

If you’ve followed along close enough so far then you should be fine from here on in. Iona now mentions, as if this wasn’t confusing enough, that the more she battled the more seriously she took each battle and started to feel alive, like she had a body and soul. So once again now… are they real or is this still in Mayu’s mind? Iona goes on to explain stuff we already know, how she wanted to find the best Selector, Ruuko, and keep battling like she wanted to, but Ruuko wasn’t up for battling anymore. Iona felt that the cycle might end here, but then Ruuko took her to Level 5 against Futase Fumio and Iona then realized it wasn’t over yet.

Ah man… why can’t this end…? After some talking, Iona and Tama agree that the way to end this endless cycle is to convince Mayu stop the current situation and free all the girls who have become LRIGs. After all, Tama did say she think she’s knows how to fix things, being that she’s Mayu’s light. But first things first, to make any of this happen they’ll need to beat Ulith so they can get Tama back, and that’s not going to be easy because not only is it Ulith’s turn next, but she’s now taken Tama to Level 5 as well, matching Iona. Losing her cute loli appearance Tama’s outfit has changed, her hair is now black, her eyes red, and the drive to kill the only thing on her mind.

Calling out a heavy attack, Tama deals Iona some huge damage, actually flying over and beating the shit out of Iona with her hands. Wow, pretty crazy now! Finishing Iona off now, Tama’s attack not only takes down Iona but it also destroys the table Ruuko was sitting at and even knocks her to the ground too. I didn’t think the Selectors got involved in the battle that way, but then again I wasn’t expecting any of this to happen. Returning to her normal form after that, Tama stands atop the carnage, horrified she she’s hurt not only Iona by Ruuko as well. But just as it’s sinking in the extent what she’s done, the battle ends with Ulith victorious.

So while it’s also not touched on what happens to Hitoe, after all she was still tied to a chair back in the real world, we end the ep with Ulith and Akira standing on a walk-way over the street. Now just really quickly with Akira, during the whole battle/info dump session she was still huddled in the corner losing her mind for the time. The fact her Ulith was now showing someone else with attention didn’t bide well for her, so after the battle is over and everyone is back in the real world, Akira sees a pen lying on the ground beside her, so she picks it up.

Back to the walkway now. Both Ulith and Akira are standing there, Ulith going on about how great that battle felt and such, Akira is way past the tipping point now, so still having the pen on her, she proceeds to stab Ulith in the side. Akira loves her to death, literally.

So we end the ep there, lots having happened but my mind a jumble of questions and theories as to what’s going to happen now. I’m confused as hell as to if everything happening is real or a dream and just want to have some answers to all this. Throughout the ep there are points where a theory is presented seems logical, but then the conversation continues and suddenly the other theory is presented, cancelling out the previous one and making the current one seem logical. I’m not sure what to think now other than I need ep 9 this instant and the fact I have to wait a week will drive me crazy.

Okay, let’s end this review now. I liked this ep a lot, it was exciting, had lots of info in it and the tension is insane. But the fact there are so many theories presented now as to what exactly going on, I’m hoping like hell that J.C. Staff can bring closure to all this in the remaining 5 eps. I’ve got confidence they can but it’s going to be a tough task to make it happen. So if you’re watching Selector Spread WIXOSS as well, what are your thoughts on this ep? Seriously I’d love to hear something else aside from my theories. You know where to find the comment section, so leave something there if you want to.

At the time of writing this Vivid has not released Amagi Brilliant Park ep 8, so that’s why the review for it isn’t out yet. As things are now I’m going ahead with Sora no Method ep 8 and aim to have that review hopefully written and posted tomorrow. Whether or not I do, well let’s get there and see. As for Selector Spread WIXOSS ep 9, here’s what to expect!

[Asenshi] selector spread WIXOSS - 08 [20BDEE6E].mkv_snapshot_23.38_[2014.11.22_19.40.16]

I’ll cya next time!

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