This week on Sora no Method we take a break from the Disc as Nonoka makes a visit to her mother’s grave.

Here’s my review.

So after the hot springs trip of last week, things are going well. Nonoka and Yuzuki are back to being friends now, Shione is still her usual self, and Noel, well she’s just wrecking things now. We start off at the Disc Shoppe where Koharu works, Noel is being cute like she always is but still making such a mess. It’s like in Episode V when Luke first meets Yoda, Yoda keeps making such a goddamn mess of everything. Noel is the same, just not in an old, shriveled or green type of way. So she ends up breaking the monster cut out that Koharu adores so much. Damn it Noel! You’re cuteness can’t save you all the time. Koharu comes out at the very moment, as she’s on her way somewhere, but as Yuzuki and Nonoka are there to pick her up, there isn’t time to deal with the broken arm of the monster. Yuzuki asks if Noel wants to come with them, but unknown to everyone except Nonoka, Noel is an alien, a creature not from this world and can’t leave the Disc. After all she is the Disc. Piling into the car, Nonoka’s father driving, the four of them are off, leaving Noel standing and watching them leave.

After “Stargazer” we’re back with the first half. Boarding a train, Nonoka, Yuzuki and Koharu are off on their trip, the destination at this point not known. While out in the country, Yuzuki can hardly contain her excitement, seeing all these new sights she’s never seen before. Okay quick question to anyone who lives in Japan and reads my blog: is seeing cows a big deal? Because from the way Yuzuki was going on about them, it’s like she’s never seen a picture of them or anything. I’ve been on field trips to farms before, an Island Farms farm, and have seen cows up close and let me tell you, they are a lot bigger than you expect them to be. It’s kinda strange, actually being that up close with another living thing that’s much larger than you. But if you ever get the chance to see a cow up close, it’s kinda a neat thing.

Back with Noel, her home wrecking ways have resulted in the terrible death of the monster. Our hearts go out to the friends and family of that monster. But really Noel, you actually broke the monster in half. I mean not only does he lose an arm, BUT YOU BROKE HIM IN HALF TOO. Ugh, Noel you’re cute and all, and that’s great, but seriously you can be a bit annoying at times. Being stuck once again with manning the shop, Souta now has to fix the monster before everyone comes home. Especially Koharu, as she’ll probably be pissed off that the monster is not in three parts, instead of one.

Meanwhile the three girls are caught in between trains and are forced to wait for an hour. Yuzuki suggests they eat lunch while they wait, so spreading out a picnic blanket, they eat their food on the platform, basking in the sun. Although the conversation is light and upbeat, Nonoka’s mind is somewhere else. It seemed a bit strange that Yuzuki and Koharu question this, as we do find out Nonoka is going to visit her mother’s grave, so obviously her mind would be somewhere else. While this is happening, Souta and Noel are busy fixing up the monster, trying their best to make it look right again. The scenes with them don’t offer much aside from banter between Noel and Souta, so I won’t touch on them.

A train and bus ride later find Nonoka, Yuzuki and Koharu at the cemetery. Nonoka has also picked up flowers along the way too to leave with her mother. Now approaching the grave Nonoka is more visibly vacant, her mind fixed solely on her mother now. But before they arrive at the grave they need to walk from the bus stop to the actual site, something they have a bit of trouble with as the map Nonoka made isn’t the best. Trusting Yuzuki’s words that she can guide them, they end up even more lost and taking a quick stop at Easter Island along the way.

Now at the actual grave site, Nonoka suddenly feels uncomfortable and afraid to see her mother. When asked why by Yuzuki and Koharu, Nonoka goes on to explain that after her mother’s passing she was very broken up about it, as any child would be, so she began to forget about her mother, hoping that by doing so the pain would also go away too. She kept telling herself this over and over again, willing it to go away like it never was, and finally after the years rolled by she slowly began to overcome this. But in doing this she ended up forgetting about everyone else in the process, hence why she didn’t remember Yuzuki, Koharu, Souta, Noel, and Shione. On a side note, what’s kinda strange is that my homework today was about memory and they had a section in there about forgetting. So over a period of time, Nonoka was able to push all those thoughts and memories out until they were gone. This being called suppression, which is different from repression where this act is done “unconsciously”, so to speak. Enough psychology though.

So Nonoka is just unsure that she’s fit to be there to see her mother, fearing that her mother wouldn’t be proud of her for doing this. Honestly she probably does have a point, I mean this is her first time visiting her mother’s grave since her passing, and during that time Nonoka has forgotten all about her and her friends she left behind, so it makes sense she’d feel this way. Yuzuki and Koharu are able to talk Nonoka out of this mind set though, helping her to see that the fact she’s made it this far to the grave is a sign she’s made up her mind to face her fears and over come this mental roadblock. And just a side note, the music in this scene added to the emotion as well, the track being a piano version of the ED. I look forward to hearing the OST for Sora no Method as the music really does carry the mood quite well, especially in the emotional scene.

The next scene brings some light to Shione and Nonoka, and the relationship between them. Even though she said she wasn’t going to come, Shione visits Nonoka’s mother’s grave anyways. Yuzuki  and Koharu have gone ahead so they run into her first, telling her she should stay and talk with Nonoka; but being cold as always, she walks off. Somehow Nonoka and Shione miss each other, although I’m not sure how as they both would’ve had to walk the same way to get to the grave. Either way Nonoka just misses her, but calls out in hopes she might still be in ear shot telling her that she wants to watch a meteor shower with her at some point. Now we find out that it was actually Nonoka’s mother who introduced her to Shione one night as they were going out for some stargazing.

After a few more words of encouragement, Yuzuki and Koharu leave Nonoka alone for a bit with her mother. During this part we cut back over to her father back at home, he’s looking at the picture of his wife over a cup of coffee, saying he’s sorry he couldn’t be there this year, but sent Nonoka instead. Saying her goodbye’s and thanking her, Nonoka leaves, happy that she was able to overcome the roadblock stopping her.

The ending bit is also my favorite part of this ep, once again the music playing a huge part in it. Now back in town, Nonoka is determined to go find Shione, so Yuzuki and Koharu tell her they’ll meet up with her when she’s finished. Running off to the water front she hopes to find her there, as we see in an earlier shot Shione sitting there visited by Noel, but when Nonoka arrives she’s now gone. Noel arrives once again, bringing the whole group with her and tells her that Shione said she’d come see the meteor shower. We end the ep there with a hope that maybe Shione and Nonoka will finally put aside their troubles and be friends again in the coming eps. But that’s for another time.

So overall I enjoyed this ep, the feels rolling out finally. Now while it was emotional enough, I felt it should’ve been a bit more so. I’m not sure what exactly they could’ve done to accomplish this, but I felt it was just lacking a bit. Maybe it’s just me, but I wasn’t feeling the feels as much as I wanted to. It’s still a good ep, builds on the Shione-Nonoka relationship so that was good to see. I’m hoping that Shione is finally starting to overcome her thoughts of Nonoka being a liar and by agreeing to watch the meteor shower with her, that will be a step in the right direction. We can only hope so though as we wait till Sunday.

Here we are at ep 7 and I’m enjoying Sorameso a lot. Sure it’s a slower paced anime but there isn’t anything wrong with that. There are still 5 more eps left so where is plenty of time for things to happen; the main issue is just getting Shione squared away with and solving that seven year problem. So if you’re watching this one as well, what are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next we’re back to the park to find out what’s going on now with Amagi Brilliant Park ep 8, then we’ll continue the misery in Selector Spread WIXOSS ep 8. But here’s what to expect on Sunday’s ep of Sora no Method.

[HorribleSubs] Sora no Method - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_23.37_[2014.11.19_02.29.44]

I’ll cya next time!

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