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Leaving us on the cliffhanger last week, Selector Spread picks up right there is left off. Ulith has entered the room, ready for battle against Ruuko. To my surprise though, Ulith isn’t all that pleased with Akira and how she caught Hitoe, seeing it as too crude and flawed. To let this be known, Ulith opens up with a rising knee strike to the stomach of Akira, doubling her over in an instant. Ouch, that’s gonna hurt. Picking the school was a bad choice as Akira could’ve been seen dragging Hitoe with her. Ulith is also quite unimpressed by the fact Akira hit Hitoe leaving a bruise on her cheek. As if Ulith wasn’t crazy enough we see another layer to her insanity, as she explains how wounds are best to leave in tender places that are easily hurt. As Ulith is explaining this she’s tracing her hand down the chest of Hitoe, the sudden thought of Ulith hurting Hitoe is those “tender spots” flashing through my mind. Thankfully she doesn’t do that because she was referring to the heart.

Down to business now, Ulith makes her point clear of what she wants to do, that being to break Ruuko and Iona in battle. As Ulith puts it, things of power, beauty, justice, splendor, all things like that she loves to shatter. Things like that shine their best when they’re broken. Ulith goes on to say how much she loves to ruin people, make them suffer while not directly inflicting pain to them, but by shattering their hearts. Ulith is the type of evil that enjoys watching one break down from the inside out, hating them self to the point of wanting to end their life. That’s what she gets off too.

From here we shift into the Ulith back story of why she’s so messed up. Like always it started as she was a kid, still the sadist back then too, but after being caught once she put on a ‘good girl’ look to fool everyone once again. After playing the good girl for so long, Ulith pretty much drove herself crazy as she needed  to fulfill the urge to break someone again. Then one day she met WIXOSS and a LRIG and the chance to break people returned. Now she could not only break people, but destroy any wishes they had too. But what comes as the biggest shock, is when Ruuko asks if her wish was to ruin lives, Ulith says no; her wish is to be a LRIG and live on the battlefield, savoring each moment someone’s heart breaks. Twisted as fuck, but it’s right up her alley. So this is the reason behind Ulith wanting to keep battling, so she can become an LRIG once more and return to the dark battlefield she craves so intently.

So now it’s time, time for Ulith and Tama to face off against Ruuko and Iona. Quite possibly the best battle we’ll see yet. Ruuko sets the wager though, that being if she wins then Hitoe goes free. I’m not sure what would happen if she lost though as that’s not touched on, but seeing how sick and twisted Ulith is I’m sure she’d think up terrible things to do to her.

So before we get any further I’d like to talk for a few moments about Akira and what she’s been doing during this conversation between Ulith and Tama. After being hit in the stomach by Ulith’s knee, Akira spent the remainder of the scene doubled over on her knees. While voicing her disapproval of the bruise inflicted on Hitoe’s cheek, Ulith mentions the word ‘unsightly’ and instantly Akira goes off the deep end. We have this very brief flashback showing a lone figure in the dark walking down the street holding a large knife. We hear a swiping sound and see blood splattering. Putting this and a later scene together, all the info is here as to how Akira got the scar on her face. Just thinking back to season 1 I don’t think we ever saw how she got the scar on her face, we just see her wearing the mask and then the scar. So this is what happened after losing that game to Iona and Ulith (correct me if I’m wrong). But I find this extremely creepy though, because if Akira’s wish was to be pretty/popular/something like that then losing that game set her up to be attacked by a knife wielding man one dark and scary night. The WIXOSS cards really do have the power to make or break wishes, and in Akira’s case they broke her and her wish.

The second half of this ep is the battle part 1. I say part 1 because this was never going to be solved in just this one ep. Now keep in mind that Tama and Iona are both very powerful, but it’s also how good the user is too that make’s or break’s a battle. This time around Ruuko isn’t so emotional, neither is Tama, both are focused on the battle at hand as Hitoe hangs in the balance. Iona can sense what’s happening with Ruuko, that she’s fighting for real now, the fun and games have ended a long time ago. Ruuko is determined to save Hitoe, even if that means Tama has to fall in the process. Both Tama and Ruuko know this and understand the risks, but even so they keep battling, despite Hitoe’s cries for them to stop.

With the battle reaching a high point, Ruuko grows Iona to Level 5, a move Ulith isn’t suspecting. Unleashing her heavy attack, Dark Matter, Ruuko hopes to have secured victory and save Hitoe, but don’t count your blessings too soon. Tama throws up a shield moments before, a strong enough one to withstand any attack. At this point we get the bombs starting to drop. Iona is confirmed to be the Girl of Black and Tama is the Girl of white. What I got wrong in my theory was that when Mayu said they used to be one in the same, she wasn’t referring to one of them once being White/Black. As Iona explains, both the Girl of Black and the Girl of White used to be Mayu. And what’s more, Tama and Iona are her daughters. Angered by the fact Iona has spilled the beans about all this, Mayu punishes her for being a bad girl before the ep ends.

So yeah, shit got real big time. I wasn’t expecting Mayu to be their mother, that totally caught me off guard. So how I see this is that Mayu must have wish for something that created the Girl of White/Black or possibly split herself into the Girl of Black/White then becoming the leader over all the Selector battles. Whatever the case is though things are bad and it looks like Iona and Ruuko might be in for a wild finish to their tilt against Ulith and Tama.

Great stuff this week, I was once again blown away by what J.C. Staff is doing here. Honestly this is just some great story crafting here as things keep spiraling deeper and deeper into darkness and misery. We’ve only got 5 more eps left, but that’s still plenty time for shit to happen. So if you’re watching Selector Spread this season, what are your thoughts on the recent turn of events? Let me know in the comments below, I welcome any theories as well.

Up next we’ll see what Noel and Nonoka are up to in Sora no Method ep 7. Here’s what to expect next week on Selector Spread WIXOSS though!

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