As promised, Amaburi delivers the pool ep complete with swimsuits, pirates, tentacles, and one jaw dropping sexy Isuzu.

Here’s my review!

It’s summer at Amaburi and the pool area is now open to the public. Things are looking great out there too, everyone is playing in the water, enjoying a pool side snack, being entertained by Moffle and co, it’s all fun and games. But even so it’s not enough people there to please Seiya in his quest to save the park. They need something big and exciting to draw more people in. But what? We also see the new folk that were hired in the last ep out there working too, namely Eiko Adachi the ex-AV star, as she works as translator for Moffle, Macaron and Tiramie. I guess being mascots they can’t talk with the guests, although didn’t they do that before?

Isuzu is totally the best girl. Check her out!!
Isuzu is totally the best girl. Check her out!!

This ep also wastes no time in showing us what we were all hoping for, that being Isuzu dressed in a bikini. Well instead of wearing just a bikini, as if that wasn’t sexy enough, she’s dressed as a pirate this time as well. A sexy Isuzu in a pirate themed bikini, complete with hat and long coat too. Thank the fine people at KyoAni for that. Honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect from what Isuzu would be wearing, like I knew it would be something good, but man having my expectations blown out of the water like that, even better. Oh and don’t worry, the Elementario Fairies were also sporting sexy swimming attire as well. We’ll get to that in a bit though, first we have to talk about the sudden appearance of Jaws.

Yes another mascot at Amaburi is Jaw, the aptly named shark. Turns out though that when exposed to water, he suddenly grows very large and has the quality to scare just about anyone. But when out of the water, he’s around Moffle’s size. Because of this happening each time he touches water, Seiya confines him to the mechanical room with Shiina Chuujou, another one of the new recruits.

Now the trouble starts. If we remember back to last week,  at the ending of the ep is showed water starting to leak from behind a large set of doors, well this week you can guess what happens. I for one was curious as to what was behind the doors and thankfully they do answer that, courtesy of a dolphin mascot dressed as a samurai warrior. Turns out behind the gate is a portal that connects the park back with Maple Land, this whole thing was build for transportation purposes for when the actual park was being built. So the question now is: why is water leaking through? Leaving no time for an answer the gate is blown down by the force of the water, Jaw and Shiina getting swept up in the surge. And if things couldn’t get worse, a huge ship starts coming through!

The only decent shot of Latifa in her swimsuit.
The only decent shot of Latifa in her swimsuit.

Up above, and totally oblivious to everything going on below, the show has begun! Isuzu and her gang of pirates, the sexy bikini clad Elementario Fairies, are attacking the guests and it’s up to Moffle and co to fight them off. Sadly though their efforts aren’t enough and Eiko Adachi, who’s pretty much narrating through this ep, calls on the kids to help them out. But just as she calls for the kids to come help out, a huge ship explodes through the ground! Actual pirates are attacking now!

Identified by Moffle as Ironbeard, a notorious pirate from the high seas of Maple Land, Seiya, the mascots, Fairies and Isuzu begin the counter attack, trying their best to keep the guests safe while holding off the pirates. It doesn’t help that Tiramie has joined Ironbeard’s side, damn traitor, or that Latifa and Tricen have been captured either. And just to make matters worse, a blast from the cannon sends Seiya flying into the water and pulled down the hole the ship came from. Forced to surrender now that Latifa has been captured, the pirates begin to celebrate, having the girls serve them drinks and snacks. All the while, even when everyone is sitting captured, the guests still think that everything happening is part of the show, a quite elaborate one, but still fun and games, that’s why they’re all going along with it.

Down under once more, Seiya has survived the plunge and has made it to safety. The engineers meet up with him there too, along with Jaw and Shiina. Now the real counterattack can begin! Up above, the pirates have filled the diving pool with tentacles and are forcing Moffle, Macaron and Isuzu to walk the plank off into them. Usually when tentacles show up in anime it can only mean one thing, and I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about too. Macaron is up first, well down I should say actually, as he falls (quite literally too) for Tiramie’s sweet talk and ends up in a pool of tentacles. Moffle follows, his elaborate escape plan not going exactly has it did in his mind. Lastly we have Isuzu, who is extremely pissed off by now. I don’t think I’ve seen her this angry before because she’s burning, yes with actual flames of anger as she slowly walks out onto the plank, this time Tiramie in front of her.

Yeah, she’s mad.

While this is happening, Seiya and the Digerry Clan have taken control of the pirate ship and are loading the cannons, we see this inter-cut with Isuzu walking out on the plank. The real, actual counter attack now begins as the cannons start firing, disorienting the pirates before the rest of the Digerry Clan come out from manholes leading to the tunnels below. With his numbers not as great anymore, Ironbeard grabs Latifa and tries to make an escape, but Isuzu, using her trusty rifle is able to snipe him from atop the diving tower. Jumping out from the tentacle pit, Moffle and Macaron lead the charge in the fight against the pirates, while the Digerry Clan free the guests and get them to safety.

Aboard the ship while helping load and fire the cannons, Jaw is accidentally loaded into the cannon instead of the cannon ball. Not stopping to pull him out, they fire the cannon, Jaw in it, at the pirates. At that moment the shaved ice cart, along with Biino Bandou (the other new girl, the one who was stabbed (I guess she’s recovered by now)) is rolled into the pool seconds before Jaw hits the water. The strawberry syrup turns the once clear water red and as Jaw expands to his full size, he explodes out from beneath the surface looking very menacing, especially with Biino hanging out of his mouth. Terrified at the sight of this, Ironbeard and his gang of pirates suddenly surrender, the battle now over.

All’s well that ends well, the guests leave the park satisfied with the exciting events they experienced, Seiya orders Ironbeard and his crew to entertain the guests for free, putting Jaw in charge of them, and Isuzu exacts revenge on Tiramie by having Moffle and Macaron toss him into the tentacle pit. Just next time they better check to make sure the rope isn’t by their feet, as Moffle and Tiramie also take another dive into the pit.

We end the ep with Seiya up at the admission counter, checking to see how many people visited the park today. A big number of 689 is there, but Seiya still doesn’t seem pleased with this. Sure it’s good and all, but they’re still quite far away from the goal, and time is still the enemy. To his and my surprise too, Takaya Kurisu, the guy from Amagi Development Company pays Seiya a visit. Damn I don’t like that guy, I have a feeling he’ll be causing a boat load of trouble later, no pun intended.

The final scene is one that honestly makes no sense at all. I was very confused when I saw it the first time and more so the second. I don’t know what to make of it at all as I for one don’t have any theory that explains what happens. The scene is quite short and takes place in the dorms; Macaron is there for “one last check”, where Isuzu suddenly strikes three very sexy poses, to which she gets approval from Macaron. I mean yeah it’s great seeing Isuzu doing sexy poses like that, but I just want to know what was happening in that scene. The title for the next ep is “Not Enough Love” but that could mean a bunch of things, too much actually to properly nail down a viable answer. But like always I’m sure we’ll have the answer next Thursday when ep 8 comes out.

So sexy!
So sexy!

So this was a really fun ep to watch and review. Yeah sure seeing Isuzu in that oh so sexy pirate costume with that red bikini was amazing, but I really liked the overall atmosphere of the ep. It’s hard to really put into exact words but I just had a lot of fun watching this ep, and it’s probably my favorite so far. There are still 6 eps left (it’s going to 13) so there are still 6 more eps that could make me retract that statement of this one being my favorite. At this point I can safely say that my once gone love for KyoAni has returned and I’m so happy Amaburi is turning out to be a fun and enjoyable anime to watch this fall season.

Not as long as Andrew’s review, but I’ll end it here for this week. So after that pool ep what did you guys think? Let me know what you thought of this ep in the comments below!

Up next we’ll face darkness and it’s terrifying depths in Selector Spread WIXOSS ep 7, then soar through the skies in Sora no Method ep 7. And yes, I’ll actually write a review for Sora this week, please excuse my extreme laziness as I reblogged that review instead of writing one myself. I promise I won’t let that happen again unless there is a very good reason for doing so. Anyways here’s what to expect next week!

[Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 07 [2ADADE04].mkv_snapshot_24.08_[2014.11.14_23.13.20]

I’ll cya next time!

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Isuzu looking amazing like always. I really like this pic here.
Isuzu looking amazing like always. I really like this pic here.

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Lovely pic of a sexy Isuzu dressed to kill. Click for the full size!
Lovely pic of a sexy Isuzu dressed to kill. Click for the full size!

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