I guess at this point saying Selector Spread has kicked into high gear would be an understatement. In retrospect, things kicked into high gear months ago back in season 1, yet it’s still wowing me each week. If last week was a little too dialog heavy for you during the second half, this week’s ep will surely fix that. Alright enough intro, let’s start!

Here’s my review!

We open up with a quick recap of last week, Mayu reading aloud about the Girl of White and Girl of Black. At this point, Fumio has become an Eternal Girl and has stepped into the White Garden, where she meets Mayu. What’s interesting is that Mayu says that the Girl of White and Girl of Black were once the same person, meaning if Iona used to be the Girl of White but became the Girl of Black now wanting to be the Girl of White again could be the trouble Mayu was referring to last time.

After “world’s end, girl’s rondo” we’re back with the first half of the ep. Ulith and Akira are at work, their modeling job, once they’re finished a photo shoot for the night Ulith asks to see Akira in her room, clearly she’s planning something here. We’ll return to them later, for now it’s back to Ruuko, Hitoe, Yuzuki, Chiyori and Futase. Ruuko is confused about Iona being the Girl of Black, so she questions her, hoping to get an answer. Iona doesn’t respond though, something clearly wrong with her, although that doesn’t become apparent to Ruuko for a bit. Hitoe also mentions the Girl of White and when she says that, Ruuko suddenly thinks of Tama. Hmm, now this is interesting now. Could Tama be the Girl of White? But then again does that mean she was the Girl of Black at one point as well? I mean Mayu did say they were one in the same, so that means Tama would have to have been the Girl of Black at some point in time. It seems more logical that Iona was once the Girl of White turned Black and now is trying to be White again; but also like Mayu said, if Iona keeps going down that path she’ll become gray instead, somewhere in between.

The next bit is important because it explains about Fumio’s wish and how Futase is granting it. Because she had an encounter with Mayu and Futase, she was able to use that knowledge to write the WIXOSS novels, the reason they were so accurate, but because she had a brief time with them she only had a bit of knowledge she could write with. Fumio’s wish of being a novelist isn’t fully granted until Futase actually becomes a novelist, something she can’t do with only that limited knowledge. The weight of trying to live another person’s life and grant their wish is starting to make her crack, she has to keep writing to grant the wish, but she can’t because there isn’t anything else to write about. This finally ties into why she’s a Selector again, because to keep writing she needs more info, meaning she needs to get to Mayu again and the only way to do that is to battle.

Leaving Futase’s house, Ruuko, Hitoe and Chiyori are back outside now, even more so not down to battle after seeing what it’s done to Futase and and insanity she’s treading dangerously close with. Chiyori is also quite shaken up by the events, her usual chipper mood now gone. Running off she leaves Ruuko and Hitoe standing outside the apartment, not really sure what their next move should be. Ruuko still wants to go ahead with her wish, that being to free all the girls from the terror that awaits them after becoming an Eternal Girl, but it’s a large wish to grant, and Iona was pretty skeptical about it last week. Still thinking of what Iona said to her during the last battle, Ruuko pulls her out to thank her, but something’s really wrong with Iona now and it’s almost like she’s suddenly become sick.

The second half of the ep is back with Ulith and Akira. Akira is still fawning all over Ulith, enjoying her spot at her side and doing whatever Ulith asks of her. Ulith sets the plan into motion now, telling Akira what to do. While we don’t actually hear what Ulith says, it clearly involve getting someone to battle and we all know Ruuko is on the top of their list. So it looks like Ulith will be sending Akira to battle her once again.

Ruuko and Hitoe return home, desperately trying to figure out how to make Iona batter. While they think away, Iona in her LRIG world is being terrorized by Mayu, as she keeps saying Iona hates everyone and will bring misery and sorrow to them all as well. Mayu also goes on to say the more Iona wishes to be the Girl of White, the more pain and suffering it will bring everyone. Covering her with a handkerchief to keep Iona warm, the three of them discuss what they should do now. Yuzuki is all for getting information out of Iona because there is a high chance she knows something, especially after being called the Girl of Black by Futase. But as it’s getting late Hitoe has to leave for home, so they can do the interrogation at a later date. Yuzuki asks to stay though, wanting to be with Iona in case something comes up in the night.

Threatening to rain on her, Hitoe realizes she should hurry up so she’s not caught in the imminent downpour. But just as she rounds the corned, Akira is there waiting for her. Uh oh, this isn’t good. Akira and Hitoe haven’t faced off since that terrible meeting where Akira beat her and canceled out her wish. But as Hitoe left Yuzuki at Ruuko’s place, she can’t battle even if she wanted too. Akira realizing that things aren’t going well starts to crack. By this point it’s clear Ulith’s plan was to get Akira to engage Hitoe in battle, but they weren’t expecting her to not be carrying Yuzuki. Faced with being hated by Ulith for failing, Akira does the next best thing she can think of: she kidnaps Hitoe.

The final bit sets up the stage for what could be the most thrilling ep yet of Selector Spread. After calling Ruuko via Hitoe’s phone, Akira tells her to meet her at a set location and to bring Iona with her. Not about to abandon her friend, Ruuko takes both Iona and Yuzuki and makes her way to the location, that being her school.  Once there Ruuko quickly finds out Akira isn’t the one she’ll be battling, but rather Ulith and Tama. Capturing Hitoe was only to draw her out. The ep ends here, the tension high and me on the edge of my seat waiting eagerly for ep 7.

So lots happened in this ep, we learned that Futase having come to the real world is slowly going insane trying to grant Fumio’s with, Mayu is one crazy bitch, Iona knows more than she leading on, Ruuko still wants to do what’s right, and Ulith has arrived for the battle that might just send Ruuko over the edge into darkness. Ep 7 should leave us breathless as I’m super hyped to see how things go from this point onwards.

I’ll bring this long review to an end now. Exciting things are happening in Selector Spread and it’s been quite the ride each week. We’re still 6 weeks away from the end, meaning there is plenty of time for things to spiral into total ape shit insanity, something I’m actually really hoping happens. I’d love to see Ruuko go to the dark side for a bit, unleashing her true power and just going wild, but we’ll have to see how things go after her tilt with Ulith and Tama. So if you’re watching Selector Spread as well, what are your thoughts on it thus far? I’d love to hear comments, theories and general feedback about it down below, so leave a comment if you’d like!

Up next we’ll take a trip to the hot springs in Sora no Method ep 6 then we’re off to the pool with the sexy girls of Amagi Brilliant Park. Here’s what to expect next time in Selector Spread though.

[Asenshi] selector spread WIXOSS - 06 [C37E2771].mkv_snapshot_23.38_[2014.11.12_02.09.17]

I’ll cya next time!

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