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Looks like Amaburi just can’t catch a break these days. They’re already on the brink of being shut down, there is conflict between the staff, there was a recent flood, they have no money, and now they’re short staff. But to add fuel to that fire, they couldn’t even pay anyone who they hired. So it’s time for a recruitment drive to get more people, but as it’s pointed out, who would want to work at Amaburi anyways?

After the OP we’re back with Isuzu, she’s envisioning her job as secretary being taking by three other girls, each quite cute,  and her spot at Seiya’s side now gone. Waking up she realizes it’s only a dream, but one that’s left her quite disgruntled. By this point it’s starting to become obvious that Isuzu has feelings for Seiya, so this recruitment drive might put that to the test, should other girls her age show up for an interview. Whatever the case is, Isuzu is determined not to let her spot at Seiya’s side go.

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Now here is something that I’m glad was in this ep. During the breakfast scene, Macaron is talking to Isuzu about things, namely her rather reserved personality. While doing this, Macaron distracts Isuzu, telling her Seiya is off somewhere in the room behind her. Turning to look Macaron slips one of those green jelly-bean looking candy things into her curry. Hmm, what’s going on here. What has Macaron done to my beloved Isuzu?! Not noticing that Macaron has put this in her curry, Isuzu continues eating her food before leaving for school. Oh boy… what’s gonna happen to her? Now at school, Isuzu is asked by a classmate how things are going, and she proceeds to give her a full run down on everything, even mentioning Seiya in the process. Suddenly she realizes something is wrong with her, she’s said things she normally doesn’t.

Back at Amaburi we find out Sylphy actually isn’t totally useless, because she’s good at dancing! I guess she’s not a total write off now. We also learn what Macaron has drugged Isuzu with, a heartsleeve fruit. Side point we also find out that Macaron has an ex-wife and daughter, I don’t even want to begin to think about how that works. Anyways, the heartsleeve fruit does pretty much what it says, you wear your heart on your sleeve, meaning you speak your mind about whatever is at hand. This is obviously not good for Isuzu as she’s already said things that she usually keeps to herself. But as luck would have it, as Macaron and Tiramie are talking about this, Isuzu shows up behind them and proceeds to shoot them once again.

Seiya arrives on the scene shortly later to assess why Isuzu was shooting the staff once again. Even though her explanation was pretty good, Seiya doesn’t give her a sick leave as she requested, instead he tells her to be at the interviews at 1PM sharp, no questions asked. I wasn’t sure why Moffle got shot though, I mean he seemingly wasn’t part of this operation to screw with Isuzu yet he still ended up shot like the rest of them. I guess guilty be association was good enough for her when the guns came out.

The second half of the ep is mainly the interviews and not much happens. It’s an amusing sequence though, I enjoyed it quite a bit, especially when the three girls from Isuzu’s dream show up for the interview. The first girl, Eiko Adachi, is looking for a new career after working in the AV industry for a while. What’s hilarious about this is ‘AV’ is an acronym for ‘adult videos’ or porn, so when she mentions having worked in ‘AV’ is comes as quite a shock to Seiya and Moffle.

The second girl to show up is also one from Isuzu’s dream, this being Biino Bandou. Now I’m not sure if this was supposed to be a reference to something here, but Bandou shows up to the interview with fresh blood on her school uniform, indicating a serious injury. Moffle determines she’s been stabbed in the side (how she’s still alive at this point… no idea) yet she’s at the interview just the same. Her brother barges into the room suddenly, pantyhose on his head and a knife in hand (note the lack of blood on the blade) all signs point towards he being the one that stabbed her. Bandou says it’s because he doesn’t want her working, so I guess stabbing her is the way to go? Weird. Anyways, this brother is then disposed of by a kick from Seiya, bullet from Isuzu then a beat down from Moffle. Yep, he’s gonna have a fun time recovering.

The last girl is Shiina Chuujou, who is actually a fellow student from Amagi High School. There really isn’t much about her other than she’s a very timid and nervous girl. Shiina also happens to be the third and final girl from Isuzu’s dream, and like the two before her she’s hired as well. So now Isuzu’s dream has come true, well at least part of it; does this mean her chance with Seiya is slowing slipping away?

The last bit of the ep is just cleaning up the loose ends. I liked the scene between Seiya and Isuzu where they’re talking after the interviews; Isuzu finally mentions she’s not good when it comes to talking with people and gets tongue tied when she over thinks things. She also goes on to say she has trouble with how to act  face to face with people. Seiya has a very round-a-bout way of offering encouragement to others, but in the end he gets his point across to Isuzu, even if it’s not evident at first.

We end the ep with Isuzu finding out about Eiko Adachi’s AV videos, the ‘AV’ standing for ‘Animal Videos’ this time, in which she narrates them, no porn involved. Moffle, Macaron and Tiramie getting their hands on some strange porn, thinking it’s Eiko Adachi, and all the new recruits coming in for training. The final scene leaves us with more trouble brewing for Seiya and co as there seems to be a problem with the pool area of the park. But you know what that means, SWIMSUIT EP NEXT WEEK!!! HELL YEAH!!!! I know we’ve seen the girls in swimsuits again, but hey, hot anime girls in swimsuits is something always appreciated. Never forget that.

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All in all I enjoyed this ep a lot as it built more depth for Isuzu and also finally revealing (well against her will) her feelings for Seiya. While that much was probably obvious from the start, it’s confirmed now that she does indeed like him. Moffle, Macaron and Tiramie are just crazy too, I want to like them because they can be so hilarious at times, but they’re also annoying as hell other times, so I’m still not sure what to think of them yet. Latifa didn’t make an appearance in this ep either, I thought for sure she’d want to be in on the hiring of new people, guess not.

Up next we’ve got what looks to be a pool ep, something I’m looking forward to quite a bit, but at the same time a bit worried. While we’ve seen the girls in bikinis already, what bothered me (yes this bothered me) was the lack their boobs bouncing. I know it sounds bad, but that little bit of physics would’ve made that scene better. Sure they don’t have to be bouncing like… crazy or anything, but just something that makes them look a bit more real at least. Geez, we’re nearly in 2015 here, I thought we’d have better animated boobs by now.

I’ll end it here now as I can’t go on talking about boobs forever. So I’m enjoying Amaburi quite a bit, I think KyoAni has won me over again with this and I can say that I like them again. There still are quite a few eps left in this one too, so plenty of things can happen yet, maybe crank up the drama and get some feels rolling, that’d be nice. Whatever course Amaburi takes, I’ve got confidence that KyoAni knows what they’re doing and there shouldn’t be any need to worry.

Up next we’ll look heavenwards once again and gaze upon a sparkling Disc in Sora no Method ep 6, then get ready to lose your mind all over again in Selector Spread WIXOSS ep 6. But as for next time on Amaburi, here’s what to expect.

[Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 06 [AF309143].mkv_snapshot_24.08_[2014.11.09_16.01.31]

I’ll cya next time!

Bonus Pic!

Another lovely Isuzu pic here. Check out those bombs on her chest though, daaaamn!
Another lovely Isuzu pic here. Check out those bombs on her chest though, daaaamn!

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