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Last week we ended with the girls meeting the author of the WIXOSS novels, Futase Fumio. If you also remember back to that ep, during the part when they’re researching Fumio, you’ll remember that it clearly mentioned her in high school, so I’m not really sure why they were so surprised when she wasn’t an adult. Looking back at this picture, it only mentions her entering high school, nothing about her finishing it or going to university, so logically you’d assume she’s still in high school, thus being… what 17 or 18, something like that.

Now that they’ve met Fumio, she’s asks who’s first to battle, after all that’s what she thinks they’re there for. Taken aback now, Ruuko makes it clear they just want information, but Fumio isn’t going to be so quick to tell them what they know. Pleading with her now, Ruuko and Hitoe try to convey the point across that this whole battling to get your wish granted thing isn’t exactly something you want to get involved in. To their surprise though, Fumio already knows about the battles, the wishes being granted and what happens if your lose three times. She’s way ahead of them.

But before their conversation goes any further, Fumio challenges them to a battle; if they can beat her then she’ll tell them everything, but if they lose they get nothing. Of course things would come down to a battle, so I’m not too sure why Ruuko and Hitoe are so surprised when Fumio suggests this. While Ruuko hesitates to agree to those terms because of Tama’s pleas for her not to battle, Chiyori volunteers herself right away to battle, despite the fact she’s sitting on two loses already. One more and she’s rekt.

With the only other choice being to go home and not accomplish anything from this meeting, Ruuko steps up and accepts Fumio’s challenge to battle. Pulling out Iona, Ruuko is ready to battle but Fumio realizes something seems different about Iona. Putting it off though they begin the battle. Having not battled for a while, Ruuko is a bit rusty and gets hammered with attacks from Fumio’s LRIG. Over on Fumio’s side there is some more dialog between her and her LRIG, both realizing something is different about Iona, but despite that the bond between her and Ruuko isn’t as strong as it should be, thus Iona’s full power isn’t being utilized.

Also noticing that they’re getting smashed, Iona gives Ruuko a stern pep talk to get her focused and in the zone, saying if she truly wants to save all the other girls from becoming LRIG’s then she’s gonna have to be serious about battles and stop hesitating all the time. Ruuko takes Iona’s words to heart as she realizes the only way to set things straight starts with winning each battle, and to do that she’s gotta work together with Iona, despite how much she might not like that idea.

Finally getting serious now Ruuko supercharges Iona and gets her to Level 5, something never done before. Now using her full potential of Iona, Ruuko is able to land a solid finishing blow on Fumio and defeat her with ease. Back in Fumio’s room, she holds up her end of the deal, giving them the info they came looking for. To start it off with a bang, Fumio answers the question of how she knows so much about the Selector battles, because she used to be an LRIG herself! From here we get the story of how she came to be in the real world after that.

For starters, back when she a LRIG, Fumio’s name was actually Futase, she just adopted the other girl’s name when she came into the real world. The Fumio of old was a high school girl trying to be an author. She worked hard on her writing but never seemed to get anywhere. Battling didn’t interest her in the slightest, feeling that the only way to fulfill her dream is to work at it with her own hands, not rely on Selector battles to accomplish it. However this wasn’t true though, as it’s brought out by the new Fumio that LRIG’s only appear to girls who have a wish they truly want to have come true, so while Fumio kept saying she didn’t want to battle but rather work on her dream another way, that was never going to work out like she wanted.

Finally writing a story Fumio submits it, hopes high. Although things didn’t stay like that for long. With serious family troubles, Fumio was finally pushed to the end of her rope, the salt in her wound being her story rejected too. Now with no more dream to work at with her own hands, Fumio resorts to Selector battles, going on a winning streak and becoming an Eternal Girl in the process. From there we can piece together how things went from that point on to they were are now.

We end the ep with Fumio dropping a bomb of info, that being she suspects Iona is the rumored Girl of Black, the one who has an evil heart and plots to get rid of the Girl of White, that referring to Mayu. So as it stands now, is Iona plotting on fighting Mayu and taking over her position as goddess of the Selector battles, Eternal Girls and LRIGs? Welp, the answer will have to wait till next week.

So like always the tension keeps growing as you’re just not sure what surprises will happen each ep. Judging from the preview for ep 6, shit will be getting real, well at this point more real, as Akira seems to be looking at little crazy, Iona has troubles incoming and we have another update with Hanayo and Kazuki. What I do know for a fact though is that it won’t disappoint as Selector Spread has delivered consistently since starting 5 weeks ago.

So here we are at 5 eps in, how are you enjoying this anime so far? I can’t get enough of it and I’m really looking forward to the next ep right away. The story is just so engaging and the twists and turns leave you totally unsure of what each ep will bring. If you’re watching Selector Spread WIXOSS, what are your thoughts on it so far? Got a favorite character? What about theories about what’s to come? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next it’s back to the park with Amagi Brilliant Park ep 6, followed by either another Selector Spread ep or just Sunday’s Sora no Method ep, we’ll have to see. What I do know though is that starting with ep 6 of Amaburi I’ll be working to get reviews out faster and maybe even aim for a same day posting for Sora ep 6 this Sunday too.

Until then, here’ what to expect from the next Selector Spread WIXOSS ep.

[Asenshi] selector spread WIXOSS - 05 [5F777100].mkv_snapshot_23.37_[2014.11.06_01.12.24]

I’ll cya next time!

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