Hey everyone. It’s Deven Luca and I’m coming at you with another Love Live School Idol Festival post.

Okay so this event is Score Match Round 2 or the Second Round Score Match in English.

So it’s a Super Rare Kotori! Not my favorite. She comes in around number 6 in my favorite but she’s a Cool Card and my Cool team would really love her.

So here we go!


Rank: 40
Until Next Rank:657 EXP
Love Gems: 2


So I’m tired of losing events and the irony is that I wrote a guide on how to do Events well! So I’m going to go all out!

Good thing is at my Prep Class I finally have access to the internet so I can play the game at the school without losing any Love Gems.

Now since I’m thoroughly annoyed with being unable to get a card during the last few events, I’ve decided to game the system.

Now during Score Matches, Bushimo understands that people are playing with good and bad internet signals so if you disconnect before or during the song, you won’t lose any LP. Basically you can start over without any loss.

Some people are grateful for this mechanic because they have suckish internet. However me and perhaps some of you are going to use this to our advantage.

See when you get the song and you know that you can’t do it well, you exit the app, making sure to turn it off or stop it or whatever. Then reenter it and go back to the Score Match screen. Your LP will still be at the same level you were before you left and you’ll get a new song at random.

Basically it allows for you to set the pace for the songs you get during a Score Match. Instead of getting a lot of songs you’re good or okay with you can get songs that you’ve mastered or are easy for you.

As I write this I’ve already played for the first time today. I started at 8:30 am American Central Time and my next LP comes around at around 12:47 pm.

While using this method, I was able to skirt around those Pure Songs and get easier songs like Natsuiro Egao de 1 2 Jump and Snow Halation. Well they’re easier for me since I can full combo Natsuiro and get a pretty good combo on Snow Halation.

Also the main reason I’m using this method is so I can dodge Pure Attribute songs because my Pure Team sucks. Smile and Cool are great with Smile having five Idolized Muse Members and four of them being fully leveled.


My main goal is of course getting my beloved Kotori card. Although I technically don’t need her because I’ve got good cards all through my Cool Team but hey you always need a good SR card.

A Side Goal of mine is to restore the lost Love Gems I used for my 10+1 Roll. Currently I have 2 so I have a long way to go.

Break Even

Wow this break even is going to be easy. Like I have internet at school now so I don’t need to worry about using Love Gems. So since I have 2 Love Gems now and I don’t need to use any, any Love Gems I get are a profit for me.

It’s time to become mine, Kotori-chan!



So that’s my plan and my Break Even

Wish me Luck! I’m going in!

Until After the Event,
Later Days