The continuation of the Yuzuki saga this week.

Here’s my review.

This week we find out the plan that Nonoka has come up with in hopes to make up with the still very bitter Yuzuki. Her plan is to launch fireworks from a pier down in the harbor. Sure it’s nothing world shaking or anything, but still Nonoka feels this will be the only way in which she can mend the friendship with Yuzuki.

Koharu agrees to help Nonoka out with this plan too. First up they need to get fireworks, something that’s probably not available in town because it’s against the law to launch them with the Disc being there. Both Koharu and Nonoka begin by going through the phone book and Internet looking for a place that sells fireworks they could get to launch, but as Nonoka soon finds out, it’s not going to be that easy.

Over on the Yuzuki front, her relationship with Souta still isn’t that good, even when Souta tells her about Nonoka and Koharu’s plan to launch fireworks in the coming days. We finally learn about what happened in the past as well through flashbacks spread throughout the ep. So I was partly right when I said Yuzuki was angry with the Disc because someone got hurt because of it; turns out that person who was hurt was Souta. How it all played out was that Yuzuki was also trying to launch fireworks back then late one night, and Souta went racing out on his bike to go find her before she got in trouble. Souta ended up crashing somehow (apparently kids can’t ride bikes anymore) and hurt his leg pretty bad in the process, hence why he ended up in the hospital.

What’s more is that when asked later by his parents what happened, Souta protected Yuzuki by not saying anything about her. Honestly this isn’t really too big a deal with wasting your childhood away trying to do something impossible like trying to rid your town of a giant flying Disc in the sky. But anyways since then Yuzuki convinced herself that that Disc must go and she’d do whatever it took to get it Disc to leave, even if she was the only one trying.

A side point I wanted to mention was that Noel is actually a freeloader. I mean when you really think about it all she does is sit around all day waiting for Nonoka to come home, gets food made for her, chills in Nonoka’s house all the time, makes a mess in Nonoka’s house all the time, and isn’t really emotionally attached to the situation at hand. Everyone is trying to do something big here and Noel is just chilling watching from the sidelines as friendships break down and siblings continue a fight that’s lasted for years. Sure she’s an alien, but still after being there for seven years you’d think she might care a bit more about things and not just go about her freeloader ways and mooch off Nonoka. Whatever the case that was something that crossed my mind while watching this ep.

So through the middle bit of the ep we’re got more Nonoka and Koharu trying to arrange the firework show, Nonoka and Yuzuki clashing once again about the fireworks, and some more flashbacks with Yuzuki and Souta. We also check back in with Shione once more, who is very leery of the fireworks happening, but still says she’ll go check them out if Nonoka can actually make them happen. After school later that day, Shione and Noel run into each other and end up having a sit down in a cafe to talk about things. At the same same time Koharu and Yuzuki are having a conversation of their own at the beer garden.

Yuzuki and Koharu’s conversation seems to be going in the right direction for the most part, Koharu the type of person who’s calm and reasonable and who will let the other person talk when they’re ready, but even so Yuzuki can’t come to terms about how Souta covered up for her, drawing the blame away from her. Once again Yuzuki runs off from their conversation, something she’s been doing a lot for the past while. She needs to realize that you can’t run from everything, sometimes you gotta face your demons.

On the flip side, Noel and Shione’s conversation doesn’t end with either of them running away, Shione just wants information from Noel, that being when did she first meet Nonoka and what their relationship is. Noel explains that Nonoka taught her a song on a snowy day, something Shione doesn’t really understand, but goes along with it anyways. Shione also mentions something that I thought was pretty interesting, that is it hasn’t snowed since Nonoka came back. So not only were fireworks missing for the past seven years, but it hasn’t snowed either? Hmm, interesting. Noel also asks if Shione and Nonoka are good friends, since she seems to know a lot about Nonoka, but once again Shione calls her a liar.

By the ending of the ep things are finally falling into place now, the true reason behind Nonoka’s quest for fireworks becoming clear and the flashbacks with Yuzuki and Souta at a festival not have some meaning. What happened during that night was that the 5 of them, Nonoka, Yuzuki, Koharu, Souta and Shione, were supposed to meet up on the pier to watch the fireworks, but while Nonoka made it there, Koharu was stuck and work, Shione was for some reason at home, and Yuzuki and Souta got lost in festival.So now years later, Nonoka will bring everyone back together again and launch some fireworks.

While Noel maybe a freeloader still, she saved the day here by showing Yuzuki a photo album with pictures of Nonoka when she was a kid. One of those pics happens to be of the night they were going to meet up for fireworks, and once Yuzuki sees the date on the photo, everything clicks for her and she realizes why Nonoka is going through all the trouble to make this happen. In a tear filled final scene, Yuzuki is able to come to terms with the past and apologizes to everyone, overcoming her mental block and is now able to move on with life, her hatred gone.

[HorribleSubs] Sora no Method - 05 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.46_[2014.11.04_15.29.57]

While they couldn’t have fireworks, Noel uses her alien powers and displays a firework show on the bottom of the Disc for everyone, including Shione who wasn’t with them but was in the area at the time. Wouldn’t this have government people and scientists scrambling now that this Disc has started acting up? I guess that’s a side of the anime we won’t see. So while Yuzuki’s problems are finally resolved, it’s now time to bring the gang back together again by overturning Shione’s entrenched feelings. But that’ll have to wait till Sunday.

So we got the feels in this ep, nothing too hardcore but there were feels nonetheless. I’m glad that they finally solved Yuzuki’s problems too as she was just getting annoying with her continual running away from things and not facing them. Shione will be a tough nut to crack but I think if they play their cards right they should be able to win her over and bring the gang back together again.

After 5 eps Sora no Method is rolling now and I’ve got a feeling things will be getting real from now on in, well at least I hope so. So if you’ve stuck with Sorameso for this long, what are your thought on it? Got a favorite character? Any thoughts on what could happen next, or how the Shione issue will be dealt with? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next we’ll battle again with Selector Spread WIXOSS ep 5, then we’ll reset the schedule and start fresh with ep 6 of Amagi Brilliant Park on Friday most likely. Like I’ve been saying, this was the week where I’d get the schedule back on track and get things going in the right direction, so starting with Amaburi I’ll be working to have the reviews out on a set day and not procrastinating forever with them. Also, starting with this review I’ll be using the HS release of Sorameso as Kaylith has sadly left the fan subbing scene.

Here’s what to look forward to on Sunday’s ep of Sora no Method.

[HorribleSubs] Sora no Method - 05 [720p].mkv_snapshot_23.38_[2014.11.04_14.14.34]

I’ll cya next time!

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