The battle goes underground this week as Seiya, Sento and co. go on a dangerous mission in search of a lost treasure!

Here’s my review!

If we think back to ep 3 then you’ll remember that during the meeting with the heads of department, Seiya said that to get more guests into the park, they’d lower the fare to 30 yen a pop for everyone. Ashe was against it then as from a financial standpoint it was a disaster waiting to happen. Ep 5 rolls around and guess what, that disaster happened. The park is broke and they won’t be able to pay the staff or the bills. Nowhere near having enough traffic to bring in the money, and raising the prices now would be stupid, Seiya desperately needs to get money to get the park moving again.

That’s when it’s suggested they go on a treasure hunt in a place known as Dornell’s Cave. What’s that you ask? It’s park of the old abandon section of Amaburi where a cave is; in that cave it’s said there is treasure waiting. With no other options that seem good, the gang set out for the old section of the park to find this cave and subsequent treasure inside. We learn a bit about this other area of the park and how it was a project that never made it off the ground. The only thing that was ever built was a massive sports stadium, something that was also never used either.

Finding the cave entrance they begin their adventure. After a dead end soon off the bat, they continue down the tunnel, going deeper and deeper inside. Acquiring weapons from the gatekeeper, they start the real leg of the journey. This whole sequence reminded me of Raider of the Lost Ark mixed with the Saya arc of Little Busters! Refrain where they’re also doing some dungeon crawling.

Things go pretty bad pretty fast and before they know it, Isuzu and Macaron become separated from the group. Now just Seiya, Moffle and Tiramie, they keep moving forward, but soon end up fighting a hoard of weird pig like things with clubs. Gross. In the meantime Isuzu and Macaron find themselves in some kind of prison; but Isuzu being Isuzu easily shoots the lock off with her trusty rifle and the two escape. Searching around they run into someone thought to be long dead: Dornell. What? How?

Back with Seiya, Moffle and Tiramie, they’ve successfully fought off the hoards of pigs but are pretty tired and are low on supplies now. But just as they think their trouble is over, the pigs catch up with them again and force them to run once more. Escaping through a set of doors they come face to face with a dragon. Talk about out of the fire and into the frying pan. With the pigs having broken through now, they’re stuck in a tight spot: a hoard of pigs and a huge dragon to fight, and it’s just the three of them.

Realizing there isn’t a good way out of this, Seiya offers the dragon a challenge, that being if he can answer any question of the dragon’s choosing, he let’s them go, but if they can’t answer it then it’s game over. Keep in mind now that Seiya has the power to read people’s mind’s, so he easily answers the question, stunning the dragon as well as everyone else. Angered that he beat the challenge, the dragon prepares to fight them anyways but before they can get battling, a side door suddenly opens and Isuzu, Macaron and Dornell arrive on the scene.

So the explanation behind Dornell is that while he went missing in the cave, instead of making his way back out, he got hooked and anime, games and figures. He even got an Internet connection hooked up and a phone line with food on demand. The longer he stayed down there, the harder it become for him to make a call for help, so for 10 whole years he’s been wasting away playing an MMO and watching anime. I say wasting away become yes that’s pretty much what he did. There is also another group of creatures in the cave, one that Amaburi secretly helped out a long time ago escape from some enemies by letting them stay in the save area. How Dornell and co. were able to stay down there for so long was by using the treasure to pay for things, and it turns out the large chamber where the dragon (named Ruby) is in, that’s where the treasure used to be.

We end the ep much like we started, Amaburi is still broke but is able to make it through the month by using Dornell’s extensive collection to pay the bills. Ouch, buddy. But then again you had it coming. Like a good manager does though, Seiya has an idea as to how they might make some money, that idea I’m guessing will involve the large stadium as we see Seiya looking off into the distance before the credits roll. Also, one last scene in this ep is of Macaron and Tiramie eating some weird looking green jelly-beans. How this is significant I’m not sure at all, but they had this scene, probably 10 seconds long, with them eating this candy. I’m sure there will be answers to that in the coming eps, but as of right now I’m very mystified as to why that scene was in the ep.

So on a whole this was a pretty enjoyable ep. There were really funny moments with them in the cave, but what I took away from this is that Seiya’s relationship with Moffle, Macaron and Tiramie is finally starting to grow, bit by bit. They’re not always beating the tar out of each other like they used to, and they can also now work together to reach a common goal. While there still is a lot left to happen, I’m liking Amaburi quite a bit and I feel that KyoAni is back to making something good again. Honestly I was really worried about this anime when I first heard about it months ago, I mean a ‘slapstick drama’… that’s not exactly a cause for joy. But so far Amaburi has been good week after week and I find myself looking forward to the next ep more that the last.

After 5 eps how are you enjoying this one, like it? Hate it? Got a favorite character? Any ideas of what’s to come in the future? The comments section below is always there for you to sound off and speak your mind.

Up next we’ll battle again with Selector Spread WIXOSS ep 5, then return to the drama with Sora no Method ep 5. This week I hope to have things back on track and will be aiming to get reviews out much faster too. Sora might even be a same day posting too next Sunday, we’ll see.

So here’s what we can expect to see happening on this week’s Amaburi ep.

[Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park - 05 [FB41CAC2].mkv_snapshot_24.08_[2014.11.03_15.42.44]

I’ll cya in the next post!

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