Drama and back story in this week’s ep of Sora no Method.

Here’s my review

While I can understand why some may not like Sora no Method because the pacing seems slow, I have to argue that generally there isn’t a bad thing with slow pacing. Slow pacing works well a lot of times because that way you can have the time to properly expand on the characters and plot instead of rushing into everything and have each ep packed with tons of stuff. In the case of Sorameso the pacing so far is fine and works for the story. They obviously want to expand the plot episode by episode and tell us a story rather than unload bombshell events each ep. In this ep we get back story on Yuzuki, how the arrival of the Disc affected her life and why getting rid of it is such a big deal to her.

We pick up right where we left off last week, Noel telling Nonoka that she’s the Disc. Still not a huge surprise but like I said, if you’re pretty clueless then your world was rocked last week when she said that. At this point Nonoka finally remembers everything, her memories of seven years flooding back to her now. She was with everyone and they called the Disc. Only being a short distance away, the rest of the group arrives on scene now, Noel being the only one who is happy while everyone wears grim looks. Realizing she needs to set this straight, Nonoka begins to explain that she’d forgotten but before she can really get started, Yuzuki lashes out and lands a solid slap to her face, same side and cheek that Shione slapped last time. Ouch, talk about super sore cheek now.

After the OP we’re back presumably the next day as it shows us an overview of what’s going to be happening. Koharu is on her way to Yuzuki’s place to talk with her, while Noel is heading over to Nonoka’s place to talk with her about stuff. Side point: Noel is just so cute, even if she’s part of the problem, she’s just so adorable and everything she does is so cute. Noel reveals that having them all together isn’t what’s needed to grant Nonoka’s wish, something she’s still not fully clear on what exactly that “wish” Noel speaks so intently about is. Koharu and Yuzuki try to have a talk about what happened yesterday, but while they’re out by the docks Nonoka happens to walk past and notice them; Yuzuki still bitter about the other day isn’t in the talking mood, even when Nonoka pleads with her to learn about what happened after she left town.

Interestingly enough there is a brief flashback here, seemingly showing a younger Yuzuki in a hospital. This suddenly raises the stakes of why she wants the Disc gone so much, possibly someone close to her might have been seriously injured or maybe killed somehow because of this Disc. Whatever the case is it’s a point I’d like to know more about but it isn’t brought up again in this ep.

The middle part of the ep shows us a protesting Yuzuki still out front of Koharu’s store, Souta missing the bus, and Noel joining Yuzuki in protesting. Through flashbacks we see more of the younger Yuzuki still protesting back when she was a kid, her determination to rid the Disc from town still raging years later. Obviously she’s driven by a strong force to do this, the possible death of someone close to her, so she’s made it her personal goal in life to get the Disc out of town, by doing whatever it takes. Noel who joins her part way through, also is pretty pumped up to get the Disc gone, even if she is the Disc (not sure how that works, but whatever) so she’s lending her support to Yuzuki when everyone else has let her down.

Another point worth mentioning is what when Yuzuki was probably a first year in middle school, she asked for support from everyone in her class to help her protest against the Disc. Koharu, who’s known her for a while said (back whens she was a kid too) that she’d always help her out but Souta talked her out of it, saying it’s a pointless endeavor and she shouldn’t waste time doing that. Little did they know is that Yuzuki overheard that conversation and that only added to her anger. When Souta finally caught his bus home, Nonoka met him at the station and the two had a conversation where he tells her about Yuzuki and how she’s doing this to spite him and such. Little do they realize is that Yuzuki oversaw them talking and thus once again adds to her already boiling anger. Yuzuki was also asked by Koharu to leave her store and stop protesting out front because people are quite upset about it.

One last thing I want to bring out is that this Disc shows up and like always there is someone making money off it. Koharu (I’m guessing its a family store) sells Disc related trinkets that people gobble up like hotcakes, and I don’t see why that’s not a problem for anyone else. Yuzuki isn’t bent out of shape that she’s profiting off this Disc for the past seven years, and I’m sure business is always good too being that the Disc is always there. If there is anyone to be angry at it’s Koharu for in a way enjoying the company of this sparkling Disc as it’s just a source of easy cash for her. Does Koharu really care about why Yuzuki wants it gone, I mean once it’s gone there won’t be anymore easy cash, then what’s Koharu going to do? I don’t know, it’s just something I thought about while watching this ep.

The ending bit of this ep shows Yuzuki going to extremes in protesting, standing in the road and blocking traffic. First thought that came to mind was: aren’t there any cops in this town? There are limits you can go to when it comes to protesting and I’m pretty sure she’s just crossed them in doing that. After Koharu gets her to leave (once again making sure her flow of money keeps coming)  Koharu cleans up the mess while apologizing to the customers Still think there need to be some cops there to keep the order. Anyways we end with Nonoka coming to Koharu to ask for help in some new plan of hers. As for what that plan is, we’ll have to wait till ep 5 to find out.

[Kaylith] Sora no Method - 04 [720p][2C842E40].mkv_snapshot_21.46_[2014.11.01_15.57.50]

On a whole I liked this ep because it gave some solid insight into why Yuzuki is protesting to get this Disc gone. At first I thought it was just to see fireworks again, which yeah okay, but that flashback with the hospital makes it more of a personal thing instead of fireworks. I”m sure we’ll have more on this in the coming eps. Also there wasn’t much Shione in this ep either. I think she only said a few things but for the most part she wasn’t a factor this time around. While I do like Noel because she’s so cute, Shione might be my favorite. Why… well I just like her.

So 4 eps in and I’m enjoying this one a lot. It’s not proving to be like Glasslip and so far it’s got a plot that’s kept me interested for far. I’m looking forward to more of the mystery being uncovered as things progress, ep 5 looking like there will be more drama. So what are your thoughts on this one so far, like it? Hate it? Favorite character? Thoughts on what’s to come? Let me know in the comments.

Up next it’s back to the park with Amaburi ep 5, then we’ll battle again in Selector Spread WIXOSS ep 5. Also, the sub group I was watching Sora no Method from, Kaylith, as closed up shop sadly. So from ep 5 onwards I’ll now be using the HS version of Sora no Method, which airs on Sundays. I’m hoping to have a better week come Monday so if all goes planned then I should have Sorameso become a Monday posting, probably not posted this Monday, but starting the following Monday. As for everything else, I’m trying to keep Amaburi posted on Friday then WIXOSS sometime when it’s out, so I’ll try my best to stick to a set schedule for reviews in the future.

Anyways, here’s what to expect for ep 5.

[Kaylith] Sora no Method - 04 [720p][2C842E40].mkv_snapshot_23.37_[2014.11.01_14.24.03]

I’ll cya next time!

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