Continuing it’s dominating fall run, Selector Spread WIXOSS never lets up and keeps the tension going. This week we’ve got an exciting battle plus the introduction of a mysterious new character.

Here’s my review!

I must say this a lot, but man do the people behind this anime know how to deliver week after week of something amazing. Last week we ended on that cliffhanger, plot twist of an ending with Tama being Ulith’s card, something I totally wasn’t expecting, but we also had some new dynamics introduced with Mayu. By the way like I mentioned too, Mayu is voiced by Risa Taneda, someone who is quickly making their way up to my top 5 voice actress list. So anyways to kick things off, let’s take a look at this battle between Ulith and Chiyori that they left us with last week.

For starters I loved how this ep opened, with the glitched out scene showing the battle but also someone typing away on a computer, pretty cool. Reminded me of the glitched out ED for No Game No Life during the spring season, that was also pretty neat. Ruuko, Hitoe and Yuzuki are extremely surprised to see Tama there, Iona  is even taken aback at this sudden change in the game. While everyone turns to Iona to question if she knew about this before, seeing how Iona’s wish seems to be a two step process, Iona denies knowing anything about this, but alludes to another person’s plan, that being Mayu.

Still at this point we don’t know much about Mayu (other than she’s voiced by Risa Taneda), but we’re starting to piece together that she’s in control of the White Garden as it’s referred to. She’s also probably the person who determines where each LRIG will go, hence why Tama ended up with Ulith, or so I’m guessing.

Back to the battle though. As expected Tama is making quick work of Chiyori’s LRIG Eldora, and the battle is quite one sided. Ruuko tries calling out to Tama, trying her hardest to get through to her, but it’s to no avail. Tama is Ulith’s LRIG and she obeys her, no one else. Knowing full well that Tama is a powerful card, Ulith unloads heavy attacks on Eldora, giving her a solid thrashing in the process. As all this is happening though, Chiyori is having the time of her life, laughing and enjoying herself to the full. This girl just doesn’t seem to get how bad the situation she’s in is.

Although Ulith is using Tama in a way she was meant to be used, Ruuko states that Tama isn’t having fun. Tama herself also comes to this conclusion too, realizing that she enjoyed battling with Ruuko more than with Ulith. However this isn’t the time to kiss and make up, the battle is still going on the Chiyori and Eldora are on the brink of losing. How many losses has Chiyori suffered now too? If this is her final one, then she’s in for a world of hurt. Finishing her off swiftly, the girls are transported back to the real world where Ruuko confronts Ulith. Obviously the only way she’s going to get Tama back is to battle her, something Ulith is looking forward to quite a bit. Driving off she leaves the girls there, still reeling from the shocking events.

The second half of this ep has lots of info for us that shed light on the White Garden and reveal another key person. While talking with Chiyori after the battle, the girls find out she’s currently 3-2, meaning her wish could come true in the next battle, or the exact opposite could happen to her. While Yuzuki is quite angry towards Eldora about not talking Chiyori out of battling, Eldora explains that each time she does talk about it Chiyori gets so excited about it, she’s even looking forward to going to the While Garden and meeting the mysterious girl in white there, Mayu.

What comes as a shock though is that they’ve never heard the name of the white place before, so how does Chiyori seem to know all this important info. Answer: the WIXOSS novels. Turns out there are WIXOSS novels she’s deeply involved in and she’s getting all her info out of them, something that Ruuko and Hitoe didn’t know about. Yuzuki did partially know about this as Chiyori had given her a copy of the novel, but Yuzuki never got around to reading it. Wanting to know more now, Ruuko requests a copy of the novel in hopes of gathering important info about this White Garden, but more importantly, Mayu too.

The following sequence gives a nice overview of the WIXOSS world and how it came to be. Taken all from the novel Ruuko, Hitoe and Yuzuki learn about how WIXOSS began and where it’s heading. Pretty much, LRIGs showed up one day and cross paths with teenage girls to grant them a wish. In order to do that they must battle other LRIGs to gather WIXOSS factors to win. After winning said girl has her wish granted and is transported to the White Garden where she meets Mayu. While some details are changed up a bit in the novel, as they realize, the overall idea of it is the same. It’s also brought out that Mayu, or as she’s referred to in the novel as Cocoon, the Queen of Dark Atonement, controls all the WIXOSS battles, something I thought was quite interesting.

While it’s all interesting the next question is directed to the author, that question being: how do they know all this info? A quick search online for a Futase Fumio reveals that she’s a high school girl who is an avid reader and writer. After catching the attention of a big writing company, Fumio began to write professionally and later released the book “WIXOSS: The Wings of Lamentation Mark the Dream of the Ruined Country” a book that became extremely successful. While she’s written two books, everyone is holding their collective breath as they eagerly await the third entry to the extremely popular series.

Deciding to send Fumio an email Hitoe types it up and sends it off, hoping they’ll get a reply and be able to have a face to face conversation with Fumio. Side note, while they’re busy sending this email, Chiyori is playing a game of WIXOSS against Ruuko’s grandmother and has lost to her six times in a row. What’s interesting about this is that Chiyori asks her if she’s the Blood Sorceress, WIXOSS Danger Zone or Queen of Innocence (I’m not sure if she’s referring to these are separate titles or one long title, I’m guessing the former though). To me this indicates that her grandmother must have gone out and played before, hence why Chiyori would ask her if those titles refer to her. Kind of a crazy though, but could her grandmother know about the Selectors and such? I mean she obviously knows her stuff, has a strong deck and kicks ass pretty well, so maybe she’s hiding her power level a lot more so than we realize.

Walking Hitoe to the train stop the two chat it up with Yuzuki, talking about Mayu mostly. Iona joins the conversation giving a bit of info about Mayu, saying that she’s playing with them as if they were dolls. It’s also mentioned, not gonna say confirmed because it hasn’t officially been, but Mayu is behind deciding which LRIG will go to each person, hence why Yuzuki ended up with Hitoe and Tama with Ulith. I’m sure we’ll get more details on this as things continue. We can’t have an ep without checking in on Akira and what she’s up to now. Being visited by Ulith she asks her to help her out with something, and Akira being in her crazed state of mind of course agrees. Man Ulith has her totally under control.

We end the ep with Ruuko, Hitoe,  Yuzuki and Chiyori going to meet Fumio. It’s not really a huge shock, but I’m sure by now we figured out Fumio is the girl we see in the OP with the hair draped across her face, covering one eye. It’s also worth noting that in the OP sequence we see a card that Fumio has too, one which I’m guessing will be extremely powerful. But sadly we’ll have to wait till the next ep to see more of Fumio and what she knows.

[Asenshi] selector spread WIXOSS - 04 [8864C4F4].mkv_snapshot_21.47_[2014.10.31_15.02.18]

All in all this was a solid ep that adds to the already detailed plot, but does so in a good way. They’re not just throwing random things into the plot but rather crafting it with precision and making sure they cover all the details. Going forward I’m sure we’ll learn more about Fumio, her card, why she’s writing the novels and how she knows so much about the White Garden and Mayu. I’m eager to see where things will go now so I look forward to the next ep.

We’ll end this review here now as that’s all I’ve got. Once again I”m sorry for being so late with it, I’m waiting on the sub group Asenshi who usually have their release out over the weekend, but sometimes is can come out a bit later. But in the end it’s always better that the hard subs of FUNi. Expect the ep 5 review sometime soon as I’ll get to work on it once I’ve seen the ep.

Up next I’ll have the also quite delayed review of Sora no Method ep 4 followed by Amagi Brilliant Park ep 5. I’ll aim to have the Sora no Method review up either late today or early Saturday morning for sure. Amaburi ep 5 will hopefully be out over the weekend then it’ll be back to WIXOSS and Sora again next week. Please bear with the delays, I’m writing as fast as I can but university work also takes up my time, along with my story I’m writing too.

So that’ll be the end for this review, but here’s what to expect next time on Selector Spread WIXOSS!

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I’ll cya in the next post!

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