Amaburi is hitting stride now and this week it delivers a solid ep that deepens our knowledge of Isuzu and Seiya.

Here’s my review!

We open the ep with a check in on Latifa who as was mentioned, isn’t the healthiest of people. Seiya feels guilty for making her go out in that swimsuit (no boobs to show off there either) but Moffle and Isuzu correct his thinking saying things like this do happen to her from time to time.

Back in the park things are going well, the visitor count is slowly but surely rising, Moffle, Macaron and Tiramie enjoying entertaining the guests with magic tricks, juggling, and music, but others like Wanipi aren’t doing as well and we see him slacking off and sleeping on the job. If you want to save the park everyone’s gonna have to be working, not slacking off like that, geez. Amaburi also receives a visit from a local school, something that not everyone looks forward to. Once again kids can be such dicks and just fuck things up. Not only do they take down Moffle and co, but they also immobilize Isuzu too.

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I liked the following sequence where Seiya is going around to the various department and helping them out with things. Starting with Toriken, Seiya helps him fix up the new guide for the park, making it look very nice. Next up they stop by Nikku to help deal with the food issue. With a quick phone call, Seiya has that problem squared away. Moving on they meet up with hottie accountant Ashe as she explains a few things that need to be dealt with. Clearing them up Seiya and Isuzu move on to Wrench to discuss the problem with the broken water pump. Instead of fixing it, Seiya makes a ballsy call and says to shut it down and use the other two. Isuzu questions what will happen during an emergency when they’ll need the other, but once again Seiya makes a ballsy call saying they’ll cross that bridge when they get to it. Now that right there isn’t a good call really, letting a problem sit like that to be dealt with later. I can’t really agree with that move because I’ve experienced it first hand what happens and I can say for experience that it isn’t good. But Seiya seems to know what he’s doing so I’ll leave it up to his discretion to make the best call. Their next target is the cashier guy who’s name I’m not sure of because he isn’t listed on MAL. Anyways they help him out before moving on to the security guy, Ookuro. After that they help out a few more people before Seiya finally returns to the office, exhausted from all the hard work.

I liked this next sequence as it gave the ep and Isuzu’s character lots of needed depth. Actually from here to the end of the ep, things really took a turn for the better and ultimately propelled the anime in a direction it was needing to go in. Not to say that it was bad before, but I don’t think there was enough depth with Isuzu’s character yet. As the sequence unfolds, we get to see Isuzu’s style of managing, that being shutting down any problems that stand in her way. She declines Moffle’s pleas for new water guns, tells Macaron to make due with what instruments he has, and then shoots Tiramie before he can even explain the problem.

This matter is brought to Seiya’s attention by the fairies from the Theater, as they want him to do something about it. Seiya pulls Isuzu aside for a talk and here’s where we learn that this is how she operated the park for a year, something that Seiya isn’t too pleased to hear. While Isuzu brings out a few points that Seiya is quite bossy himself, his counter is that he’s still able to win people over without holding them up at gun point. Honestly Isuzu isn’t cut out for a position like this and the more she tries, the more people dislike her. Parting ways now the two are at odds.

The starting of the second half is of Seiya and Latifa in the ferris wheel, here we learn that Seiya is actually afraid of heights. Seems kinda strange that given everything else, he fears high places. Oh well, we’ve all got a weakness. This scene almost sheds light on that strange flashback Seiya had when he first met Latifa in ep 1. Honestly I had forgotten about that but it didn’t really matter as when he asks he if they’ve met before, she says they haven’t. Now she did take a few moments to answer that question, so she could either be covering up the truth for some reason or she actually hasn’t met him before. I’m leaning to the former this time though as that hesitation to me is a indication of her lying. Maybe it’s just something bad she doesn’t want to remember/tell him or maybe it’s some important piece of info that will help him be a better manager but comes with a price. Whatever the case is though, this short conversation gives us nothing more to work with than theories. If you’ve got a theory about this then by all means let me know in the comments. No spoilers from the manga/light novel/whatever this is adapted from though.

Next up is the crisis point for the ep. Heavy rains have caused the pumps to fail, something that Seiya said they’d deal with when such a problem arose. Desperately trying to think of a plan, Isuzu comes to the rescue saying she’s got a plan on how to pump the water out from the underground areas of the park. The follow sequence is a frantic dash to save the park from flooding, Isuzu taking command and leading everyone through this mission. In the end they’re able to pump the water out and save the park from being flooded. All praise goes to Isuzu for this as well, something she’s not used to receiving too.

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The following scene is a heartfelt one as both Seiya and Isuzu open up about their past and how it’s shaped them. Isuzu is an Imperial Guard, a soldier who was sent from Maple Land to get the park back up and running. She’s not a born leader but rather someone who’s good at following orders; this explains her shoot first ask later attitude and why the park didn’t do so well for that period where she was the manager. Seiya also tells Isuzu about his fear of heights, something he wasn’t planning on telling her but after putting their differences aside it’s nice that they both opened up about themselves.


The ep ends on that high note with the staff applauding Isuzu for her fine work and it brings the life back into her as well, seeing that she was wrong about everyone hating her. Going forward I think that this event has brought everyone closer together, which will probably be a good thing given that the final scene is of a dragon waking up. So next time we’ll have a visit from Smaug.

That’ll bring an end to this review. Sorry for being so late with these reviews these days, I think I’m getting worse with them. Going ahead in the future I’ll try to get them out sooner, but the WIXOSS and Sora no Method reviews are usually delayed because the groups releasing them are a few days after the eps air on Crunchyroll/FUNi. I’ll try my best to get the latest WIXOSS and Sora reviews out, but until the groups have them out, I can’t do much right now.

Looking ahead to the winter season, while I might be recruiting writers once again I do want to look for a back up writer, someone who can step in and review and ep or two when needed. Sort of like an emergence writer or something, but I’ll figure that out as the time approaches. I’ll have the recruitment drive happen in December probably, so if that is something that interests you, then make sure to contact me. Info found on the contact page.

Up next I’ll have either the new WIXOSS or Sora review out, which ever is out first. Until then, here’s what to expect on the next ep of Amaburi.

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I’ll cya next time!

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