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Set all in one day, this week’s ep of Sora no Method came with some revelations that you may or may not have seen coming. Honestly for the majority of this ep, it was just Nonoka, Yuzuki, Koharu and Shione going around on some scavenger hunt thing around town. Yuzuki is pretty determined to beat her brother and his team but they just can’t seem to get the upper hand and end up arriving at each checkpoint just after them. Maybe it’s because Shione is taking her sweet time photographing everything in sight (I could see myself doing this) thus slowing down the team, but maybe there is another reason.

This ep had a heavy focus on Shione and her relationship with Nonoka, dating back to when they were little kids. The ep opens with Shione in her apartment, which is pretty sparse actually. Bare concrete walls? Really? Anyways she’s talking on the phone, presumably to her parents, but as she’s doing so she notices a photo from her bulletin board has fallen down, that photo being of a younger her and Nonoka. If the flashbacks weren’t enough, this confirms the fact she knew Nonoka from long ago and for some reason, as we’ll later find out, isn’t happy with her return to the town. It’s also worth noting that on the back of that photo it says “My Friend” too, indicating the two were close at some point. And just a side note, but Shione has a nice body.

The first, say 13, minutes of the anime only had two scenes that I felt are worth talking about, those two scenes being the conversations between Nonoka and Shione. Nonoka just wants an answer as to why Shione said what she did back in ep 1, that being she posed a question to Nonoka of why she’s returned now of all times. While you can’t really blame Nonoka for wanting to get to the bottom of this cryptic question but Shione has completely closed off herself to most people, especially Nonoka, and refuses to talk with her, let alone have Nonoka start calling out her name like they’re best buds.

On Nonoka’s first attempt to talk with Shione, the conversation is short and to the point. Shione makes it clear that if Nonoka keeps persisting with bothering her, she will slap her, and judging by how cold Shione is, I’d say that’s not a threat but a promise. Shaken but not stirred, Nonoka still wants to talk with Shione even if it means getting a sore cheek in the process. Koharu offers some insight into Shione though, saying that she too lived in the town since she was young, but has changed a lot since then. Koharu also mentions, although there might not be a need to, that Shione isn’t much of an outgoing person. But I’m sure that’s pretty obvious at this point.

Trying her luck once again, Nonoka starts off by mentioning that she also used to live in the town when she was young too. You can tell Shione is getting extremely annoyed now and she’s just bristling to  act. And true to her word, when Nonoka mentions her by name again, Shione does exactly what she said she’d do and slaps Nonoka. From that point forward Nonoka and Shione don’t talk for the rest of the ep, Nonoka deciding it’s time to pull back and let this one cool down. Plus a sore cheer isn’t fun.

The back half of the ep has some more insight into things, it’s really just confirming what we know, but that’s always good too. Sure we may have it all figured out in our heads, but when it’s confirmed by the characters then we’re usually satisfied with the answer. But before we get to any info dumps, Nonoka, Koharu and Yuzuki run into Noel along the way. As expected Noel is the center of attraction, Yuzuki instantly in love with the cute little girl. I love how innocent Noel is, she just wants to spend time with Nonoka and hang out, but Nonoka is always busy in school or just preoccupied with something, so now that the two are together Noel is overjoyed.

Now into the late afternoon the girls are still out in the scavenger hunt, nearly finished. So preoccupied with Noel now on their team, Nonoka notices that Shione seems to be missing. Telling the girls to wait there, Nonoka runs off to look for her, but moments after she leaves, Shione shows up from another way, in front of them actually. Now worried about Nonoka, Noel runs off in search for her.

Off on her own still looking for Shione, Nonoka ends up getting lost herself and instead of continuing to walk around and further lose her sense of direction, she takes a seat on the steps of an old abandoned school. Just really quickly, I thought for a moment things were really gonna get interesting when we see Nonoka overlooking that water pit, then she trips but it cuts before we see what happens. If she had fallen and drown, wow that would have totally changed everything about this anime, but no she only just tripped and fall to the ground, nothing more. Continuing on here, maybe she attended this school as a child years ago. Now comes the interesting part. While searching for Nonoka, the whole gang of Yuzuki, Koharu, Shione and Souta are all together, just like when they were kids. The conversation switches to the Disc and seemingly everyone has forgotten about who exactly the girl who summoned the Disc is, everyone except Shione. She then proceeds to explain how Nonoka is the girl who got them to summon the Disc then once the Disc appeared, Nonoka suddenly left town leaving them with this problem literally floating above their heads. This is why Shione hates Nonoka so much, feeling that she left them to deal with the Disc.

While Koharu seems to get where Shione is coming from, Yuzuki can’t accept that Nonoka is the girl from seven years ago. Now a common thing with anime is a character having had an experience while being a child, then years later not remembering it. Honestly is this really possible? Maybe it’s in an upcoming chapter in my psychology class, but is it really possible to forget your friends from only seven years ago? Apparently this is the case once again as Yuzuki can’t fully remember if the girl back then really was Nonoka, even though Shione has a lot of evidence that she is. Also, why didn’t Souta chime in anything for this conversation? He was taking point on the group and was silent about the whole matter. I’d love to hear his thoughts on all this.

Anyways we end the ep with a Noel dropping a bomb when she says this:

[Kaylith] Sora no Method - 03 [720p][F180ED67].mkv_snapshot_21.55_[2014.10.25_01.56.00]

Credits roll.

So on a whole if you’re pretty clueless to everything, this would be the most shocking revelation for you, but honestly I had it figured out that Noel was related to the Disc from ep 1. Sure I didn’t expect her to be the Disc, but I had enough of a feeling to assume she was behind it’s arrival seven years ago. On the other front with Shione and gang, nothing really shocking revealed there unless you weren’t paying that much attention to it all. But I’m glad they at least explained why Shione is so pissed off. So next week (Sunday for you guys) we’ll continue on from this not to shocking cliffhanger and see where things progress from now on.

For many people ep 3 is the make or break ep, so what did you think? Was this ep enough to get you to keep watching? I’m hooked with this as I’d like to see where it’s going to go now. My worries this would turn into another Glasslip have all but disappeared now and I feel this will have a solid plot to carry it through till the end.

Up next let’s take a trip to Amagi Brilliant Park with my ep 4 review, then we’ll battle to the death in Selector Spread WIXOSS ep 4 as well. But until then, here’s what to expect next time on Sora no Method.

[Kaylith] Sora no Method - 03 [720p][F180ED67].mkv_snapshot_23.37_[2014.10.24_19.15.49]

I’ll cya in the next post!

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